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Marlon here.

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  1. Get approved
  2. Get you Link
  3. Copy and paste

Get Approved

  1. If you have purchased the OTO product, 
    click here to get your affiliate link. See the message below.
  2. If you own other products by me, click here to request approval.  In the box, type your name, email and "existing owner." Then, see the message below.

    3. If you don’t own any products by me, then click here to request approval.  You should be approved if you have Warriorplus rating above 60.  Alternatively, pick up a copy of the product here.


1.  Create a redirect link for your affiliate link using a free service like

I suggest you name it where xx is a number.  But you can call it anything you want.  FB doesn't allow W+ links, so that is why you need a redirect.

2.  Copy and paste the message below to your Facebook timeline, page or group that you own. Do NOT spam it on someone else's page or group.

I haven't tried it on Instagram, but I think you can use the same method and put the url in reply to their comment. Do NOT paste the URL in the message as this will NOT get much exposure on FB. 

3.  Reply to each person who comments on your Facebook post with the link.
But do NOT paste the same message to each person. Change it up and always use the person's name.  See how I did it here.

Hi John, here's the scoop for you.  URL

Hey Susan, happy Thursday.  Here's the info:  URL

Hey Billy, you're gonna love this one. Here you go: URL

Hey Allison, Here's the url for you. Enjoy.  URL

If people stop responding to your thread, then post an additional comment on the thread asking if everyone go their access OK.  

This gives a bit of a bump to the thread.

4. Questions?  Customer support desk.

On your facebook, or Instagram

I have a gift for you to start the day off right.

You don't need to struggle with your sales copy anymore.

My friend Marlon Sanders is letting me give you his
fill-in-the-blanks sales letter template.

Just follow along and you'll find yourself zipping
through your copy in no time flat.

Lemme know if you want it.

COPY AND PASTE THIS MAGIC MESSAGE as a blast to your email list

Download my fill-in-the-blanks sales letter template

Body text: (Replace the link with your affiliate link)


You don't need to struggle with your sales copy anymore.

I'm giving you my fill-in-the-blanks sales letter template
by Marlon Sanders.

Just follow along and you'll find yourself zipping through
your copy in no time flat.


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