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From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

Once I discovered how to do this properly, it started raining money.

And it has never stopped.

Today, it’s 10:26 a.m. and I have $464 already.

Some days it’s a lot of money.

Other days it’s less.

But it always comes in.

And it’s due to 1 thing – the ability to put words on the screen – properly.

Certain words.

In a certain order.

In a certain way.

Equals money.

Sometimes big ol’ chunks of money.


I’ll never forget the first time I got $7,500 in one day.  What a rush.  I mean, that’s more than some people make in a month.   In fact, that’s what I made in one YEAR only a few months before.

I can show you dozens more like this. I don't want to bore you to tears. But I want to prove a point.

Once it started flowing, the money just kep coming.

But not all days are like that.  I'm over age 60 now and take a lot more naps than when I was a young gun.

If you're a young gun, you might be able to blow me away.  Because when I started, I had to figure it all out from scratch. There was no roadmap like I'm giving you.

But still, the income always comes.

Here are the last 7 days:

It’s not a million dollars.

But 3 G’s for 7 days ain’t bad.

And that doesn’t include $6,500 other income I’ve had this month so far.

I’m NOT bragging for gosh sakes.

It makes me uncomfortable to show any numbers.

But I DO want you to know THIS:

This all comes from my ability to put words on pages, whether that’s my blog, sales pages, Facebook, Instagram, emails, or wherever.

here's what this means to you and why you should walk over broken glass to have this ability

WHere's what this ability to put words on the screen properly means to me:

Reason One: Ability to help family in a time of need

TWhen my mum had Alzheimer's, good gosh, it was hard. I mean really hard.  On her. On my dad. On our family. I wouldn't wish it on an enemy.

So it meant a lot when I could fly from San Antonio, TX to Oklahoma City at the drop of a hat to help out.

Reason two: Making more in a few hours than people make in a full day

I remember many times hanging out at Starbucks writing.  And I knew that I'd earn more in 1-2 hours there writing than the people rushing in and out to get coffee for 5 bucks would make all day.

And possibly all week.

You know, I take the afternoon off every afternoon.  Well, I have really long naps nowadays.  If you're younger than me and have more energy, God only knows what you can do with this.

Reason Three: I've Made $7,000 An Hour At Times

I wrote prcash.com back in 1996 or so.  I don't remember the exact date.

Last I checked (10 years ago), it had brought in $28,000.  But I just sold one a couple weeks ago.

When was the last time you were paid for work you did back in 1996?

It took me maybe 30 minutes or an hour to write the sales page.  It took 3 hours to interview Elaine on her absolutely genius pr strategy.  That was it.

That comes out to $7,000 an hour for my effort. When was the last time you made $7,000 in an hour?  Well, friend, I hope it hasn't been too long.

Reason Four: Freedom

FWhen my dad was in the cold, bitter winter of life, I was able to answer the phone and comfort him almost every hour when he called.  The calls kept coming. And I was able to answer the call.


Because I had the freedom to do so. And no one was looking over my shoulder.

Reason five:. Pays for unexpected bills

Sometimes you have an unexpected bill.  Maybe your mouth all of a sudden needs a crown (ouch!). That's a fast grand.  Maybe you have water damage in your house.  That's $3,000 or more real fast.

Maybe you make an unexpected trip to the emergency room. That's at least $3,000.  Probably more.

You need cash for an emergency.

So you sit down.

You put words on the screen.

Money comes in.

That's the beauty of what we do.

6.  No physical labor

When you get older, physical labor isn’t so easy.  You don’t have the stamina as when you were 30. God knows I wish I did.

The heart goes a little bad.  Your brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be.  But you know what?

The one thing you can still do is sit down and write

Whether that’s chicken scratching on a yellow pad like I often do (only I can read them).  Or it’s just pecking away at words in a program like Word. 

That’s what I’m doing right now.

Even when I’m TIRED I can write.  Some nights I don’t sleep so hot.  But I can still write.

Reason seven: It’s enjoyable – I’ve always loved writing.  Even when I sucked at it and wasn’t any good.

But it’s a skill that sticks with you.  Once you find out how to put the words on the screen properly, the skill doesn’t leave you.

Reason eight: I’ve stuck with this one business as long as I can remember.

But let’s say I wanted to switch. I’d carry the same ability with me.  There aren’t many skills that work for you almost regardless of what you do.

