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Imagine sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee and a legal page... and having the power to map out the income you want that day and week...and know exactly how you'll get it...with your own products or as an affiliate...

the strange ritual


(Whether you are a prouct creator, coach, network marketer, or online marketer, this works!)

From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

I have a STRANGE RITUAL I perform every month to get the amount of money I want that month.

And I also do this strange ritual every week.

And quite often, I do it daily.

Here's my big, fat, juicy promise to you:

You get a sale. Or increase your sales. Period.

Using my Strange Ritual will get you sales or increase your sales compared to life without it. Period. End of story.

Use my Strange Ritual for just 1 week.  You WILL make your first sale if you're a newbie.  Or increase your income if you're experienced or a veteran.

1.  It works for coaches
2.  It works for authors
3.  It works for local business sellers
4.  It works for ecomm
5.  It works for info sellers
6.  It works for digital marketers
7.  It works for online businesses
8.  It works for real world businesses.

Would you like to know my strange ritual for picking the amount of sales I want to make in a month, week and day then NAILING IT?

* WITHOUT  hiring ANY employees

* WITHOUT nightmare partners

* WITHOUT creating any products at all

* WITHOUT customer service

* WITHOUT hassles or worries

* WITHOUT working day and night

* WITHOUT bugging friends

* WITHOUT reciprocal mailings

* WITHOUT recruiting affiliates

See, you choose the amount of money you want to make.  Then you find YOUR way to get it.

If you don't want affiliates, do it another way. If you don't want partners, don't have them.

You get to do it YOUR WAY.  The Strange Ritual will simply help you get more sales, faster and easier.

It works for the rawest newbie. Or the veteran with a lot on the ball.

If you're a newbie, i KNOW. I get it.  I done read your mind. You say: 

"Marlon, how come I need this ritual when Ihave no product, no customers and I haven't even made my first buck yet."

There is no magic. You have to get people to buy your products or services, or affiliate products.  No valuable exchange, no money.

But here's what I know.

The ONLY way you get what you want is if you have a very specific goal and activities to get it.

Like if you're a newbie, your goal is to make a buck this week. That be your goal.

So the Strange Ritual will show you HOW to get that buck.  And it includes specific training for newbies to help you get it.

Yes, it tells you ways to get traffic and eyeballs on your offers.  Yes, it shows how to create products from scratch (including one of the best trainings I've ever done on it).

Yes, it tells you how to get affiliate sales.

But I'd say the main way it'll help you is this:  If you own my other products but haven't actionized, productized and profitized, this Strange Ritual can help you get 'er done.

In other words, if you have my other products but haven't acted on them and turned them into sales, this will give you a practical tool to do that.

Give it a shot and you'll see.

It's fun.  It works.  It's easy.  It's doable. It's practical. What more could you ask for?

And I include extra training inside to show you HOW to get the sales too as a product creator or affiliate. 

I'd say you have a good shot at getting your first sale within a week.  But everyone comes into this with different levels of knowledge, experience and ability.

So at worst, you're going to have a gameplan.  You're going to be focused.  You're going to know exactly what the goal is. And be right on to top of it.

Give it a shot for a week or two..

That's all I ask. If it doesn't work for you (which frankly is ridiculous because it will), then hit me up on my support desk, tell me where you got stuck and couldn't make it happen. 

I'll give you a product that will solve THAT problem for you.

THEN you WILL be able to make it happen.  See? Would you agree with me that's pretty fair?

I'm trying to be real here. And fair.

I don't care if you're a newbie trying to make your first buck.

But Marlon, I'm No Newbie. I Know How To Bring In The Dough.  What The Will Your Strange Ritual Do FOR ME?  

 See, I'm like you.  We create products or promotions for our own products or affiliate products.

And we get money in the door.

What I can guarantee is this:  Within the first week of using the Strange Ritual, you'll have greater focus. You'll have more clarity.  You'll be more targeted in your action.

This little Strange Ritual of mine can be a real game changer for you.

I say that simply because of my own experience.  Once i started doing this, my income started increasing.  It's just that simple.

Use it.  Do it.  Your income WILL go up.

