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How to Succeed Wildly As An Affiliate
Using The 1-Step Ahead Method
$250,000 in Commissions In The Past 2 Weeks
WITHOUT Even Being Top 5. Here's How...


Marlon here.

In this issue:

-- $18 million launch in the past 2 weeks
-- Welcome to new members
-- The 1 step ahead secret
-- How to run a launch webinar
-- Your Viral Ebook epic bonus
-- How to rebrand reports using W+ links
-- Easy, automatic way to get $39 a pop
-- Tic Tok shout outs
-- $29.95 offer converting gangbusters for me
-- Update on making dough with The Success Letter
-- Shout outs to Martin Avis, Connie Green, Paul D Chilvers-Grierson, Voker Schoenfeld, Barb Ling, Dale, Jason and John for sending clicks.

In the Kibo launch the past 2 weeks, affiliates that weren't even top 5 on the leaderboard got as much as $250,000 in commissions EACH.  And up to $10,000 cash on top of that.

I don't know how long it'll be up but here's the jv page.  I *think* the launch is over, but I'm not sure.

My big take away from this is if you want to make $50,000, $100,000 or more commissions, promote a hot launch for a  $2000 product.

Before I get into that, let's do this:

Warm Welcome To New Members

A warm welcome to all our new members.

You made one of the best decisions you'll make all year by getting this newsletter, as you'll see just from this issue.

The secret is to be 1 step ahead...

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 i value.  More in a minute.


Just post in comments below.

Why Use The 1-Step Ahead Method?

Never play a Game you don't have an advantage in.  Never play a Game where you don't have a way to win.

Fortunately for you, I have a way for you to win in this affiliate Game. It's by being one step ahead of the crowd and other affiliates.  The herd.

The Kibo Launch did $18 million on Clickbank in the past 2 weeks.  And affiliates really raked it in.  As much as $250,000 in commissions for affiliates NOT even in the top 5!

One of the top affiliates is in my Fast Track program.  So I know some of the inside scoop.

THIS is one of the rasons you're so smart to be subscribed to the Affiliate Success Letter.

I give you the inside scoop through my network of contacts and information flow.

Being 1 Step Ahead Is Your Key to
Really Making Sales and Commissions,
Faster, Simpler, and Bigger

If he agrees to it, I plan on interviewing my Fast Track member considering his massive success on the Kibo launch.

He's gotten as much as $50,000 in commissions before on launches.

I'll let you in one just ONE SECRET he used to be one step ahead. He did a "launch" webinar.  And then he used a "one-step-ahead" method to GET people onto that webinar.

I don't have permission to reveal that method.  But what I can tell you is that just the launch webinar alone is something MOST don't do.  It's not so easy to get people on a launch webinar today as webinars have been hammered to death.

So the "one-step-ahead" people know the real sell is just to GET people onto the webinar.

How to Run a Launch Webinar

The method is simple.

You run a webinar an hour before the product launches.  You review what problem or problems the product solves, show proof from the sales page and cover any early bird discounts.

Often, there's a discount if you buy the first few hours of a launch.

If you have a bonus stack, you can talk about it.

Brendan Mace does a launch webinar for most every product he promotes.  Brendan keeps things simple, so you migjht ant to get on one of his webinars.  He and Jono are the reigning #1 W+ vendors.

You can use to run your webinar for FREE as long as it's under 45 minutes.

Viral Ebook Epic Bonus

Many years ago, Jimmy D. Brown wrote the definitive ebook on how to promote and make money using viral ebooks and reports.

With permission from Jimmy, I'm giving you a copy in the member's area.  It's in your member's area.  The Affiliate Army bonus pdf is also there.  

You log in at:

User:  The email you registered with
Pass:  The password you chose

If you can't log in, the solution is usually trying a different email. There's also a password retrieval. But you can always post to and I'll look it up for you.

Give me your name, and email or emails.

YES, this is Old School.  But rebrandable reports and ebooks DO work.  Why?  Because they hard code your affiliate id. And you can charge $39 for rebranding.

So you make a little money AND have an affiliate.

But Marlon, I don't have my own product

Here's the GREAT thing.  The ebook or report can simply have affiliate links for products from OTHER people!  All you need to do is create the rebrandable report or pdf.

The reason the method STOPPED working very well is people bought the crappiests PLR and turned  it into rebrandable reports.

It's the law of the lowest common denominator.  When lazy people ruin a method by doing the least work possisble, it stops working.

Fortunately, no one uses this method much anymore.  Which means the door is open again for you.

THIS is how you be one step ahead, doing things others don't.  Write a good report or ebook.  Make it something worth paying for.  Put some love and effort into it.  It doesn't have to be over the top. But for gosh sakes, don't put out crap and expect this method to work.

Easy, Automatic Way To Get $39 A Pop

I'm not there yet but I WILL have a rebrandable report or reports for you for The Success Letter.  But nothing stops you from creasting your own report, adding a rebrandable link to The Success Letter and distributing for free on Facebook, Instagram and to any list you have.

Then the FIRST THING in the PDF offers the ability for readers to rebrand your report with THEIR affiliate link for The Success Letter.  But to get approved they need to subscribe to The Success Letter if they don't have a W+ track record.

How To Rebrand W+ Links
(Most people have NOT figured this out)

It's a bit tricky to rebrand W+ links.

