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Deep Dive On How To Promote ON
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Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

What's unique about this newsletter, the Affiliate Success Letter?

It's the only weekly newsletter that helps you succeed as an affiliate by staying one step ahead of the herd of other affiliates.  

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 i value.  More in a minute.

Here's all the jv details and how you can get approved to promote.

The epc's are low because it's a recurring billing offer, and the recurring billing down't kick in for 14 to 30 days.

In the last issue, we talked about how to claim your specialty.  If you haven't read that issue yet, it's here.

Today we dive deeper into some of the same themes I've hit on but add some twists.

But first, I have a Super Affiliate EXCLUSIVE for you today.  Matt Garrett has been doing this business a long time.  He places high on leaderboards and also has his own prdoucts.

I asked Matt: "Matt, if you had to start over as an affiliate from nothing, how would you build things up fast?"

He recorded an audio exclusively for us.

Here's a quick rundown on Matt's background, what he's up to and more.  He has a link cloaking product coming out soon.

Matt has a freebie here for you on his affiliate marketing plan.

I'll be interviewing or getting exclusive trainings for you from other super affiliates, especially those who support Affiliate Success Letter with clicks a nd sales like Matt did.

He really went to bat sending us clicks and sales. So thanks and shout out to Matt!

A Super Easy Way To Get Clicks and Sales

I want to focus in a little more on a super easy way to get clicks and sales.

If the friendsyou have in Facebook are ok with, yes, you can post promos there.

The better strategy is the one I referenced in the last issue with the Ryan Stewman M3 Method ebook (only $2.99 on Kindle)

I've DONE that method.

It works.

I won't go into all of Ryan's method as he breaks down the Facebook Algorithm in depth and shows how to capitalize on it.

Instead, lets talk about a simple method that applies to your email list, your Facebook posts, Instagram, Tic Toc, and your overall social media.

The method is simple:  3 to 5 pieces of "value" content to 1 "promo" or business purpose.

I'm building out a new autoresponder follow up sequence.  I have 2 or 3 pieces of content or value for every "pitch" email.

Ryan compares it to radio or TV advertising.  You have 80% content or "show" and 20% ads.

Same with magazines.

If all you do on yo ur Facebook timeline is pitch > pitch > pitch you're going to lose people.

I follow the same thing in the Affiliate Success Letter.  I have a promo or two for things of mine you can promote.  But it's 80% or 90% value.

But Marlon, What Is Value?

That's is good question.

Ryan's answer is that it's posting things your audience WANTS to hear about.  Either useful content that helps them solve problems or get results they care about.

Or entertainment.

For example, in my Facebook group I posted a picture of a gold Mercedes or some car like that and asked if people would drive it.

Wow, the engagement skyrocketed.

To Facebook, likes mean nothing.  But when people comment, that carries weight. And if they share, that carries even more weight.

Value posts should have high engagement.  Telling stories, doing polls, and asking questions all create engagement.

Posting Valuable Content Is NOT Enough

In Fast Track, we had members test this out, including myself.

What we found is our members didn't have enough "target audience" friends to create much engagement.

What this means is daily you need to ADD friends who are in the target audience.

A good method for doing this is to make "value posts" in Facebook groups.  Then add the people who comment as friends, no more than 10 a day.

Facebook will also recommend friends.

This is not an overnight process.  You have to keep doing it for sesveral months to really see it kick in.

Ryan gives you a method called the Lucky 7 which I won't repeat here out of respect for his content.  His ebook only costs a few bucks.

But I will say you can't just post content.  The formula won't work.  You have to use the Lucky 7 formula.

Just as an example, when someone comments, likes or shares one of your posts, you want to go to THEIR timeline and comment or share.  Remember, likes mean almost nothing to Facebook.

A Method That Shouldn't Work But Does

I don't understand this.

Everything I've read says that the FB algo will penalize you for asking people to comment, especially if the comments are the same.

All I know is that in my Facebook group, if I post my newsletter with the link in comment #1, not very many people seem to get the post.

But when I ask people to type a Y or something else if they WANT the newsletter, then I post it to them, the post does well.

What's even stranger is that I post a little customized message to each person with the link for the newsletter.  If you look at ANY of fmy comments, you plainly see the link.

Yet people comment to get the link.

Here's what the post looked like:

As you can see, that post had 84 comments but half of those are my replies.  Honestly, this shouldn't work. And maybe my distribution gets penalized in other ways. I don't know.

What I DO know is that everytime I use this method, it seems to work.  The responses KEEP coming in.Ryan Stewman explains that this is beause of recency.

One thing I do is very the message a little bit that I type to each person. It only takes a second.  If the Facebook algo detects that you're posting the same response over and over, to my knowledge, it doesn't like it.

The cool thing about this method is you can see the sales come in when you reply to people's posts.  It's a pretty direct correlation.  In my case, I was sending them to this page:

It's a little sales page I whipped out in maybe 30 minutes or an hour tops.  With practice, you can do the same.  Now, on this one, I wrote the actual letter a long time ago but put it into the page template.

The one the week before though I wrote in 30 minutes or an hour and posted it online, and hooked up the order links.

Here's an example of a few of the sales that have come in, at least a healthy part of them due to the Facebook post:

You can STEAL my post:

MMM -- How I Found Money, Freedom and World Travel through the Ideal Business.

45-page mega issue

Type MMM for details.

------------------ End Post -------------------

You might want to adjust it.

