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The Four Steps To Making Commissions As An Affiliate
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Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

It's the ONLY weekly newsletter for info product affiliates that givev you:

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If you missed the first 2 issues, they're here:

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2. How to Succeed Wildly As An Affiliate Using The 1-Step Ahead Method

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3. How to 10X Your Affiliate Success Via a Method
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4. Deep Dive On How To Promote ON Social Media Plus a Super Affiliate EXCLUSIVE Audio

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 in value.  More in a minute.

I use my own version of this method with my newsletter and  it's amazing how well it works.  You'll see it in action in my FB group ever week.

5. The One Thing That Makes Me The Most Commissions On Affiiate Promos

Last issue I talked about how to find and use angles in promos.  This week we look at 4 different types of angles you can pull out of an offer.

Today's Success Letter will draw on prior Success Letters and pull it all together in a simple formula you can start using right away.

6.  The MAGIC "NESBEE" Message You Can Write
Quickly, Simply and Easily That Will Sell Your Affiliate Products
(This Taps Into The Big 4 Emotions That Cause People To Buy)

The Four Steps To Making Commissions As An Affilate

If you have a list of people who are honestly interested in your topic, making sales is easy.

You send out an email, text, postcard, FB Messenger or voice broadcast.

But the FIRST thing you have to do is get those people onto your list.

You do that by REACHING OUT with something attractive to REEL them in.

Today I want to help you come up with "that thing".

1.  Reach out with something relevant to the person

If you're not getting attention, it's probably because what you're saying, your message, isn't perceived as being relevant to the preson.

See, every person has what's called a Reticular Activating System. According to the Textbook of Clinical Neurology (Third Edition), 2007 here's what it is:

The reticular activating system (RAS) is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior, as well as both posteriorly to the thalamus and directly to the cortex for activation of awake, desynchronized cortical EEG patterns.

That's a bunch of big words.  But if you want to read the scientific explanation, it's here.  Not that I understand any of what is written on that page!

The SIMPLE meaning is this:  It's the gateway to your attention.  If something is relevant to you, it'll pop into your awareness.  If it's not relevant, it stays in the background as "noise."

In other words, your Reticular Activating System determines what you pay attention to.

According to hotshot copywriter Kyle Milligan, there are 4 key emotions that get attention:

New, easy, safe, big

So if something is new, easy, safe or big AND it'll help you solve a problem or get what you want, boom!  It's on your attention scale.

To boil this down, reach out with something that is new, easier than what they're doing now, has little risk or is predictable and able to get a big result in comparison to the time, energy or money it takes.

2.  Create a freebie offer based on #1

I'm going to share with you a secret trick worth at least $1,000.  Normally, I'd never share this at the small price you're paying.

But I WANT you to succeed as an affiliate because I know you'll promote my products as well as others.

Here's an easy one:  Get a hot, fresh product review on XYZ topic delivered to your inbox daily (or however often)

Then you go on to describe it in the most enticing language you can dream up that talks in terms of your buyer's interests:

Every day I spend up to 3 hours scouring the market, getting access to products using my network of contacts, actually reviewing them and digging inside.

Then I select the one standout product that offers without question the most bang for the buck.  And I write up a thoughtful review on it to tell you the straight scoop that lets you know what it is, how it works and why it works.

You literally save 1, 2 or 3 hours a day researching products.  I spoon feed ONLY the best, personally reviewed products.

You do NOT have to use those words.  It's better you write your own.  But the idea is you want to give the WIIFM for being on your list -- What's In It For Me?

What are the benefits TO ME?

That's a good one because you're NOT just attracting people who want a freebie.  You're getting people onto your email list who WANT product reviews.  Which by implication means they are looking to BUY.

Otherwise, why would they want a product review.

Now, if you COMBINE this with being the ONLY one to specialize in your topic as I've explained in another Success Letter, you're way ahead of the game.

There are many shades and variations of this idea.  You could offer a "deal-of-the-day" product review. Or deal-of-the-week.  Or maybe don't use the word "deal" as others like W+ use that.

Special-of-the-day, blowout-of-the-day.  Call it what you want.  Feel free to be creative.

Another tested, proven method is the free ecourse.  We spent a whole Success Letter just on that method.

But this isn't the only way to do a freebie. I just like that one in particular because it builds you a high quality list of buyers.  Even if you get a smaller number of people on the list, you know they are buyers.

Not only that, they WANT to receive email.

