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"How to Become a Guru In Your Field of Choice Using a Replicatable Sequence No Else Teaches"

A simple, replicatable model practically anyone can follow! 

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From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

Would you like to know what customers told me was their #1 hot topic?

 -- How to Become a Guru or Expert In Your Field of Choice Using a Replicatable Sequence No Else Teaches...

When I first dreamed of becoming a guru or recognized expert, all I had was a piece of cardboard with my plan on it to do writing, speaking, consulting and travelling. I had no expertise, didn't know anyone, had no credibility.

Yet, by stumbling upon a certain sequence, I was able to get to the top of my industry, speak at 120 seminars around the world, get paid $1,000 an hour for consulting, sell tens of thousands of ebooks and info products -- and live a life many people only dream of.

On this mind blowing training, I'm revealing all. 

Here Are 12 Facts About The Event


I share a stair step method for becoming a "guru" and profiting wildly

There is a sequence of events and steps I've observed over and over. I revealed this sequence in nutshell format on my last training and people went BONKERS over it.

I realized I had to glaze over so many nitty gritty details because of time. This time, you get the whole enchillada in detail. 


You'll find out how to conquer the credibility monster, cause I know you're likely starting without much of it

This is the CRUX of my formula and foundation of the stair step formula. There is a right and wrong type of credibility to build up. If you know the RIGHT way to do this, you can beginning profiting very quickly from your increased perception of expertise and people will start to seek YOU out.

And lest you think this only works in Internet marketing, I tested it out in another field vastly different AND before you know it my IM's were blowing up with questions from people. I could have easily became a guru in that field also had I wanted to pursue it with gusto.



You get to hear my full answers to on the spot questions.


You'll find out HOW and why some gurus survive and thrive while others whoosh onto the scene only to be forgotten the next year

The list of "gurus" who were hot today and gone tomorrow could fill up a phone book. Why? Because they have a repeatable formula that dies on the vine FAST. Don't let that happen to YOU! Find out the secrets of lasting overtime.


Virtually no one knows the guru business like I do

I've been in this business longer than pretty much anyone. I've seen it all and done most of it. Also made my fair share of mistakes along the way. You'll be privy to "behind-the-curtains" information normally only discussed guru-to-guru.

I'm going to give you the lessons and reveal my guru creation stair step process by walking you through my OWN STORY. This is NOT theory. This is my real life, what I've done, what I've helped others do.

Behind the scenes I've advised and counseled more than one well-known guru who went on to fame and fortune.


I teach the truth, not just what "pitches good."

Unfortunately, some people out there just want to buy what sounds good, easy, and quick. Which means it isn't Evergreen and stops working shortly after they buy it if it ever worked. I'm NOT going to tell you what you "want to hear" about the guru business. I'm going to give it to you straight up.


The most costly information isn't the cheapest

The costliest information is the wrong information. Anyone can write a PDF and sell it for 7 bucks. More power to 'em. Everyone has to get their start. But do you want to bet your future on 7 dollar information by someone who has been in the biz only a year or two and maybe only making a few thousand dollars a month? In the end, is THAT information cheap or expensive?


I'll teach you how to build on solid ground and not quicksand

I don't teach here today, gone tomorrow stuff. It's a waste of time and money. 90% of that stuff won't work a year from now. One year from today you can be closer to your goals or you can be drowning in a sea of outdated logins and pdf's. Where do YOU want to be one year from now?



I took a risk to create this product.

With all due respect, there are people who view themselves as the only ones with the right to "train gurus."  Yet, to be blunt about it, they weren't selling online in 1997.  They haven't done 120 seminars around the world.  They haven't sold 70,000 digital products.

You're getting this straight from the Source.



You aren't stuck with an email address with us. I have a support desk here where you can ask a question if something isn't clear for 30 days.



Imagine having the power to creaste beastly non-stop income you can't kill.

You won't find anyone else, anywhere, showing you how to create beastly income like this. I show you in incredible detail. This has sold to my customers for $97 by itself. And it's a huge bargain at that.


I've added a "cost eraser" ultimate bonus

I've ADDED a new COST ERASER by giving you 80% profit on selling the video of THIS event for one year. It sells for $97.00, so 2 sales and your event is paid for. You make this from sale one. Affiliates may be able to sell the product but they won't make 80% profit.

HERE'S EXactly what you'll DISCOVER

1: The Guru Creation Formula

  • How do you start from scratch and become a "guru"?
  • How do you gain respect?
  • Can you become a guru WITHOUT doing product launches?
  • Where to get the guru training book hardly anyone knows about

2: My Credibility buster formula

  • The wrong kind of credibility will waste your time and money
  • How to start getting the right kind of credibility immediately
  • Break through the #1 mental barrier that stops people

3: How to stair step your way to guru profits

  • Why you can start on step one almost immediately
  • The exact sequence of steps you can take for big results and profits
  • What no one teaches about this process

4: How I've been paid $1,000 / hour for consulting

  • Think you can't get paid like that? Listen to this
  • Just this one secret could easily and finally put you WAY over the top
  • Fact: This one twist makes all the difference in the world

5: How do you get invited to do webinars?

