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How to 10X Your Affiliate Success Via a Method
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Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 i value.  More in a minute.

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Today we're talking about a small change that can make a MASSIVE difference in your affiliate business

Before I get into this completely awesome, business-changing method, I have GOODIES FOR YOU!

Holy cowl.

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A great way to uses this is to send out a link to a greast article you find on the Internet that has high interest for your readers.  THEN have the ad below slide in after 10 seconds by using this Swiss Army Knife tool which I LOVE using.

I tried this on Facebook and it worked fantastic.  I found an article that had high value for my audience. And I posted it to my Facebook timeline.  

People clicked and commented like crazy.  And when they went to the article, they got MY popup!

Now, here's a small change that can make a
MASSIVE difference in your affiliate business

This is a bit of an advanced method.  However, I'll do my best to help you apply it to YOUR affiliate efforts.

It's normally only something I'd discuss with Milcers or Fast Track members, where we deep dive into it.

A ask that you keep an open mind and read all the way through this.

When you use this secret:

1.  You eliminate competition, which means the people on your list or your audience listen to YOU  above others.

2.  Your conversions go up and up

3.  You become in demand as the demand for what you offer vastly exceeds supply

4.  You no longer are part of the herd beating your brains out begging for people to buy through your link

You become unique and distinct and offer clear value others don't.

Here's the secret:

Since people can only remember one thing easily, you become the one thing they remember!

Become #1 in a specialty in which you review and promote affiliate products, as well as some of your own (eventually).

That's the secret.  The rest of this newsletter explains HOW to do it.

Let's say you need surgery, God forbid.  Are you gonna go to the specialist?  Or just give me any old surgeon who can hack away and stitch it up?

If you're looking at buying info products, would you rather trust the review by someone who does ecomm today, software tomorrow, local business the next day, plr the next?

Or would you rather buy from the person who SPECIALIZED only in that topic and does interviews on that topic, offers unique bonuses that actually fit the product and so forth?

Who are you LIKELY to pay attention to?

Who are you LIKELY to trust?

Secret #2:  There are an unlimited number of specialties

There isn't just one specialty.  All the specialties can never be taken.

Secret #3:  You invent your own specialty, therefore you are not only #1, you're the one and only

I'll give you some examples.

What's unique about this newsletter, the Afffiliate Success Letter?

It's the only weekly newsletter that helps you succeed as an affiliate by staying one step ahead of the herd of other affiliates.

In a future issue, we'll talk about "mechanisms" by Eugene Scwartz.  It's a bit of an advanced topic.  Again, normally, I only teach it in Fast Track or Milcers but I MUST teach you about it so you can succeed all out.

My "mechanism" is called one step ahead. that's the thing that lets me deliver on my promise of helping you succeed as san affiliate.  Only I help you succeed using the one step ahead method.  No one else does.

You're going to s ee this is true.  After today's issue, you WILL ALREADY be 1 step ahead of  virtually ALL other affiliates.

For right now, I want you to focus ONLY on the idea of picking your specialty.  We'll tackle mechanisms on another day. Fair enough?

Let's say you have an interest in products on list building.  Maybe your specialty becomes:

"I'm the only affiliate who specializes only in products on list building for info products using free traffic"

Can you see that is a pretty specific specialty?  Yet, it's not so specific that you wouldhave no products to promote.  lolz.

Or how about this:

I'm the only affiliate who provides a weekly newsletter reviewing all new products each week on xyz topic.

The point is:  You get to define your specialty that you're #1 in by virtue of being the ONLY one.  lol.

And if someone else copies you, just tweak your specialty a bit.

Let's say someone else started doing a newsletter reviewing products in your specialty.  It's doubtful because almost NO AFFILIATES SPECIALIZE.

They hop over to and promote whatever sounds good that week, regardless.

But lets say it did happen (which is unlikely)

You change your specialty to:

I'm the only affiliate who provides a weekly newsletter reviewing all new products each week on xyz topic AND provides you with weekly coupon discounts, backdoor bonuses and interviews with product owners

That's pretty extreme. See?

You say "Marlon, an interview is a lot of work."

All you do is tell the product vendor you want to promote their product in your newsletter that exclusively reviews xyz products and could they please answer 5 questions that you publish in your newsletter.

And you give them the questions.

You do NOT have to do a newsletter!

There is NO right or wrong way to have a specializy.  It's however YOU define it.

Maybe your specialty is you provide the most in-depth reviews.

Or maybe you're the only affiliate who covers ONLY products on topics A, B and C.

Maybe you're the ONLY stay-at-home dad or mom who reviews ONLY methods you can implement in 20 minutes a day.

Or maybe you ONLY review products that are evergreen and won't get banned, slammed or abandoned 6 months later.

Understand, there is NO official specialty sanctioning body.  You show up and announce your specialty.  End of  story.

And RELAX.  This is NOT marriage.  Like if the specialty doesn't pan out, choose a new one.

No one is gonna show up at your door and issue you a specialty changing fine or anything.

Maybe you're the only person who reviews products that can be used during lunchtime.

Or, you're the late night marketer who ONLY reviews products that do NOT require video or interacting with customers.

The list of possibilities is only limited by that gray mass between your ears.

This doesn't even have to be that specific.

