Tonight, I'll Show You My Secrets To Creating Info Products In As Little As 2 Hours -- And The New Way To Find Affiliates To Sell 'Em For You
In As Fast As 10 Minutes


If you'd like to know how I create products at light speed, and my new discoveries on how to get affiliates to promote 'em for you, then you're cordially invitedd to join me tonight at 8 pm EST.

I'll be revealing it all in this tell all blitzkreig event.

In case you're wondering if it's worth your time to attend, here are just a few of the things you'll discover:

* The gigantic shift in getting affiliates to promote for you (This is a make or break factor)

* Why I use toggles and accordions when I create products

* The fastest way to create high value products without spending weeks doing it

* How to find fantastic potential affiliates in 10 minutes -- demonstrated live

* Where to get the most successful affiliate-recruiting email ever written (It's only 5 sentences)

* How many leaderboards should you have?

*  What's the FIRST thing you do when creating an info product?

*  How do you recruit affiliates when you don't know anyone?

* What's the KEY THING that causes people to buy from you (Get this one thing right and you can pretty much screw up everything else a bit)

* How do you set up an affiliate program for free?

*  What to do with multipurpose 3-hole punched paper that will be key to your making sales?

* What's the easiest way to get a strong product idea?

It's all tonight at 8 EST.

It's EASY to get in on this exciting event.

Step 1:  Go here:

Step 2:  Buy it

Step 3:  Watch your email for the  Zoom meeting code

It's just that easy.

When I do live trainings like this, I typically sell them for $97.00.
So you can see how this is a big bargain since you get a whole
product with a gazillion killer bonuses with it.

Best wishes,


PS:  YES the event WILL be recorded

PS:  YES, recordings of 3 live demos of me finding potential
affiliates in 10 minutes or less are in the member's area.

PS:  YES, you get THREE products included as bonuses to
help you create and launch your own products. Those products
have sold by themselves for $51.