"And money stopped by my house while I was sleeping.
Will it stop by yours?"

Dear Marlon,

I have been online. I have tried plans. I have tried web sites. I have tried systems.

Where is my money? It is not coming to me. I have not found my cash payoff.

Can you help me find my money?

If that's the way you feel then listen up:

If you're an Internet marketing beginner, already have a profitable web site, you're discouraged because you've tried and things haven't worked for you or you're an Internet marketing junkie who just can't get enough, I have good news for you:

There may be money waiting for you online. There may be money waiting for you in new products you don't know about, web sites you have not seen or heard of, marketing methods you don't have knowledge of.

Money other marketers and teachers have NOT told you about. Money places and sources you have not found out about before.

Things you can do that will bring in unexpected sources of profits. Specific things. Not just dreams or theory.

I want to show them to you visually with video and screen captures. I want to tell you about them in my own voice on audio. This way you know the money is real. If you can see it and hear it, you can believe it.

I want to reveal to you where your money may be that has been hiding from you. Money from selling products. Money from finding customers. Money other people give to you for promoting their products.

I want to send you actual screen shots from my computer that show you where to find your money in your web site.

And where to find your products to sell that may pay you cash profits ever day or every week. Where to find the buyers for your products who may pay you money you can use for bills, vacations, jewelry, furniture, clothes and other things you want.

That's right. If you don't have products that pay you cash ever day, I will show you screen shots of web sites where you can grab products like that -- for very little cash.

And if you don't already have a web site, listen to this: I know a secret place you can go to pick up websites for almost nothing that are already built and ready to go. Some already have customers. Some have a history of profits.

This is a secret place because hardly anyone I talk to knows about it. It is not one of the normal places you hear about in online forums and so forth.

You can pick many some of these up for almost nothing. Complete turnkey web sites with products you own or that are shipped for you by others. One of my friends picked up one of these and told me in one year he made $70,000 from it.

That's in just one year.

I have NEW INFORMATION and ideas for you. Things you can do to get your money that you haven't heard of. Even my customers haven't heard, read or seen some of these things. Even those expensive coaching programs haven't told people about these secret places and sources that can finally give you your money.

I know you may have tried and failed. I know you may be discouraged. I know you may have read many eBooks. That's why I am doing this. So you can find the money you have been seeking and that has been seeking you.

There are no guarantees. In life and business, some people make it. Some don't. If that weren't true, everyone would be rich. If you don't want to take the risk, don't play the game.

"That Which You Seek Is Seeking You"

If you don't have a web site that pays your bills, makes your car payment, makes your jewelry payment, or pays for your babysitter on Friday nights so you can go out and have a good time, I will give you screen shots of actual, real web sites that do this for others.

I want to give you audio and video instructions that show you how you may make your web site give you your money. Money you've been seeking. Money you need for bills, college or possibly retirement.

I will send you screen shots that actually show this to you. I'll lead you right by the nose to show you where to find your your cash. Your web site may have cash in it that is just waiting for you to know how to take it out through the right marketing methods.

Please understand. I am not God. I cannot guarantee you'll make money. I don't make any claims that you WILL get or make money. But I think you'll be shocked at all the ways people are getting their money online. What they're doing to get their bills paid, to get the cash they need to do other things.

Many of these people are my close friends. I know how they get their money. What web sites they use. The marketing they use. The lists they use. The tricks and secrets they use.

Money comes to me at all kinds of times from unexpected sources. Money comes to me at night when I'm sleeping. At different times during the day.

I'll take you on the inside every day and walk you through it all step by step. I'll send you screen captures of web sites right on my computer where people sell products and make money.

Others say, "Marlon, I have tried to make marketing work for me. I have tried to make selling products work for me. I have tried to make web sites create money for me. But it just won't work for ME. Can you help me loose my cash? Find my money?"

That's why I've decided to create the ultimate daily "profits-in-your-email" system. Open up your emails. Follow the instructions to loose your money and find your profits.

There are products just waiting for you to find them and sell them. There are killer promo methods that may bring in cash as soon as you plug them in. Some people reading this may have a big cash PAYOFF just waiting for them when they discover how to lay their claim to it via my Formula.