There are precious few people who ONLY review products on a topic or with a specifici angle.  Virtually no one specializes.

Everyone just slams their list with whatever sounds like the mosts lucrative offer for the day.

Next, you need a  tagline

After you dream up your specialty, you create a tagline for it.

Product reviews and special offers ONLY on XYZ topic delivered by a newsletter

Or maybe they're delivered by a video.

Product reviews on XYZ topic with a guaranteed bonus every time

Weekly reviews ONLY of products on how to prosper in the Inffo Profits Businiess as  a solo entrepreneur

Or as a  work-at-home dad, mum or whatever.

Nail It Down With a Logo

Hop over to and have someone  spin up a logo for you.

Or roll it yourself on  I've found that's pretty darned easy to do.  I found this logo design on Canva by searching logos. T hen I started mucking around with it.

It's a little too obvious I'm no designer.  But I was still able to create this in about 5 minutes:

The nice thing is, I could likely buy a FB ad with that image and actually get it approved.  Miracle of miracles.

It's no work of art.  A halfway  decent designer can do better. But if free Canva is all that's in your budget, go for it.

All I did was drag over an element.

NO ONE does this stuff at all.

Honestly, it isn't that  hard to stand out.

I eat my own Dog Food (kinda gross)

To show you I eat my own dog food an don't just spout off theory, let's check some stuff out.

How do you reckon I did this jaw-dropping logo?

I also have a tag line: Helping you make more sales and commissions as an affiliate.  

For my  Milcer's monthly club, I have this:

I also have one for my premium coaching program called Fast Track.

Now imagine if you're a  true ROCKSTAR and combine what you learned LAST week with this week.

Let's say you  rock out sales for a vendor on a product.  You go to them and ask if they can set you up on a 2-teir affiliate program for their product.  If you've sold a lot, they might do it.

You never no till you ask.  No harm done.

Next, you creaste a free ecourse for the prdouct and offer to let others rebrand it through their affiliate link if they register through you for it.

Or maybe you find evergreen products on YOUR SPECIALTY and promote them on your BLOG for THAT specialty.

Tip:  Consider setting up a blog that lays claim to your specialty

Why not?  Wordpress is free and easy.

Now, you can post your product reviews and bonuses on your specialty blog.  Even if you use Commission Gorilla for your bonus stacks, you can still post the product review on your blog.

If you do  a VIDEO product review, you get it transcribed at  Post the video on your blog AND on Youtube.

When you do a viral ecourse or report, you can put those on your blog.  Even if they aren't 2-tier programs, you can STILL sell rebranding rights to other affiliates for $39.

Let's Say You've Gone Wacko And Follow MORE of My Advice

Maybe you've just gone bonkers.

You've lost it.

You've drank the Koolaid (tm) and you buy this ebook I recommended last week:

So now, guess what you're doing?

You're using those superb Facebook algo secrets to promote your rebrandable ecourses that get people to buy evergreen products in your specialty.

You're promoting your rebrandable reports.

You're publishing articles on Facebook and halfway through telling them they can read the rest of it over on your blog.

Clever, eh?

And you've even started a Facebook group about
your chosen specialty.

Wow.  You can post your reviews there too.

And you can take those review videos you uploaded to Youtube and upload them to Facebook.

Now, I always try to attribute my resources I draw info from.  The info on branding today comes from Why Johnny Can't Brand by Bill Schley and Carl Nichols, Jr.

If you benefitted from this, you would REALLY love the deep dives I d id on it in Fast Track, which is basically 5 coaching programs rolled into one. And you get them all for free as a member of the Fast Track.

If this isn't obvious, let me remind you that when YOU refer people to this newsletter who take up the buck trial and they click that link and upgrade to Fast Track, YOU are gonna make the $50 a month.


Because your affiliate tracking cookie is set for 60 days.  And by using my rebrandable ecourses, reports and other tools I'll drop, you can refresh those cookies beyond 30 days.

Not only that, most other links I drop in the Affiliate Success Letter are affiliate links in the same funnel. And you get commission on those sales also.

CHALLENGE for This Week

Here's your challenge:

1. Choose a specialty

Make it up.  If you don't like it, you can always change it later. Write one sentence expressing your specialty.

2.  Create a tag line

This is something a little shorter and catchier than the sentence describing your specialty

3.  Create a logo

Hire it out or hop on over to Canva and roll it yourself

4.  Promote products on your specialty

Hunker down and start reviewing and promoting products on your specialty.  And I'll say it one more time, if you have no audience, use the Ryan Stewman ebook.

Of course, if you were to make the brilliant decision to join us in Fast Track today, I'd turn you onto a super in depth newsletter and full tilt training sessions where we really deep dive into it.

Why not start promoting the Affiliate Success Letter using what I've just taught you?

Why You Want To STAY As a Subscriber

I recognize that even though I'm charging a ridiculously small fee for the quality of info in this letter, in the back of your mind you're still wondering should I stay or should I go.

Let me point out that you won't find this quality of info even in newsletters or membership sites that charge a far higher price.

Everything I share in here can make an immediate impact on your profits.  For example, I'm shoing you how to get traffic using a deep understanding of the FB algo, viral ecourses and reports.

And most importantly, how to position yourself, do your tag line, logos and much more.

And that's just the first 3 issues.

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