But you could also a free cheat sheet, free report, free video, free course, free tutorial, free mp3 or free ebook.

The downside of these is you aren't necesssarily attracting buyers nor people who WANT to get your emails.

As long as the people you're marketing to WANT it, you'll win in the end.

You could also offer something with perceived value:  Free template of the week or something like that.

But still, you could attract freebie seekers, not buyers.

So my opinion is you're best off creating an ANGLE (see my Success Letter on how to create angles) that makes people WANT to be on your list and get your affiliate product recommendations.

There's a spinoff on this method that is powerful.  You offer people a FREE membership site.  You have starter content in it. Then X times per week you send out an email that announces new content has been added.

Then you use something like this tool to delivery a popup for your affiliate offer when they log in.

3.  Get 'em On a List

You 100% need them on an email list.

But you can also put people on a text or sms list with permission. I'll cover this in future issues.

You can also put them on a voice broadcast list with permission, depending on what country you live in.

You can also put them on a retargeting list, so you can run ads they see.

You can also get a mailing address so you can send them postcards.

And there's a thing called Push Notifications you can use.

Here are my thoughts on email list services:


This is my private label.  It's a great all-in-1 budget service that is tested and proven and actually works as advertised.

It doesn't have the latest bells and whistles. It's a basic, bread-and-butter service that gets the job done affordably.

b.  Aweber or Getresponse

These are 2 old, established companies trusted by many. They also allow you to mail affiliate links without a big hassle.

c.  Many others

Jimmy Kim has Sendlane and he certainly understands the business inside and out. He'll let you do affiliate marketing, which is an essential.

mailerlite has a very favorable plan for newbies. But I don't know how they are with affiliate promotions.

Many of the newer services like Active Campaign, ConvertKit and many others tend to not be favorable towards affiliate marketers. To use their services, you typically HAVE to put the affiliate link on a page of your blog.

That's OK sometimes. But if you're a true affilate marketer, it's a step that can get in your way when you need a quick and easy promo.

4.  Promote Your Offers

This is where the fun happens.

Sending out emails is easy.

Your email can emphasize the new, easy, safe or big angle on the offer. Then push the url.   Or the email can basically be the headline of the page you're sending them to.

Push Notifications are something we'll discuss in another Success Letter.

You can even run retargeting ads to people who click on your link using Pretty Link Pro. It lets you drop code in a header section so when they click the link, it fires off the retargeting pixel.

You can create a review and post it on Youtube.

You can push it out on a popup on your websites.  Or on a free membership site so people see it when they log in.

Again, we'll talk about that in an upcoming issue.

You can push out a review.  Or you can just send a short email or message that directs them to your offer.

You can promote the offer in your Facebook group using a pinned post or live stream.

You can link to it from a cheat sheet you offer for free on Facebook live streams.

You can even push people to an artificial intelligence bot that helps funnel the clicks to the offer.  Again, we'll cover that in an upcoming issue.

Here's a nifty little conversion method:  See if the vendor will give you a discount coupon or extra bonus you can push out to your audience.

These can be real moneymakers with your audience as it's exclusive to them.

Your CHALLENGE for This Week

Here's your challenge:

1. Pick an affiliate product

Choose the Affiliate Succcess Letter, one of my W+ products, or another product on JVZoo, W+ or Clickbank you like and believe in.

When you requests approval on W+, give me your name, email and say you're a subscribers to Affiliate Success Letter, so I can approve you, if you aren't already.

2.  Set up your freebie

I recommend FIRST that you nail down your "one-and-only" statement.  

Then select your freebie.  I suggest you make at least one of your freebies be a free subscripton to your product review of the week or day.  Or every 2 days. Whatever frequency works for you.

3.  Create an opt-in page on your autoresponder

Choose one of the services I mentioned and set up your squeeze or email capture page.

4.  Push out your emails

Hunker down and start reviewing and promoting products on your specialty.  

And I'll say it one more time, if you have no audience, use the Ryan Stewman ebook.  I've taught you quite a bit already in past issues about how to get traffic.

Viral ebooks and ecourses are another way to get eyeballs on your offers.  Youtube videos.  Live streams on Facebook.  A Facebook group.

Of course, my favorite is for you to create your own 75% or 100% commission product and get other affiliates to promote it for you.

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I tried this on Facebook and it worked fantastic.  I found an article that had high value for my audience. And I posted it to my Facebook timeline.  

People clicked and commented like crazy.  And when they went to the article, they got MY popup!

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And that's just the first 3 issues.

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