New 45-page newsletter from Marlon Sanders -- "How I Found Money, Freedom and World Travel Through The Ideal Business"

Type MMM for details.


Then all you do is is type a short message when they post:

Hi (name) here's the scoop:

Have a great week.


I change it up so I miight say day instead of week.  Or details instead of scoop. Or some other short variation.

The link needs to be your affiliate link but since Facebook won't allow W+ links, or I don't think they will, just put a short note  on your blog or Wix, Evernote, dropbox or Google docs with the link.

Another Social Promotion Resource For You That's FREE

Here's another resource for learning how to promote using Facebook organic.  It's a podcast Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier did with Molly Mahoney.

The bullet points are awesome, and a good example of how to write bullet points, especially for a podcast.

The Sly Method Of Posting Both Value AND Promos At The Same Time

So I've told you to post 3 or 4 value posts for every 1 with a business intent.

What if you could do BOTH at the same time?

Let's be candid here:  Sometimes you can cut off your nose to spite your face.  lolz.

Sometimes you can save money that costs you multiples of what you save.

So in the first 3 issues, I've highly recommended a program I use multiple times. Yes, I get a commission. And I'm happy to say two smart people have jumped on it.

This is the product.  It's a fantastic product to own also to promote as an affiliate.  The slide ins you see here on my newsletter are done with it.  

I love it because it's easy to use and versatile.  But also, Dean keeps adding features and improving it.  And it's a lifetime price right now with no recurring.

Anyway, here's the TRICK:

You find a valuable article or elsewhere.  You link it on your Facebook timeline, page or group.  It's pure content, right?

If it's a great article, people will literally eat it up.  You'll be surprised. Then the trick is, you set your popup to slide in after 10 or 20 seconds. Or even immediately.

That's up to you.

You can directly link to the offer.  Or you can link to a review or bonus page.

But here's what I love about the program I use.  You can insert a Youtube video right in the popup!  So your review video or bonus offer can be right there in the popup.

I also love these popups because you can select for them to slide up from the side, so they don't cover up the article.  They're not annoying like ones that cover up the content.

Click here to see an example.

Here's the MAGIC that allows you to display your popup on ANY site you want:

In the top dropdown box you select the overlay link option.  Then you type in the URL where you want to display the popup.

The link in green is the link you use to send people to the article.

Here's what I mean by being penny wise and pound foolish. will do the same thing, letting you put your popup over a link.  However, for $29 a month, you only get 5,000 clicks.  So that's $348 a year.

My resource is less than that and covers a lifetime.  And Dean keeps aggressively adding new features. That's no knock on  They have some great features and probably some my recommended resource doesn't have.

The POINT is that you can send content or value to your email list or post it on Instagram or Facebook AND get a double-duty promo in at the same time!

The Crazy Social Media Secret NO ONE Knows

You've been hit up before in your pm's on Facebook or Instagram by someone dropping a link and trying to sell you, right?

Here's the big secret I leaqrned from Ryan that no one  knows, apparently.  Let's say someone comments on one of your value posts in a Facebook group

Beginners drop promo links in Facebook groups.  Pros drop value posts.  And then chat up people who comment on the post.  NOT with a pitch or a link.

You can offer more value related to the post or just ask about them.  Remember Dale Carnegie 101 -- People's favorite topic is THEMSELVES!  Always remember that.

All those young single guys would have a field day if they really understood a girl's favorite topic is herself!

Instead of dropping a link in your pm, all you do is chit chat.  You can even check out their timeline and ask a question or two about something you can see they're into.

Guess what happens NEXT?

They're going to start seeing your value posts and pitch posts in their newsfeed!  That's what.

Here's What Your Pitch Posts Should Be

Your "pitch posts" should ideally be something FREE for them.  Like a free video or report that has some value in it.

This is where distributing a rebranded report comes in handy.  It has value and you make money off the links in it.  Plus, you can stick it behind an opt-in page if you want.

One thing you can do is post a helpful video with1 tip on the topic.  Then present the offer as a way to deep dive.

But Wait, There's More

Not only THAT, when you're making value posts on your timeline and in Facebook groups, people will check out your profile.

All you do is click edit featured and you can insert an image there.  You can give away your lead magnet or whatever you want.  I would NOT directly promote an affiliate offer.

What I WOULD do is get people to opt in for a freebie.

One of the most successful opt-ins you can run in MMO (make money online) is how to make money with whatever platform they're on.

So a bazillion years ago in the Compuserve days, how to make money on Compuserver was hot.  

You could put an ad there that says "How I Make Money On Facebook With Images Like This.  Free Report."

And you can send them to a popup kinda like this:

I'm convinced you could make money at a flea market by selling books called "How I Make $750 a Weekend At Flea Markets Like This One Selling Books"

Anyway, here's a big pro tip for you:  ALWAYS lead with value when you can.

The guys who do this better than anyone I've EVER seen are Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier.  If there was a hall of fame for top notch affiliate promos, they'd surely go in it.

Here's the beginning of the post they used to promote Snappa, which is a graphics service they use for most all their graphics.

You can read the review here.  It's a perfect example of how to promote a product as an affiliate with an in-review.  Most reviews are b.s. and the person hasn't even seen the product.

When Joe and Matt do a review, it has real substance to it, and it's a product they've often or probably always used.

They use a service called Snappa for their graphics.

Here's another awesome review they did for Designrr.

That's a Wrap Up For This Week


That's it for this week's letter.  Have a great week.  I don't know if the comments are working or not.  I think I still have work to do to get them working.

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