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A Daddy Long Legs Funnel That Spits Out Up To $166 Per Buyer"

Just 10 buyers could potentially bring you $1,660. And imagine what would happen if you went hog wild and got 100 buyers

Within 2 hours and 55 minutes you can have your First Daddy Long Legs Funnel all laid out and ready to slam cash into your bank


See these pages I’m holding?

Fill in the blanks and your first Daddy Long Legs funnel will be created and “in the can.”

Sound a little far-fetched?

Marlon here.

And you’ve never heard about the Daddy Long Legs funnel before now, have you?

In this letter I’ll be sharing how my Daddy Long Legs funnel spit out $1,666 for every 10 new buyers …

If you’re thinking this changes everything, you’re spot on.


Because let’s say you get 10 new customers who spend $7 bucks each for your cheat sheet or ebook.

That’s $70, right?

Nothing to write home about.

But what if you instead of $70 you got $1,660? And what if you got 100 buyers instead of $1,660?

That’d be a big boost to your bank account, wouldn’t it?

And we won’t even talk about what could happen if you got 500 or 1,000 buyers as is common on launches.

Just imagine if you got only 10 new customers a week.  With a $166 Daddy Long Legs Funnel that’d be the same as bringing in $1,166.

Do that 4 times a month and you can run the numbers.

Do it once a week for a year, and it’s equal to what the average American gets paid at their full time job, working 8 hours a day or more.


Because they don’t have a Daddy Long Legs funnel working for them.  So they have to do the work for someone else.

Now listen:  Let’s cut to the chase.

It would be ridiculous for me to guarantee or even represent in any way you’ll do what I’ve done or make $166 per customer.

I likely don’t know much about you, whether you’ll take action, and so forth.  This is NOT a business opportunity and I make 0 income claims.

But I CAN guarantee you this…

Come closer…

Here’s my guarantee to you:  Follow my instructions and you’ll have your first one “set up” in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

In as little as 3 hours from now, you could be patting yourself on the back, feeling so proud of what you’ve accomplished in so little time.

Finally, you’re able to see a payoff from things you're learning. And soon as the first money rolls in, it’ll shut up those naysayers, doubters and negative people in your life.

I tell you this because…

You might be thinking you have to slave 
really hard
to do this, right?

Well, that’s the best part. Once you set the bad boy up, the Daddy Long Legs funnel is fully automated.

You stuff in 10 new buyers each week and your Daddy Long Legs system does all the rest.

I don’t know how much that will be but you might just surprise yourself with what’s possible. Who really knows until you put this puppy in action for yourself!

Here’s What It’s NOT

  • It has nothing to do with blogging, unless you want to

  • It has nothing to do with product creation, unless you wanna do that.

  • It has nothing to do with Facebook ads, as great as those can be

  • It has nothing to do with networking marketing

  • It has nothing to do with product launching, unless you want to

  • It has nothing to do with posting Youtube videos

  • It has nothing to do with Clickfunnels, unless you wanna use it

  • It has nothing to do with Ecomm or dropshipping, unless you 
wanna do that

  • It’s NOT in any Russell Brunson book

  • It’s NOT in any Facebook group

As you can see this can be a breakthrough for many people.

How I Discovered The Daddy Long Legs Funnel

I didn’t create it on purpose.

It was quite by accident.

I’m the kind of person who likes to experiment and try different things out. To me, that’s the fun part of the business.  And it’s largely the reason why I’ve been blessed to make 70,000+ sales.

I got an idea to build what you might term a Daddy Short Legs funnel.  And sure

enough, it churned out money almost every day.

Day in.

Day out.

That’s just the way I like it. Easy.  Simple.  Predictable.

All you have to do is make sure each week, you stuff 10 (or however many you choose) into your Daddy Long Legs Funnel.

It does the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Once I saw what it was doing, I got inspired.

I’m like “Hey, what would happen if I doubled down on this?”

So then I doubled down.

And that worked splendidly.

Then in all my brilliance (I’m joking here) I tripled down.

Sure enough.

It was even better.

I didn’t even realize how well it was working in dollars and cents until I got a trial of this fancy pants software and ran the numbers.

Holy smokes. 

This is amazing.  That’s what I said to myself.  I mean, I KNEW it  worked because I had ran the numbers before.  But that was on the first version of DLL funnel.

The new one blew that one away.

And now, I’m fixin’ to launch my biggest, boldest, baddest DLL funnel to date.

Don’t envy me.

Join me.