Reason nine: You can help out others

Do you know how many people struggle just to write a resume cover letter?  Groups, businesses, Churches, organizations. They all need help from someone who knows how to communicate in words.

Once you have this ability, it’s nothing to whip out a little ad or cover letter to help ‘em out.  And it’ll be much appreciated.

I mean, I helped a friend the other day write out his quote. And he got the JOB!

Reason ten: You can do it when you want, anytime you want.

I didn’t do this when I was young.  But nowadays, I’ll wake up on occasion at 3 or 4 a.m. bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I can grab some coffee, sit at my computer or at the kitchen table and stroke out some money-getting words.

Reason eleven: There’s a certain sense of satisfaction when you express yourself.  And then see the money roll in, whether it’s a modest amount or a gusher.  That feeling never gets old.

I love seeing the money come in.

Reason twelve: On a good day, if God shines his grace on you, you can make a LOT of money

Sometimes, you know, you just hit it right.  You say the right thing at the right time to the right people.

And the money just starts raining down. And it doesn’t stop.

That’s a heck of a feeling. And you have that potential.

Reason thirteen: You can even make money from a war zone or THE Great Depression.

One guy I have a book from and followed over the years (George W. Haylings) would sell his writings from a pup tent in the army.  It was 1931 so I think that was WWI. 

Then later, in the throws of the Great Depression, he was able to do well with his little reports about odd, unusual businesses people were making money with in the worst of times.

Tell you a funny story.

When the army found out he could write, they took him out of the war zone and put him in an office writing the newsletter!

Reason fourteen: If you get tired, you can take a break.

Like right now as I’m writing this.  I’m getting a little tired and hungry.  It’s 11:13 a.m. now.

So I figure I’ll get a little something to eat. And maybe have a nap after that.

I love being able to do that.

Alright, I had a nice nap, ate some, had a few sips of coffee.  I’m good to go.

Reason fifteen: As long as your mind is good and you can type, you have the ability to bring in money.

That’s quite a thing.

I’m not saying you’ll be rich.

But you have the ability to bring in money.

Reason sixteen:  There’s a strong demand for people who can write blog posts, emails, sales pages and webinars.  I don’t write for others anymore.  But back when I did, I got about $2.50 a word.

It can be good money.

Reason seventeen:  You can write from about anywhere.  I’ve written on the beach before.  I wrote a few pages in 2001 or so on the beach in Hawaii.  And they still make money for me.

In fact, in roughly the past year, I brought in $656.55 from those pages I wrote on the beach 19 or so years ago.

What have you made $656 from for work you did 19 years ago?  See, that’s the beauty of it.

You can travel on the weekend.  And write wherever you are.  You can do it from an RV, mobile home or wherever.

Personally, I like to write in coffee shops and scenic environments.  I’ve written at waterfalls, Japanese Sunken Garden and many more.

Reason eighteen:  The core skill doesn’t change.  In most businesses and careers, everything changes.  But the things that get people to buy change very little.

Letters that were written back in the early 1900’s could still sell today if the products were relevant and needed. The writing transcends time because human nature doesn’t seem to evolve much.

That’s why we still have wars.

Reason nineteen:  You can make as much or as little as you want.

If you want to make a LOT, you can get really good at the craft. And people will pay you through the nose for a rare skill.

Or, if you just don’t money to putter along with, you can be not so good and make that.  You can lazy and still make money.

It’s all up to you.

Now, there’s something I want to share with you…

It’s a course called:

The Exact Three Step Formula
For Putting Words On The Screen
That Will Bring You Back Cash
Nearly Every Time

