How to Create Your First Dollar

Online and Why It Matters

Marlon here.
Your first dollar online.
“Marlon, I don’t want a dollar. I want $10,000 a month.”
But the journey of a thousand miles BEGINS with the first step.

By making your first dollar online, you change your paradigm, your beliefs.You can no longer say you haven’t made a dollar online! You can no longer say it doesn’t work. You can no longer say you haven’t made any money.

Then, after you make your first dollar, you can repeat it and work your way up to $100, $500, $1000 and eventually $10,000 a month and beyond.

The way you make $1 is the same way you make $10,000 or $650,000 for that matter.

We’re gonna keep this REAL SIMPLE. It’s a BUCK!

Step one: Find people who are addicted to spending money or have problems they are willing to pay to solve.

It’s hard to sell something to “don’t wanters.” People who just don’t want itor have so many choices they just don’t care.

Here’s an acid test. If people aren’t willing to spend 60 to 90 minutes watching a webinar on the topic, they don’t WANT it enough, or they aren’tin pain.

If they aren’t addicted to buying or willing to spend money to solve theirproblem, it’s not a good audience.

Step two: Find out what they’re buying and spending money on

Just look at the questions asked in Facebook groups and forums. Look at the Amazon books they buy.

It’s usually not a big secret.

Step three: Pick out ONE PROBLEM they have or one thing you can help with that gets asked over and over and over in the groups and forums.

This should be painfully obvious. The SAME questions get asked in groups over and over.

It’s ideal if you pick something you have experience with or a success storyabout. You don’t have to but that makes it easier and faster. Plus, it makesit easier to sell.

Step four: Write a report or record a video or audio solving that ONE PROBLEM or showing them the answer to that one question that gets asked a million times over.

Where do you get the information from?

All the answers to all the posts made answer the same stupid questions over and over.

I’ll give you an example. In the Clickfunnels Facebook group, people ask abillion questions about the best Facebook ads course and everything Facebook ads.

There’s actually about 50 questions that get asked so many times over and over it’s annoying.

About ANY of those could be a $1 report.But let’s take the Facebook example.

“In depth reviews of the top 10 Facebook ads courses with secretinformation and revelations that CANNOT be made publicly.”

That is the reason you’re charging $1 for it.

Another one is how to integrate Clickfunnels with all kinds of different things. Yes, there’s youtube videos but they are often incomplete andtortuous to watch.

You find the problems with the existing videos and support information and make something better.

Step Five: Create your $1 report, video or audio.

Write it in Google docs and save it as a PDF. OR use screen-cast-o-matic(free) to record a video. For a microphone, the Blue Yetti or an inexpensive logitech headset works to start with.

By the way, I KNOW you’re going to ask WHICH HEADSET, right? See, there is a good $1 report. Yes, there are Youtube videos but they are often horribly incomplete and can be simplified.

I would make it simpler, more complete, more useful or more visual than any of the other existing videos or resources on the topic. You know, makeit something others will refer people to as “the definitive guide” or “the simplest guide” or “the most trustworthy” review.

You don’t even have to create this yourself. You can hire an outsourcer todo it inexpensively. The REAL VALUE is in the MARKETING, not the product creation.

Step Six: Create a sales page

Just make a list of bullet points of the information in the report or video.

For a report reviewing Facebook courses it might say:

  • Which course has bad product reviews?
  • Which one has great reviews?
  • Which one “buys reviews” that can’t be trusted?
  • Which one covers mostly ecommerce?
  • Which one is best for coaching or info products?
  • Which one is most complete?

You can give away a few copies and get some testimonials or reviews.

There are many programs you can create your sales page in. Which one isbest or cheapest? See, there’s another $1 or $5 report.

By the way, your report doesn’t HAVE to be $1. You might sell your FIRST copy at that so you’ve earned your first buck THEN raise the price to $2.77 or $4.95.

What’s more, you could outsource the sales page, writing the report or other aspects inexpensively. But software today makes it incredibly fast and easy, point-and-click to do this stuff.