And if for some bizarre reason it doesn't (which frankly I can't imagine), then message me on my support desk, tell me your bottleneck, and I'll give you something to help you with that.


✅ Exactly what I did today in order to pick a dollar amount and get the sales for it.  (I did a mockup of what I did this morning, even though I did it in my head not on paper)

✅  Get an actual video recording from this morning when I'm showing others HOW I do my Strange Ritual. (I perform it right in front of their eyes).

✅ Exactly what I did when I woke up this morning and discovered to my surprise my sales overnight were 0. (How I did my Strange Ritual to get the amount of money I wanted today.  And NO, it's NOT what you think. It's something else. Which is why I call it the Strange Ritual)

✅ How the Strange Ritual differs if you wake up to sales vs. if you don't have any (It's common sense but if you don't do it, it'll throw you off kilter).

✅ Why my Strange Ritual beats down anxiety in a heartbeat.  (And this is 100% backed up by scientific research. I'll show you where if you want to deep dive on it. If anxiety is an issue for you, this is a life saver).

✅ What to do AFTER the Strange Ritual (The Strange Ritual by itself won't work unless you do THIS)

✅ Why Joe Karbo would put a smile on his face if he heard about my Strange Ritual (I loved the Lazy Man's Way to Riches. And this my twist ona VERY practical way to do it. I dare say Joe would nod his head in approval)

✅ The one method you must borrow from "Old Man Kennedy" or you'll get stopped in your tracks (Actually, I originally learned this from Robert Ringer)

What's more, in addition, I give you MMM Newsletters AND videos to help you NAIL your Strange Ritual results-getting.

These will help you get faster and easier results. And you like that, right? In these newsletters, you'll discover:

✅ How to use Scamper to effortlessly use the Strange Ritual method

✅ How to use RICE to make it easy peasy to put your Strange Ritual into action (I don't mean actual rice. This is something different. But it prevents the analysis of paralysis which drives so many batty)

✅ The one template you MUST have to nail this at hyper speed. I reveal you the actual one I use.  (Without this, you can stew around and never get diddly going. Which means no money.  This is your money lifeline)

✅ The 7-part boiled down formula you'll go back to time and time again. (Most people try to drown you in complexity so you're reliant on them. I boil things down to simplicity for you so you become your own guru)

✅ How to turn just 10 sales into a huge win (Almost no one really gets this. But it's the key to breaking through passivity and just getting it going)

✅  How to spin 100 sales into $94,800 -- it's pure logic.  I prove it here. (Understand this and the doors of abundance will be wide open to you)

✅  An easy way to get sales without spending money.  (I use this method all the time. It almost always works. And it's very easy to do at the drop of a hat.)

✅  Use this bullet point method and you'll likely be shocked at the results. (I give you an actual example I did, so you can see it in action)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These newsletters are the cream of the crop and LOADED.  I hand selected them to help you get results using my Strange Ritual.

Here's why that's so important to me...

Here's Why I'm sharing my strange ritual method in order to get success stories

I plan to use this in a far more lucrative promotion.  Something that could make me thousands and thousands of dollars.

But to do so, I need success stories from Beta Users.

You take it.  You try it out.  You get results.  You tell me your success story. Then I can use it and knock then next stage out of the ballpark.

I don't plan to offer it at this price again.

DISCLAIMER:  I show you what I do and how I do it.  But your results will be yours,  not mine.  You may do better or worse. THAT's why I want to get beta testers. So I have PROOF this works for others, and not just me.

Nothing here represents that you will make money.  But if you're stuck on something, message me on the support desk. I'll give you a free training to get you unstuck. Or direct you to something that will help.


Not knowing where your income comes from can cause anxiety.  Heart problems.  Hair loss.  All kinds of stuff.

That's why I LOVE the Strange Ritual.  It lets you know how to name and claim your income using a simple, practical, doable method.

You'll find yourself using the Strange Ritual  ALL the time!

Here's how to get started now with the strange ritual today

Step One: Just click add to cart. And purchase.  There's a disccount for taking fast action.

Step Two: Kick back and watch the training.  You'll enjoy because it's a no-fluff, to-the point video.  And you get newsletters to give you the nitty gritty you must have to make it happen real world.

