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Marlon here.

You're going to love your Leads and Sales bundle. But how would you like to strap a rocket on it?  I call it the Leads and Sales Turbocharger.

I'm giving you in-depth reports and videos on POWERFUL traffic and lead generation methods.  Then top it off with two ways to turn those leads into sales.

Here's what you get in your Turbocharger upgrade:

1. The framework to increase your income and sales

In this in-depth PDF I lay out a framework that makes it crystal clear how to increase your income and sales.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and lacking focus, you can turn that into clarity and laser focus.

2.  Mind blowing revelation of what's working right now on Instagram

This one is a shocker.  I *thought* thise method would be cooked by now.  But, in fact, it's what's driving THE GROWTH right now on Instagram.  It's NOT stories. Those serve another purpose.

The REASON you'll love this revelation is you'll find out growth is SIMPLE and common sense.  Even on a busy schedule you DO have time for this.  Instead of feeling all confused by Instagram, you'll see how simple things are right now.

3.  Deep dive: 72 leads from one Facebook post.

Those results aren't typical but they're 100% possible. This method is working better than ever.

4. How to get traffic WITHOUT social media

OK, I get it.  You're NOT on Facebook.  You refuse to put your face on video.  You hate social.  NO PROBLEM.  This report will show you how you can STILL grow very effectively using NON social media methods.

5.  Get traffic using TikTok. Yes, it STILL works

This is actually great news.  TikTok is EASY to snag leads from when you know how.  

6.  Get traffic using FEEDER systems

OK, so maybe you are more advanced.  And you're already doing the above.  Then how about we just ramp things up to a whole new level using feeder systems? That's exactly the method you're going to discover in this powerful report.  Create waves of leads that lead to waves of prosperity.

7.  Use Instastories to get sales

If you're doing stories on Instagram thinking you'll reach new people, you won't.  But what you CAN do with stories is bring in the sales using these methods.

8.  Deep dive video on writing emails to get sales

It's hard to find clear, useful training on how to use emails to get sales. This video is your lifeline to greater sales.