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ASL #35 -- A phenomenal way to climb the ladder of success in affiliate marketing by teaming up in a smart way
{The best part is, you get sales from the efforts of others}


Marlon here.

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By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 in value.  More in a minute.

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5. The One Thing That Makes Me The Most Commissions On Affiiate Promos

In this issue, I want to share with you a phenomenal way to climb the ladder of success in affiliate marketing.

It's called "building your team."

But it's NOT what you may be thinking.

You know, Napoleon Hill said the key to success was having a Mastermind.

A Mastermind is a group of people with a like purpose.  I'm going to tell you as story about Mike Long.

Mike is a friend of mine.

And years ago, he owned a retail store that sold playing cards for Magic The Gathering (the Game).  I don't know a whole lot about it. But people who play it have tournaments all the way up to world champion.

You can read about Mike's accomplishments in the Game here.

By his retirement, Long had won a Pro Tour, a Grand Prix, and an Invitational and held the record for being on the most winning national teams and was in the top lifetime money winners.

But  Mike had a SECRET.

His secret was a Mastermind.

See, he formed a team of serious players who wanted to win tournaments. But what they did was very different from what other teams did.

Mike realized that each player by themselves could only test so many card combinations. But if the group systematically tested card combinations, it could give them an advantage.

Everyone one else acted and tested as lone rangers. Mike's idea was to use the power of the group.  And so he did.

It had a HUGE impact on winning.

The  SAME exact method had a huge impact on my personal  career. I was fortunate to team up with 2 very talented guys named Jonathan Mizel and Declan Dunn.

Together we did 120 seminars around the world.

And as a result, I was able to Mastermind with many people. But my core for a long time was Jonathan and Declan. We created products together and promoted each other.

What does this have to do with YOU and your own affiliate marketing success?


Everyone wants to team up with the guru or highly accomplished player.  Unless you pay them money, it's just not going to happen because there's no exchange.  They don't get anything out of it.  It's a 1-sided deal.

When Jonathan, Declan  and I teamed up, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy were the big "gurus."

There's no way they were going to do anything with us unless we paid them.

But Jonathan, Declan and I as  a  TEAM had strength and power.

The point is, team up with other go getters who are at the stage of the Game you are.

If you're a beginner and have  no list or a small list, team up with others in a similar situation who are DOERS and HUNGRY.

No lazy people or excuse makers allowed.

3 people works great but you can have more.  

Now what you do is team up on affiliate promotions.  Give your team a name. Let it be known the "Dark Horse" or whatever your team name is promoted such and so product and made XYZ sales.

Your OWN sales may be only a few.  But with 3 to 6 of you,all of a sudden you have 3 to 6 times or more the clout.

You can even create a little entry level product that you all create together and sell.  This helps you promote each other.

This is a simple but BIG idea.

The way we did it is all 3 of us owned rights to the product to sell as we wished.

It worked well.

Now, if you choose 2 or 3 other hungry go-getters, you will have a shot at bringing in a bigger name on a product.  Or teaming up with them on an affiliate promotion.

How do you find these go getters?

Dale Carnegie 101.

Make friends.

Be intelligent. Be a giver not a taker.

Do all the things Dale Carnegie said you should do like talk in terms of the other person's interests.

I would personally advise you to avoid people with religion or politics as their favorite topic for posting on FB. I'm NOT saying people can't have opinions.

But when it's a steady diet of it, it alienates half the audience.  You can do as you wish but that is my advice.

One good way to find these people is to do a little promo for them using all the methods I've been teaching you.

Put some ummmph and intention into it. Go all ini.

Create a nice bonus stack.

Give it a name.

Stick a deadline on it.

Alright. This is a huge idea for you even though it's extremely simple.  There's not much of a "how" to do it.

Frankly, it's just having some guts and motivation to go do it.

Not every partner will be interested.  Many won't.

But seek and ye shall find.

I believe that.

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