Affiliate Success Letter
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The One Thing That Makes Me The Most Commissions
On Affiliate Promos


Marlon here.

In today's issue, I show you how to make every single affiliate promo you do stand out by creating your own unique angle.

This has a huge impact on your sales.  

It's one of the most important skills I can share with you.   I include numerous examples for you.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

Here are the back issues.  Every single issue helps you succeed as an affiliate by being one step ahead of the herd.

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By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 in value.  More in a minute.

I use my own version of this method with my newsletter and  it's amazing how well it works.  You'll see it in action in my FB group ever week.

Why Find An Angle?

The angle is the one main point you make about the affiliate offer you're promoting.

While many other affiliates may be promoting an offer, if you find yourown angle that gets attention and interest, you'll grab your own share of sales.

Example:  Let's say you're promoting a $27 offer for a program that shows you how to generate leads and sell consulting services.

I recently promoted this offer that was built on that premise. The training was fantastic and in depth.  I thought it compared very favorably in terms of practial, usable methods to what you find in $1,500 courses on the same topic.

What subject line could you write to really grab attention?

Here's what I came up with:

Get this $1,500 lead generation and conversion system for $27

Obviously, I had to explain in the email it didn't really sell for $1,500 but was comparable to what you might get for that price.

Here's the email I sent to do that:

Never ever meet a customer in person 


Marlon here.

Zach has built 4 businesses using this system and generated over 100mm in sales.
If you want to reach and sell businesses, this is as good or better than a lot of programs you'd pay $1500 or more for.
It'll also work for consumers, not just businesses.

It's very detailed and very specific.

And contains videos on every step of the process.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 12.

Nothing is left out in the product. It's 100% complete, even without the Mastermind OTO, which is a nice addition but not necessary at all.

Best wishes,

A lot of other people emailed this offer.

But I bet no one else took the angle of "Get a $1500 program for $27".

It should go without saying you are NOT trying to deceive people into thinking it's really a $1500 program!  That's dumb.  But creating teh comparison is fair if you really feel that way.

I don't use that angle very often.  Only when I really feel it's true.  In this case the course had a very practical lead generation system, a great method to set up consultatios and a conversion script.

It really was the equivalent of what you get in $1500 programs, or better.

Revive a Flopped Email Or Promo With a New Angle

You can revive an email or promo that flops with a new angle.

Last week I promoted a cloacking software with this subject line:

"How to post affiliate links on social media and track"

The angle didn't result in many sales.  So i asked the vendor what advantages it had over the Pretty Link plugin.  One of those advantages was that you could use it on UNLIMITED domains, which is huge.

It has similar features to the pro version of Pretty Link but Pretty Link is limited to 5 domains.  It also makes it easy to set your Facebook pixel for retargeting.

Question:  What subject line would YOU come up with based on that info?

Here's mine:  

Unlimited redirects on unlimited domains plus FB pixels?

I isolated a unique point about the product (unlimited domains and redirects) and made that the selling point.

Here's Another Example From Cougar Commissions

I promoted a product called Cougar Commissions.  I liked the product and thought it had value for my list.

In studying the product, I felt that thing that stood out was this:
How Dawud Went From $0 to $15k In 2020

To me, that was a compelling subject line.  And there's an interesting story behind it:


Marlon here.

Dawud is quite an interesting fellow. Gray haired.
Not at all like those young guns with all their hair
-- jet black.

In 2018 he started marketing online starting from 0.

In 2020 he's hit $15k gross per month. And growing.
He's top 10% W+ affiliate and vendor -- both.
He created a whiz bang of a training that is stunningly
beautiful showing in detail how he did it.

And exactly how you can take the same steps he did.

He even lets you email his email list. what? Yeah,
that's pretty sick. I went through these videos and
loved them. You will too.

Honestly, if you don't think this is a huge bargain
for the price when you see the product, you need your
head examined.


Best wishes,

PS: On a scale of 1 to 10, I score it 10. It has 26
videos very well done plus bonuses.

These are full motion webcam videos with a cougar
background. For 10 bucks?  Are you kidding me?

I loved the product and that's honestly how I felt.  I messaged the vendor and tried to get some extra info to hang an angle on but didn't get a message back.

I didn't make that many sales.  Usually I take another whack at it.  In this case I didn't.  I really liked the product and felt disappointed I didn't come up with an angle that caught the imagination of my list.

The whole gist of this is to look for a bit of an unusual angle or an angle that gets to the essence of the offer.

I got permission from Jimmy D. Brown to sell his product he did a long, long time ago on how to get free advertising.

​It's the best ebook I've ever seen on how to promote an a product through affiliates, including how to recruit them.

​What would YOU write as the subject line?

My subject line and angle was:

"The long lost treasure of Jimmy D. Brown"

This was the email:

It was lost. Now it's found. My birthday offer 


Marlon here.

It's the best pdf ever produced on f r e e advertising.
It's a lost treasure.

I'm brining it back for my birthday celebration.

The very first thing Jimmy D asked me was if I could
send him over a copy.

He graciously gave me the rights to offer it to you.

Get this while it's re-released.

Best wishes,

That angle and email did fantastic.

It just kept selling.

For one reason, I had more or less an exclusive on the product.

You just learned an incredibly effective posting strategy for almost nothing.  What you're paying for this newsletter is a pittance compared to the value.

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Your Action Challenge For This Week

Take an affiliate product and create an angle for it.

Then test that angle out on Facebook or with your email list.  If you're having problems posting your affiliate link on Facebook, see the product I referenced in the examples above.

It solves that problem for you.

If you don't have a product to promote, promtoe the Affiliate Success Letter.

Or check out the top products of the day on Warriorplus or JVZoo.

Have a profitable week.


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