Here Are Just A Few Other Little Things You'll Learn

  • The 3 elements of response most people have no clue about. When you’re clear in your head on these 3 elements, you’re lightyears ahead of others.
  •  The Value Equation that determines whether or not people give you money.  You can take this to the extreme and make mind-blowing amounts of money
  • The 1 book you MUST buy to set your words on fire.  And it’s NOT one anyone else tells you about.
  • How to find unlimited "pain point" ideas.
  • The 8 step formula that made me a small fortune.
  • Step-by-step real life walk through of how I used these secrets to get money.
  • Where to get new product ideas.
  • The 7 core elements you must know
  • How to create letters using a specific formula proven to get people to buy your products.
  • One little book that will change the way you craft words -- forever
  • Why you don't need a website, unless you just want one
  • The 3 skills hardly anyone have that you will after this course, when you apply it to the max
  • How I make money with "chicken scratchings"
  • Why telling people what you're NOT promising is so powerful
  • The one thing you must leave yourself when you craft an offer.
  • How are webinars different?
  • How to find or create the all important desire element
  • The starting point of all money that not 1 in 1,000 knows
  • The 3 elements of response that make you light years ahead of others
  • The magic key that unlocks the door to income.
  • The art and science of desire
  • How to build value so people are willing to pay you money -- gladly!
  • The fascinating relationship between pain points and price (the key to getting paid more without doing more)
  • The "hush-hush" secret of making money  by removing psychological sacrifice.
  • The role of speed in the perception of value
  • My famous 12-step formula for crafting words  on a screen that get you paid out the nose
  • 5 easy peasy methods that have worked for me

I put all my secrets in 4 modules and 3 bonuses for acting today.

It's your put words on the screen and make money startup kit.

Words Into Cash COURSE:
The exact three-step formula
for putting words on the screen
that will bring you back cash
nearly every time

This course reveals the actual 3-step formula.

And then it makes an offer for the man or woman who wants to get more in-depth training at a very fair price that anyone can afford.

But the thing is, I don’t want to send this report to just anyone.

It’s only for the seekers.

The searchers.

The person who really wants it.

So I’m going to ask you to give me something I don’t need in exchange for it.

And that’s $37.00.

If that blows you out of the water, then I reckon you can just go on your merry way.  And dream at night about what might have been.

Think of it as your starter kit.  It’s going to get you started on a whole new exciting path.

Otherwise, I’m going to lay out what you get in this kit.

Module 1:  How the 3-Step System Works

You get a 1-page explanation of the 3-step system.  And you get a video explaining an overview of it.

This is where you’ll get an understanding of just how simple and doable this system is.

You’ll feel excited as you realize this is actually doable.

For perhaps the first time, you’ll see yourself sitting at a coffee shop, favorite location, scenic environment, or your kitchen table putting words on paper or a screen in order to get money.

You’ll realize you’ve begun the path to a new way of living. A new way of getting money.

And best of all, it’s something you can actually do.

It’s fun and enjoyable.

You’ll begin to see possibilities even beyond the ones I explain to you.

This is the beginning.

It’s short.  To the point. And filled with potential.

You’re going to discover:

* How I make money with chicken scratchings

* Why you don’t need a website, although you can have one if you want it

* What REALLY matters

*  The skill most people don’t have that you will

*  The 3 absolutely essential steps in the skill that make all the difference in the world.  These are simple. But you’ve never heard them explained like this before.

You’re going to begin seeing a whole new world of opportunity in front of you.

Module 2:  Your initiation training

This is your initiation training.

It’s how to construct a sales letter from the headline all the way to the close.  When you get this skill, you have the power to bring in money almost anytime you want.

From anywhere.

At anytime.

Wherever you have a laptop, tablet or pad of paper, you can spin up money.

This 36-page report reveals the secrets.

It’ll get you started on the path.

You’ll begin to see clearly how much sense it makes. And that it’s truly something doable by you.

You’ll find out why people create words that get people to buy all wrong. If it’s hard, you’re doing it wrong.

Most people trip up on this. But I’ll tell you WHERE I personally learned it from.

You’ll find out about the art and science of wording promises.

Why telling people what you’re NOT promising can be more powerful than telling what you ARE promising.

The 1 thing you MUST leave yourself when you craft an offer.     


One little book that will change the way you craft words forever.

The 7 core elements you must know.

Step-by-step real life walk through of how I used these to get money.

The 8 step formula that made me a small fortune.

The 4 most important components.

How are webinars different?

As you can see, this mighty little report packs real power.

You’ll see things with new eyes. You’ll enjoy new insight and understanding.

Module 3:  Complete 67-page super in-depth training to take your knowledge level from novice to knowing the exact levers you need to pull to get results

This is a powerhouse.

Normally, you’d ONLY get this in my advanced Sales Copy Made Easy Home Study Course that sells for 599.00.

But today, I’m adding it because I want get you started on the right path.

This is the module where you find out (amongst other things) how to find or create DESIRE.

Desire is the STARTING POINT of all money.

