The FTC has come down hard recently on a few marketers for income claims. Using ANY dollar signs in a sales page is apparently risky. I don't know if this is true or not. But the culprint is what's called an IMPLIED CLAIM.

The fact that someone else made that money apparently IMPLIES you can or will do the same. I would HOPE that as my customer you can see the fallacy in this thinking. You don't have the same product, the same market, the same background, the same experience or nearly anything else.  

So what others have done, including myself, are NOT typical of average results, nor any results for that matter. The fact is, in the learning industry only 10% of people change their behavior as a result of training. For example, they put teachers in a 2-day or week-long seminar. Guess how many apply what they learn? 10%.

This is true across most industries from the stats I've seen in the industrial training industry.

The documentation for this is from the book Evaluation Training by Training Magazine. I quote, "In most organizations, we're lucky if 20 percent of the people who graduation from our courses go bakc to the job and use the techniques we taught. The other 8- percent may try out their new "skills" a few times, but they quickly revert to their old patterns." pg. 43 and pg. 85.

Listen, the reason I give you these videos or trainings is it shows what's possible. AND you should know that often case studies and videos don't paint the whole picture. Unless you're the person's best friend or something, you probably never know ALL the nitty gritty details of how they run their business and get results.

I HOPE that's pretty common sense. People sell the sizzle, not the steak. They don't always talk about all the work it took. Work seems to be a dirty word. But we're all hopefully adults here. There is no push button success.

Everything takes effort and work. Although I love it, and enjoy it, so I don't SEE it as work.

With that said, these videos and/or trainings are inspirting, They show what's possible. And they often have some great IDEAS, inspiration, and METHODS in them. To me, they're quite valuable in that regard.

Anyway, THIS is why I have disclaimers about results not being typical. They in no way, shape, nor form are typical of average results nor what you personally are likely to do. It's required BY LAW. And you also need to put the result in context and show that it took a lot of activity to get the result. It didn't just happen overnight.

I do NOT offer:
* A complete turnkey system
* Marketing that requires NO experience
* No risk or investment of time or money

Obviously, I attempt to make what I teach you as easy and fast as possible.  But work and time is still required. And literally anything you do in business involves the risk of loss of time or money or both.