See, normally when you rebrand a lik, the software inserts the affiliate id into the affiliate link.

But on W+ there is NO affiliate id.  There's a unique series of letters that COMBINES both the offer AND the affiliate id.

So it's a bit of a secret HOW to do this.

Let me teach you how.  I use Easy Viral PDF brander that Dennis Becker bought rights to.  This is a very good purchase as it's workhorse software you'll use over and over.

Here are my basic settings.  Nothing tricky here..

On the Field Settings tab, leave the JOIN URL BLANK. But the main thing is to put your W+ Vendor tracking URL where it says Default Rererral ID.  With W+ you have to put the WHOLE URL there.

Look at the description for an example of how I worded mine.

The link in yellow below is the one you give people to rebrand with.

Here's the FINAL result:

Once you've created your viral report or ebook, Jimmy gives you ways to get it distributed in the Viral Ebook product I'm givng you from him in the member's area.

But here's another way we talked about last week with ecourses.

All you do is use this tool (I LOVE  it) to create a nifty side slide up banner after they scroll 20% or on the page 20 seconds.

You do NOT have to use the tool I recommend.  I love it because there's no recurring billing, Dean keeps improving it, and it's very easy to use.  There are free popup programs that are wordpress programs you can use  instead, if you're on a budget.

Tik Tok Shout Outs

Pretty much I'm just giving you a heads up on this one.

And asking if you have done it or have any scoop on it.

JaniG is going to be coming out with a product on how to do Tik Tok Shout Outs.  Apparently, you can buy shout outs there from people with huge followings really CHEAP.

It's like shout outs on Instagram in the early days.

Here are some links I found for buying Shout Outs:

  • Buy Sell Shoutouts
  • Plug Hype
  • Shoutsmarket
  • Update On Making Dough With Affiliate Success Letter

    In addition to the training you get in every issue, you can promote Affiliate Success Letter.  The MORE subscribers we have, the MORE time I ccan devote to writing each issue.

    But I'm STACKING up a number of products you can make money on.

    For example, THIS product has gone WACKO to my own list. The thing pulls like a MULE!  I can't explain it. The sales page is just screen caps from Jimmy's original sales letter!

    You CAN mail this and get commissions IF you mail it AFTER your cookie gets set.  In other words, you can mail it to people who ALREADY clicked your affiliate link for Affiliate Success Letter.

    They are cookied.  NOW you can send them the email below.  It's IN the funnel so there is no direct affiliate link. But if your cookie is set, sales will be tracked.

    For example, Martin Avis went to bat for the Affiliate Success Letter.  If he wanted to mail this (no obligation), his cookie is already set to all the clickers.

    This ebook is so awesome.  And literally Jimmy didn't even have a copy of it.  I have it printed out in a notebook so I can reference it over and over. It's packed with ideas.

    Here's the email I used that converts great for an easy $29.95 sale.

    Subject:  The long lost f r e e advertising system of Jimmy D. Brown

    -----  Email ----

    The Long Lost F r e e advertising system
    of Jimmy D. Brown -- Brought Back from the


    Marlon here.

    It's my birthday and I have a heck of a
    special for you.

    It's Jimmy D. Brown's original
    f r e e advertising system.

    It's the best pdf on the topic
    ever produced.

    Even Jimmy didn't have a copy of it.
    But I dug it out of archives and got permission
    direct from Jimmy to make it available.

    Best wishes,


    Update On Making Dough With Affiliate Success Letter

    You get commissions on a large and growing funnel.  I'll be promoting products in email follow up and if you have a cookie set, you'll get those commissions.

    Our sales letter wasn't converting well at all.  Honestly, I thought just seeing the sample copy would sell people and I underestsimated what it takes to get a buck.

    So I immediately added 3 HOT bonuses to the sales page here.  I'lm going to write a full-blown sales page for it and bring in the big guns.  That's just a function of time as I'm finalizing a launch I've been working on a year.

    I also recorded a webinar you can promote that has a $40 offer.

    Right now, the HOTTEST converter I have for you is THIS sequence:

    1.  Mail Affiliate Success Letter

    You'll make some sales and most importantly get your cookie set

    2.  Mail the Lost Treasure of Jimmy D. Brown

    I have 3 recurring billing OTO's on that.

    MMM at $19 a month > Milcers $47/mo. > Fast Track $97/mo.

    The way it works is that when they upgrade to Milcers, MMM  is free. And when they upgreade to Fast Track, both MMM and Milcers are free.

    That offer won't be around long as  I have to cancel stuff by hand.  It can't be full automated unless you have inside contacts to someone who knows how to do it in the W+ api.

    If you do, post in comments.

    Shout Outs To Our Promoters

    I won't sugar coat it.  I have work to do on the front end sales letter for conversions.  From what I've seen, the addition of the 3 bonuses DID help.

    Your clickers set a 60-day cookie.  I'll be following up with email offers that are in the funnel.  When they buy, you get the commission.

    For example, you should have seen an offer slide up for Beast Income unless you already won it.  That product is in the funnel.  And when you get it, whoever referred you here gets a commish.  And the same goes for you.

    Anyway, shout outs to those who DID promote:

    I applaud all of you for sending clicks.

    If you have comments or feeback, I * have comments enabled and working below. So lets hear it.

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