Because you can’t build value unless people DESIRE what you offer. This is the art and science of desire.

This is so jam-packed, I can’t even begin to tell you.

*  The 3 elements of response most people have no clue about. When you’re clear in your head on these 3 elements, you’re lightyears ahead of others.

*  The 1 book you MUST buy to set your words on fire.  And it’s NOT one anyone else tells you about.

*  The Value Equation that determines whether or not people give you money.  You can take this to the extreme and make mind-blowing amounts of money. A friend of mind did $450,000 last month using it.  This is the magic key that unlocks the door to income.

* The relationship between pain points and price no one ever explains to you

* How to find unlimited pain point ideas

* How to increase the gap

*  How to raise prices and get paid more

* A mind blowing example of someone doing this at a high level who really “gets it”.   It’s a thing of beauty.

* The non-fancy way to increase your ability to craft words that make you money

* My famous bread-and-butter 12-step formula

Listen, this 67-page report could easily sell for $97.00 as a print copy.  In fact, I’ll probably do that in the near future.

Why not?  It’s worth multiples of that.

Module 4:  What you need to know to do step 2…this is a step no other videos, courses or products about sales copy will reveal to you.  But it’s a crash course in getting this formula to work for you

I can’t reveal the topic here.

But it’s a good one.

See, modules 1, 2 and 3 don’t mean as much unless you have this one. It’s really the activator.

Let’s just say it’s the easy way to get sales without spending money.

It contains 5 methods that have worked for me.

Questions you may have:

  1. Do I have to write?

    Answer: No, you can talk and use audio or screen capture video also.  But I do personally like to write.

  2. Is this the SAME information as in your other products?

    Answer: My basic marketing model is the same but I have NEVER taught it like this before. And I give you a lot of juicy little tips and secrets I haven't given anyplace else.

  3. Did you write both the product and the sales letter?

    Answer: Yes, you're getting the straight scoop written by the same dude who wrote the sales letter.

  4. Am I guaranteed to make money?

    Answer: No. But if you do what I show you how to do, and I don't see any reason you can't do it, then I really gotta believe the odds are in your favor. The fact is, most people who don't make money don't follow the formula. There are 8 steps to the plan. If you don't do all 8 steps, I doubt you'll get the result you want.

  5. Is this going to make me millions of dollars like doing product launches?

    Answer: There are some people who make millions doing product launches. They also tend to be complex, refunds can run as high as 30%. Your merchant account may hold back 20% of your money for 6 months (or more). Plus, you have to pay your affiliates 50% or more. That's quite a bit of risk. My "coookie cutter" method is simpler but I also talk about how you can "scale up" if you want to.

  6. What's the proof this will work for ME?

    Answer: The only proof you have is your own confidence in yourself and your willingness to take action and log in 1 to 3 hours a day doing the steps. If you aren't willing to do that, it's a no go. Now, you can take my surrogate proof since 1998 as evidence the formula can potentially work for you. But every person has a different set of potentiality and ability.

  7. I'm broke and I ain't got no money. Is this gonna get me money?

    Answer: All marketing and business involves the risk of loss as well as the potential for gain. Your risk is VERY limited compared to probably 99% of other types of business endeavors. But no, you may not get money and you might lose a relatively small amount of money. But even that should be mitigated by at least some product sales.

  8. How soon can I break even on buying your product?

    Answer: As soon as you follow the 8 steps I'd sure think you got a very realistic chance of breaking even. But since this is a NEW product, there are no stats. So I can't represent, hint or promise you'll do anything because of the new interpretation of the law.

  9. What's different about your ebook than the other 1,000 emails in my email box right now promised easy riches beyond belief with very little work, effort or money and gigantic screen caps of income to prove it?

    a.  I'm not sure those screen caps are legal under the new interpretation of the law.

    b.  I don't promise easy riches. It takes work and effort.

    c.  It's an evergreen strategy that has worked for me with small adaptations since 1998. How many other strategies can say that? Honestly....

    d.  Google isn't going to "slap it" tomorrow.

    e.  You aren't likely to get your merchant account banned like you are with some highly risky models.

    f.   You go for steady, consistent income vs. massive grand slams that cause all kinds of problems, stress and grief.

  10. How do I know what you say is true?

    Answer: Ask on any Internet marketing forum about me. Check Google. Go to archive.org and look up higherresponse.com and look at the back pages.

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