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Check Your Email for Your Reseller ID

If you don't have it yet, you'll need your Reseller ID. It'is sent within 10 minutes of signing up, so check your email now and you should see it there.

Hint: It's probably in your SPAM folder. Search for "Marlon Sanders" or "marlonsanders" and you should find it.

If you don't see it within 20 minutes then go to THIS URL and post a support ticket, so I can help you.

The terms Reseller ID, Affiliate ID and "code" all mean the same thing in my program. I swap the terms out sometimes.

Once you have your ID you can proceed to use the tools below.

Affiliate SUPPORT

Promote This Product For Easy Sales

If you have an email list, the fastest and easiest way to make sales is to send an email to your list.

This is one of my top "Earnings Per Click" promotions. I've moved this offer to Warrior+.

Go here for swipes and to get approved. You do need a history with W+ or my existing program to be approved.

Let me make your car payment every month WIHOUT mailing even one promo!

All you do is ADD my OTO that pays you $247 to your OTO sequence.

Just 2 or 3 sales per month could make your car payment! And it's TOTALLY PASSIVE! After you install the OTO, you don't lift a finger!

Make the THANK YOU page of your shopping cart or Paypal go to the URL below. This is ONLY to be used as a One Time Offer following a purchase. It is NOT to be sent by email or used in mass.

Insert your affiliate id where it says YOUR_ID

Read and Use The Methods in Swag Box 7, If You Haven't Already

Click here to get Swagbox 7 I created this product based on what I saw my friends and Super Affiliates do.

It will show you proven ways to get people to buy affiliate offers. It also covers the topic of traffic.

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