Letter from Marlon


Marlon here.

Congratulations on snagging this bundle.

I realize a lot of people have freebies that are pretty low content.

I wrote these myself.  And recorded the video myself.  I'm not anti A.I. but there's no A.I. here.
It's all me.

If you don't know me, I've done this full time since 1997 and sold 70,000+ products online
which means I've screwed up a lot and also done a lto of things right.

I encourage you to actually READ the reports and watch the videos.  90% of the people won't
do that. They may read one or watch part of a video.

But there actually ARE gems in this content.  This is stuff I CHARGE for in other places.

Now, if you didn't grab my Leads and Sales Turbocharger upsell, now that you've seen
the quality of the FREE content, I want you know the paid product is even BETTER.

It's $27 so it's affordable.  And it's really PACKED with value.

Step One:  How to use optins, popups and funnels to make sales

Step Two:  How to get GOLD from small lists

Step Three: The LOCKDOWN sales getter

Step Four: How to set up "money traps"

Unannounced Premium Bonus: How to set up front door offers

Bonus: Open Letter To Anyone Wanting To Build a Real Info Empire That Produces Serious Cash

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