Of Course It Works For Me,
But Could It Work For You?

There are 2 parts to the Daddy Long Legs Funnel that are required to make it work:

1.  You have to put 10 or however many into it each week

You can do this in the morning before going to work and on your lunch break.

2.  You have make sure nothing breaks

If you notice that money isn’t being deposited every day or week, then you need to check up on it.  Makes sense right?

But in fact, when I ran the stats on my own personal “Daddy Long Legs” funnel, $166 a pop is exactly what I got per buyer.  

That number. That one number changes everything. And best of all you can, you can get started for free.

Get Started For Free!

The best part is, you can get started for free.

There are several things you’ll need. But I’ll show you how to round ‘em up in 10 minutes for free. But you probably already have them, which makes it even faster and easier.

To get started with your first Daddy Long Legs Funnel, you don’t need a lot of things:

  • You don’t need to buy video software
  • You don’t need to buy hosting
  • You don’t need to buy a camera 
  • You don’t need to buy Camtasia
  • You don’t even need a desktop computer

You could literally do it right from your phone. If you’ve got a phone, you’ve got most of what you need. And I’ll show you how to round up a couple others for free.

What Are The Benefits of Having Your Own 
Daddy Long Legs Funnel?

Benefit one:  More consistent income

The challenge in business as a home-based entrepreneur is having some consistent cash flow.

You’ve probably heard about feast or famine before.  It sucks.  Really does.

One day or week you have money. The next you don’t.

This is the easiest, simplest way to even out that cash flow.  It’s no exaggeration to say that when you get this in place you can wake up to cash in the morning.

Benefit two:  Simple, logical and doable

Man, there are some complicated, complex moneymaking methods out there today. I can’t even wrap my head around some of ‘em.

But this is different.

This is easy to understand.  You don’t have to be a nuclear engineer.

It’s logical.  It’s not a head scratcher where you’ll be up all night trying to figure out how to do it.

Fast to implement.

Like I say, you can assemble your first one in 2 hours and 25  minutes, give or take some minutes here or there.

Benefit three:  Doesn’t require you to have your own products. But if you DO have your own products, it works for you also.

I love product creation.

No secret about it.

But you can run the DLL funnel without your own products and work up to ‘em.

But you have to know what to do and how to do it.

Benefit four:  I’ll be sharing my newest TURBO CHARGER that takes only 10 minutes each time you run it but adds more dollars.

Wow.  This is my newest innovation and I LOVE it.  It’s fun.  Easy.  and yes, it brings in the dough.

This is my latest twist.

My newest innovation.

My coolest “cool new thing”.

When you “get it” you’ll say, “Man, that is so freaking slick.” And the best part is, your customers will LOVE you for it.

Benefit five:  You do NOT have to be perceived as an expert to pull of the DLL funnel.

It’s great if you are. I highly recommend learning to position yourself as an expert.  I mean, why not?

But for the DLL funnel to work, you don’t need to do that.

ANYONE can build out a DLL funnel.

That includes YOU.

I guarantee you this:  If after week 1’s training you feel you are UNABLE to build out a DLL funnel, I’ll get on the computer with you and SHOW YOU how to build yours out.

That’s how confident I am. I’d never promise that unless I was really, really confident.

I mean, if you can fill in the blanks, you got this one.

Benefit six:  You can build out your DLL funnel to be as BIG as you want.

Some people just want $100 to $300 a week.  No problem.  Others want to blow it up as BIG as they can as FAST as they can.

I’m going to explain to you how to BLOW IT UP BIG if that’s what you desire to do.

I’ve done it before.  And what I LOVE so much about this “model” is that it’s just plain ol’ math.  

Anyone with a brain can understand this.

Benefit seven:  While you can drive traffic (that eyeballs or visitors to your offers), the DLL INCLUDES a super potent bonus to help you get traffic.

All you need to do is get in before the deadline.

It’s no fun if you have a DDL and no traffic. So that’s why I’m including a traffic bonus for you.

Benefit eight:  As a bonus to the DLL, you get access to a special training area I created to help you create your own products.

Let’s say you WANT to create your own products to add in to your DDL.

No problem.

When you snag DLL, you’ll also get access to my sell it before you create it bonus that alone sold for $997.00.

There’s a TON Of Proof That Shows
Just How 
Powerful a DLL Funnel is

When I look behind-the-scenes of businesses, I find evidence everywhere of it. People who did it intuitively without giving it a name or necessarily knowing what they were doing exactly.