You can use to write your sales page easily.

Step seven: Get Visitors To Your Sales Page

Mention it in groups and forums where it’s allowed. Add a signature link to the sales page in forums if it’s allowed. Make status updates on your FBpage about it. Ask someone in a big FB group if they wouldn’t mind givingit a plug.

Set up an affiliate program for it on W+ and offer 100% commissions.

Do Youtube videos surrounding your topic and put your sales page in the description.

Buy solo ads to your sales page if there are appropriate ones (but to make money doing this you need upsells).

You can PM people in FB groups struggling with your topic if you do it personally and are careful not to violate the rules of the group.

You could even boost a FB post on your Facebook page.

My favorite way would be to sell it on a 100% commission then start working on some upsell products.

What If No One Buys?

If you follow the above steps and choose a question that gets asked a billion times in groups and forums, it will sell.

But what if you do everything, promote it in groups, with videos, announce it on FB, message people who are asking the question in groups and forums, put it in your signature in forums and post 3x a day, add a 100% commission affiliate program – and no one will buy.

What then?
But if it doesn’t, no problem.

Give it away on an email capture (squeeze) page and make the thank you page go to an affiliate product.

BOOM! Now you’re making money AND building your list.

How Do I Make $100?

I’m going to run some numbers the rest of this report. While they’re realistic, you could do better or worse. The average person never makes their first $1 online because they never do what’s above.

They just don’t. So if you do, you’re already ahead of 90% of the people, or whatever the number is. My customers have a much better batting average than that. Last I did a survey, I believe it was 40% that had made money online.

Add in two upsells where you offer 2 additional products. Say a $10 report and a $20 video.

You sell 100 of the $1 reports.

If 10% buy your $10 offer, that is 10 x $10 or $100.

If 2 of those people buy your $20 offer, that’s another $40.

That’s $100 from the 100 sales at $1 + $100 from the first upsell + $40 from the second.

BOOM! $240.
Sell only 50 and you STLL made $120.

Or you can offer it to people to put on their thank you pages after people buy a product from them. And link to your sales page. And you do the same for them.

Or ask a friend to stick an email in their autoresponder about it and you’llpay them 100%.

Or do 20 Youtube videos that have the link in the description. Or pay a Youtuber to stick the link in THEIR description. LOL.

One of my friends cleans up just by creating easy to remember links to affiliate products. And she gives them to people verbally when the topic comes up in conversation.

Do Facebook live streams and give out your sales page url.

How Do I Make $1,000?

When people buy the $1 report, you’ll add the buyers to your email list.Now you can send them emails for affiliate products.

Add 100 buyers to your list.
Mail them offers daily.
A REALLY low number is $12 per customer in month one.
100 x $12 = $1,200 in your pocket plus the initial $100 or $1,300 total. BOOM! $1,000.

How do I Make $10,000 a Month?

My friend Barb Ling launches 1-page cheat sheets. She doesn’t even write areport. She does ONE PAGE!

She gets $2.77 to $5 each for them and will usually sell 500 to 1,000 of each.

500 x $2.77 = $1,351
So she gets $1,351 for writing one page. But wait, it gets better.

But that is without upsells. These are the real numbers.

As you can see, AFTER the upsells, she’s getting $7.58 to $8.69 a customer. Let’s round it off to $7.

500 x $7 = $3500.

Each of those buyers will spend at LEAST $12 in their first 30 days. (Historically mine spend $77 and last year it was $177).

500 buyers x $12 = $6000 + $3,500 = $9500

If she does that 1x a month, it’s not bad. Now, I’m CERTAIN Barb does aLOT better than $12 a month per customer BECAUSE she has a $1,000 affiliate product she probably sells $3000 to $5000 of per month. Andthat’s HER take.

Some months she launches more than 1 cheat sheet. And sometimes she launches products that sell for $5 up to $20.

Obviously I could write a lot more about this.
My goal here was to get you making your first $1.

Best wishes,

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