  • All the "gurus" nowadays do webinars. But how do YOU get invited on 'em?
  • What if no one has ever invited you to do a webinar?
  • Who do I trust to teach webinar secrets? My best resources revealed
  • Just this formula is worth 10x the price of this seminar because in only one formula could bring you in dozens of $97 sales -- and much, much more!

6: How do you make the leap to seminars?

  • Fact: I've been invited to speak at dozens of seminars
  • Fact: There are several secrets to being an in demand seminar speaker
  • You'll get my top resources related to seminars. Don't waste money!

7: Must know information about dealing with other gurus

  • One wrong move can destroy your guru career
  • This is the ONE thing that can wreck everything
  • How to play the Game the right way


Get The Guru Formula Free**!

I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 80% commissions on a recording of this event. Affiliates may be able to sell the product but won't get 80%.

For one year, you get to keep 80% of the commissions.

**Just 2 sales and your whole entire event was FREE. It cost you NOTHING net. Just a little forum signature could make you 2 sales in a year. 


Get My Full Vintage Video

This is my "candy stick" speech for the 12-step copywriting formula I invented...I've given this speech 120 times around the world.

Many people have privately told me they wrote letters with it that kicked #)$%*. You get the full video from my 1997 event, courtesy of Jonathan Mizel who gave mer permission to offer this to you.  

Imagine getting the REAL formula and not a rehashed, watered down version. Now, hundreds of people rehashed and taught this formula. In the process it gets diluted and watered down. Get the REAL formula as it was originally taught. 

You'll discover:

✅ Complete A to Z, what to do and how to do it guide. 

✅ Have you been taught that people buy from you because you provide good service, professional assistance, quality products or the best support? Wrong!  

✅ The "P.S." money grabber: Exactly what to put in the P.S. of your marketing letters that makes me up to 25% more money on every order. 

✅ What are the 12 most persuasive words in the English language according to a Yale University study? 

✅ Hint: Your first sentence is crucial. Do you know this template sentence that almost ALWAYS sucks readers in? 

✅ Puzzled? How do you overcome the click and run syndrome? Do you know how to make people stop and read?

✅ How to use the number one most important method of proof to convince people you can deliver what you promise.

✅ Do you PROVE your case? (People on the web are hyper skeptical, so this is absolutely critical.) 

✅ Which is better to use? Long copy or short? Here's how to find out with 100% certainty. 

✅ How to overcome the skepticism of people who are afraid you'll take their money, rip them off then never deliver a product. 

✅ Do you have information and content to sell but can't get people to pay? (After all, can't they get other info on the Net for free?) Here's how to make people give you their money -- legally and ethically. 

✅ QUESTION? Put these 3 words in your headlines and your response soars. Do you know what they are? (Your web site is CRYING for at least one of these words! Few web sites capitalize on these power words. Now you can. 

✅ A tested, proven way to get people to TAKE ACTION today (when you need it!) instead of sometime down the road. Most sites drop the ball here. And it's a very COSTLY mistake.

✅ How to get people to ACT NOW on your ideas, cause or product offer without "hard sell". 

✅ The secret of making your price seem like a bargain. Not one in one thousand web sites use this technique to a fraction of its potential! But now YOU can and will. 

✅ The secret of making your price seem like a bargain. Not one in one thousand web sites use this technique to a fraction of its potential! But now YOU can and will. 

✅ Do you know the choking point of your prospects? How much value do you have to give them before giving you their money makes more sense than keeping it? Here's the unconventional answer.


Secrets of Beastly Income You Can't Kill

I've created a super powerful and packed 58-page PDF on how to create income you can't stop or kill.  This has sold for $97 by itself to my customers.

And you need it to solidify your position in the Guru Business.

Here are a few of the things you'll discover:

⭕ Secrets of Beast-Type income you can't kills, whack, shut off, stop or dwindle 

⭕ The key is _____'ing income. Then spinning it into _______ income

⭕ Why this is no ordinary, everyday "sales machine" you can buy for $10

⭕ The things that differentiate Beast-Type Sales Machines from regular, normal, everyday ones

⭕ There's an A, B and C. Leave any one out and you muck things up

⭕ Should you stack income streams or triple down on just one?

⭕ What about mid-ticket products? Should you sell them or trash them?

⭕ An easy way to win

A lifetime of secrets in one never-to-be-forgotten training product.

No man has a lease on life. One day you walk out the door and you never come back. One day I'll write my last email ever, my last ezine ever.

These are the secrets I've garnered over a lifetime, and they're all 100% based on my real world experience, not theory.

"Most people don't do anything wrong. They don't do anything and that's what is wrong." 

- Ben Feldman

The most expensive products you'll ever buy are the ones that give you WRONG information. Save time. Get the real story from the real deal.

Here's What People Are Saying

This will be an amazing, potentially life changing event. Here's all you need to do to get on it.

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