They just stumbled upon it much as I did.

You’ve heard no doubt of Brendan Buchard.  But what I never knew was that he had a variation of a 4 year automated, evergreen DLL in his own business!

When I heard this on a Russell Brunson podcast, lights went off. Symbols clashed!  I wasn’t the ONLY one who had stumbled across this.

The only thing is, I’ve added a smoking hot new twists to my DLL that will set you apart.  But I’m telling you.  Almost no one is using the DLL method today.  Precious few.

Proof #2:  But it gets better…

Talk about crazy.

One time I visited a mutual acquaintance down in Houston.  He had a 20,000 square foot house and lived next door to a pitcher for the Houston Astros.

I mean, you had to walk across a moat to get to the piano for Pete’s sake. But I thought the coffee shop was really cool.

Anyway, he took me to his office and let me look through his SECRET BOOKS that had ALL his marketing results in them.

People would pay an arm and a leg to set their eyes on those numbers. And what I discovered was truly SHOCKING.

Another SUPER BIG application of a DLL funnel, although he obviously didn’t call it


Proof #3:  Doing It With NO List!

That’s right.  I just discovered someone “doing it” with NO LIST. Well, they have a list. But it’s NOT required for the DLL method they use.

Super clever.

And, best of all, it’s free.  Oh, and did I mention it’s  FAST MONEY.  I mean, super fast!
Your mind will be blown when you hear how easy this one is. And how soon you can start using it.

Here’s How You Will Launch Your Own 
Daddy Long Legs Funnel In 4 Modules – Even If You’ve Tried Before and Failed

Module 1: 
How to  Lay out your first Daddy Long Legs Funnel In Only 60 minutes (2 hours

55 minutes?).  Why a Daddy Long Legs funnel succeeds where others fail.

  • Why other funnels fail

  • Why Daddy Long Legs funnels succeed

  • No product creation required (unless you want to)

  • Just follow the over-the-shoulder steps on video

  • How to set it up for almost any niche or topic

  • Complete step-by-step “Fun Sheet” guides you through it

  • Why you do NOT need a niche for this method (and what you need instead that’s much better)

  • How to get started with free resources

Imagine that you’ve attended week one of the DLL knowledge transfer.  It’s almost like a Vulcan Mindmelt.

Your enthusiasm is brimming over.

You put your hand over your heart and you can feel it pounding.  Because NOW in front of you is your fill-in-the-blanks Fun Sheet you use to lay out your first DLL funnel.

Imagine how great that feels as you fill in each blank and have that satisfaction of actually “doing it” not just dreaming it.

THAT’s the power you get as a DLL member.

Imagine week one.

You’re online watching the video seminar, SEEING and HEARING me present the Daddy Long Legs funnel.

You immediately recognize this is something you can not only understand but DO, unless other trainings you may have struggled with in the past.

Imagine watching me DEMONSTRATE how to fill out your very first Daddy Long Legs “Fun Sheet.” And boom!  Your brain is exploding with idea on how you can fill out your OWN DLL form.

No guesswork.

No frustration.

In fact, you’re having a blast as you see all the possibilities and start filling in the blanks.

You snap together the pieces of the DLL puzzle one piece at a time.

And 2 hours and 55 minutes you’re good to go.

You sleep like a baby that night KNOWING you’ve turned dreaming into doing, and big ideas into big action.

And you finally have a model in your hands that makes sense, is easy and doable.

You can take THAT to the bank.

Module 2:

How to stuff your funnel with Daddy Long Legs buyers for free.  Just follow the steps and have a steady, consistent flow of new people for your funnel.

  • What NOT to do to put people into your Daddy Long Legs funnel (This can sap the strength out of you).

  • The easiest, fastest, simplest FREE way to fill up your funnel

  • How to have new people for your funnel sent to you FREE every day.  How to make sure they are qualified and ready to spend money.

  • A second “secret sauce” source of people for your DDL (Daddy Long  Legs) funnel that almost no others know about or use

  • A sample DDL funnel you can swipe and use.  Set it up in only 10 minutes

Module 2 is where it gets real.

Real FUN!

Because week 2 is where the excitement comes in as you get a super simple and practical method for getting new people into your DLL funnel so you can get your money!

No buyers = no joy

Buyers = joy

See, other methods cost a small fortune in advertising.  Or require you to wait months for Google to spider and rank your site, if it ever happens.

Other methods require you to “cold message” people and immediately “hit them up.”  How uncomfortable!