Step Three: Watch the video. Go through the newsletters. Then you can immediately use the Strange Ritual to name and claim your OWN income.

That's how easy it is to get started.

Step Four:  I'm just telling you. The Strange Ritual can't "not" work for you if you work it.  But if for some incredible reason you do it religiously as I explain and don't see results in relatively short order, then hit me up on my support desk (don't email).

I'll find out what the bottlenock was. And give you a free training on THAT.  So you CAN get results with the Strange Ritual.

I'm about RESULTS.  Not just selling you something.

Here Are Just A Few Other benefits of using the strange ritual that makes it different from anything else you've heard or tried

  • Literally within a minute you can reduce or almost eliminate anxiety. This is backed by scientific proof.
  • I don't know of any easier nor better way to virtuall name and claim your income.
  • You'll find yourself using the Strange Ritual for your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily income! It's like a Swiss Army Knife for naming and claiming your income.
  • Your brain will light up with ideas as you use the super powerful but incredibly simple SCAMPER method paired with RICE.
  • With the quickstart video, you can get started as soon as you watch the video. And there newsletters are there to help you successfully apply the method.
  • You'll get an actual video where I show you how I use the Strange Ritual.  
  • l get a picture of a legal pad where I used the Strange Ritual.  You'll feel confident that you're doing it right.You r
  • You really can't screw it up. This method is so simple, common sense and practical, it just flat out works.

start using the strange ritual immediately.  You'll see results the first week. And probably the first day

I give you everything you need to use the Strange Ritual and get sales or get MORE sales.

Here's what you get when you order today:

1.  You'll get my no fluff, to-the-point video where I walk you through my Strange Ritual. (And show how to use it to get $1, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more.  I actually walk through each of these.)

2.  You get a video of me demonstrating how I used the Strange Ritual this morning

3. You get a picture of a legal pad where I wrote down my Strange Ritual 

4.  Yes, you get TRAFFIC TRAINING, AFFILIATE TRAINING, PRODUCT CREATION training.  So there's no excuse or reason you can't get results.

5.  But if for some bizarre reason you do the Strange Ritual as I teach it for a week and don't see a tangible result, just message me on the support desk. Tell me what you need help with as it relates to the ritual.  And I'll give you something free or direct you to something that will help.

I care about your success. Not just your money.

6.  You get a full-blown newsletter on the SCAMPER method so you don't get stuck for ideas. And can get on with the show

7.  You get my training where I show you how to turn 10 sales into a surprising amount of income.   And how to spin up 100 sales into $94,800 -- potentially.

8.  You get my newsletter where I break down my "hyper-speed" template which is the whole key of getting the dough in fast (I often do it the same day)

9.  You get my newsletter where I show you an easy way to get sales without spending money.

10.  Bonus videos, bonus product, bonus coaching and more.

11.  A video walking through every bullet point I promised in this page.  So you know every bullet is covered.

12.  You get a replacement guarantee. If you're unhappy  for any reason, I'll replace the produce with another of equal or greater value.

13.  You get a live coaching session where I demonstrate the Strange Ritual and answer your questions.


Live Coaching Session Where I Teach The Strange Ritual AND Answer Any Questions You Have

In case you have questions, I'm giving you a bonus live coaching session i teach and demonstrate the Strange Ritual. And where you can get your questions answer.  

Plus, you have 30-days of email support at getyoursupport.com 

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, 

Because I'm absolutely, positively so confident in The Strange Ritual, I'll make this ironclad guarantee.

Get The  Strange Ritual. Put it to your acid test. If for any reason whatsoever you're dissatisfied with the product, I'll replace it with another product of equal or greater value.

You can post a request 24/7 at www.getyoursupport.com

That's how confident I am in this Secret.

To order the Strange Ritual, just click the ADD TO CART button below. You can pay using any major credit card, e-check, or from your PayPal account balance.

The Strange Ritual product is digitally delivered, along with the bonus so you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to everything you've just read about. Works for both PC and Mac users.

start using the strange ritual today

If you need assistance to place your order or have any questions just go to http://www.getyoursupport.com and Tim would be happy to assist you.

Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders 

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