Other methods take forever and ever to implement.  And you don’t see the money till you reach the end of the rainbow, if you ever do.

But NOT in the Daddy Long Legs funnel.

You’ll get a “here’s how you put people in your funnel” step-by-step “Fun Sheet” number 2 called “The Traffic Cometh.”

One.  Two. Three. Four.

Just do what it says.

And you’ll have eyeballs on your offer.

And new people will show up constantly.

All for free.

Best of all, qualified people will show up.

People who want to buy!

All because you are now in possession of the DLL funnel.

Module 3:

How to Power Up Your Daddy Long Legs (DDL) Funnel, so that money comes in from it consistently, predictably and regularly

  • New twists, new discoveries, new ways to survive, thrive and kick some #@#$ in the Covid age.

  • The secret popup technique worth its weight in gold (almost no one uses this method…but you’ll find it fun, simple and easy)

  • Actual examples of my DDL spelled out for you, so you can model mine

  • The 3 simple power up steps you’ll follow over and over

  • How to STOP overcomplicating things and keep it simple

  • A complete A to Z walk through of my newest DDL funnel

Module 4:

3 BIG Ways To Amp Up Your Profits.  How to expand and grow your DDL – because sometimes bigger really IS better!

  • What is the one thing you can do to double your profits the fastest?

  • How do you expand your DDL funnel profits long term?

  • How to overcome the mindset issues that could be holding you back

  • What NOT to do to increase your profits and how TO increase your profits

  • How to add STRATEGY to your DLL funnel

  • Advanced “tactics” you can add it to your DLL funnel

  • Three dynamite viral twist methods you can add to the mix.  These are advanced but are designed to jack up your profits even more.

  • What next after you set up your DLL funnel?

Can you see how the DLL funnel changes everything?

Imagine what life could be without it:

1.  Income comes in whenever it feels like it with not pace, consistency or regularity.       You eek by day-by-day in feast or famine.

2.  You don’t have an easy, fun, logical way to get money coming in that you’re    
     confident will actually work.  

     So you go back to frenzy mode buying this and that, praying that something will
     work.  But it quite likely never does.

3.  Your friends or family will keep calling you a dreamer or at least questioning
     when you’ll actually DO something other than talk about it.

     Without it, you have to look them in the eye knowing full well you haven’t “done
     it yet.”

4.  You won’t have BIG ways to amp up your profits.  Because you won’t have
     something practical you’re actually implementing.

5.  You’ll keep over-complicating things, feeling overwhelmed and feeling drug down
     to the pits of hades by lack of focus and constant distractions.

6.  The only “Corona” plan you’ll have is  “drinking one”, except your liquor stores are
     shut down.

If there’s even an inkling of truth to one or more of those, you owe it to yourself to take action now.

And Replacement Promise

1.  Follow my instructions and you’ll have your first one “set up” in 2
     hours and 55 minutes.

2.  If after week 1’s recorded training you feel you are UNABLE to build out a DLL funnel, I’ll get on the computer with you and SHOW YOU how to build yours out.

That’s how confident I am. I’d never promise that unless I was really, really

3.  Once you have the pieces in place, each time you want to add on my new 
     turbo charger, it’ll only take you roughly 10 minutes.  

And the results can potentially be big.  At least, they are for me. And I believe they can be for you also.

4.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let me know at getyoursupport,com and I'll replace this product with another more suitable.  This is a replacement guarantee, not a moneyback guarantee.

What Take Action Right Now, Today?

It’s normal to have a fleeting thought about putting things off until you see the REAL picture running over and over through your head. And what is that picture?

1.  Without action, you’re stuck in 1-5 above.  Is that what you really want?

2.  By taking action NOW, you have a plan to get income in during these tough times.

3.  You get the awesome bonuses below by acting now.


Your Daddy Long Legs PDF In-Depth Report


How to get the traffic you need without fail. This sold for $59.96


A complete A to Z guide to getting paid for big ticket offers – This sold for $300.

This offer is backed by a replacement guarantee. If for any reason you aren't satisfied, and I'll replace the product with a more suitable one.  This is a replacement guarantee, not a moneyback guarantee.  But I KNOW you're going to love the product and get so much out of it.  As you can see above, you get value WAY out of proportion to the price.  So don't delay. Act today.

My produces are based on my own experience, research and friends in the industry.  While I make every effort to provde the highest quality info, there is no guarantee nor representatikon of earnings.  Your results are based on the market, timing, skill, effort, need to achieve, and tangible and intangible variables.