There are profits hidden in web sites just waiting for you. Profits in your email promos just waiting to be discovered. Money in new products you haven't launched yet. Markets and people who want to buy your products and services that you just haven't found yet.

You've got to know where to look for the profits. Where to find the profits. How to get them. How to make them happen FOR YOU. It's one thing for it to happen to others. But quite another for it to happen for you.

I want to show you where your money is or may be. Point you right to your profits. Every day I want to be your money guide and take you right to your money.

And I'm going to walk you through doing this -- daily. I'm going to be there every single day with bite-sized chunks to show you exactly where you money is. Where to go to find products to sell or create your own. Where to go to find buyers for your products. Where to go to hunt down others who will sell your products for you.

I have been online a long time. I know what these web sites are. I know who these people are. I have the hookups and connections. I will guide you step-by-step to finding your money, getting products to sell, making web sites pay you money by selling your products.

I know how to do all these things. And I will show you how to do them daily. I'll send you audios to guide you. I'll send you videos that show you where to go and what to do.

I'll show you all kinds of ways people are getting their money online. All kinds of products people sell. All kinds of ways they find buyers for their products. I'll show you cash secrets most people never heard of.

I know a lot of people are discouraged. Why? Because they've never learned how to loose their money using the right marketing methods. I don't know who you've been listening to. What you've been doing. But I want to be with you every day to take you by the hand, guide you and show you how to get the money that is yours.

There is money in your business. Money in new business ideas. Money in new products. Money in new markets. Money in new marketing methods.

Let's put our heads together and find your money.

It's there online. Other people have found their money. Other people have uncovered their profit mine. Where is yours? Let's go find it. I want to guide you and walk you right to your potential profit mine.

Don't get me wrong. I do not have magic money bullets. I do not have magic buttons you just push that are guaranteed to make money. Those do not exist. There is effort. Work. You do have to follow instructions. And as in all life, there are no guarantees. Not everyone is lucky. 

That's why I want to be there EVERY DAY Monday through Friday to hold you by the hand and help you find your money. I know things don't always work. Things don't always pan out.

That's why you need a guide. Someone who has been there and done that. Someone who can lead you to your potential money, your payoff, your profit mine. And since this is a new service, I don't know what the average result will be. I cannot guarantee you will make money. The law doesn't allow me to.

But I can guarantee I'll be right there in your email box every day with easy to read lessons and when needed "click-and-listen" audio and video sessions to show you web sites, show you products that pay off cash to other people, to guide you through the processing of find your products, finding your markets, finding your potential cash payoffs.

People right now online are using these methods to get their money. To pay their bills. To drive the cars they want. Live in the homes they want. To tell their bosses to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Are you looking for money for a Porsche or new car? Are you looking for the money to pay off your bills? Are you looking for the money that lets you quit your job? Are you looking for the money that lets you take a vacation? Has your money for retirement not found you yet?

This is happening all over the Internet right this very moment. You've just got to get in on it. You've just got to find the place where YOUR money is hiding out waiting for you.

I don't care if you sell ebooks, hair care products, doggie collars or bones to cannibals -- this stuff flat out WORKS.

I will show you how to get customers for ANY BUSINESS. How to find buyers for virtually any product or service. Who these buyers are. Where you go to find them. How you reach them and get them to buy YOUR products ors services. And not just ebooks. Not just info products.

I will show you how all kinds of people in all kinds of businesses are getting their money, finding their cash right online and even offline using savvy "grab-your-profits" marketing methods.

And if you don't have a product, let's go find your money product. The one that may bring you your cash. Let's go hunt it down. I'll show you where to find these products. How to get them. How to sell them for cash.

There are people right this very minute who have find their money by starting a new business online selling every kind of product imaginable. There are people right now that have found their money waiting for them on ebay. Just be putting up cheapo ads for their products there, they have found their cash payoff.

That's happening right now. There are people who have found their money by creating small little web sites that sell other people's products. I meet these people all the time

Maybe you're discouraged because you've tried systems, you've tried plans, you've tried web sites. And you haven't found your money.

And the reason you're discouraged, the reason a lot of your stuff hasn't worked, the reason you're missing out on profits is because you're doing the same things everyone else are doing.

Everybody reads the same ebooks. Follows the same old beaten down, trodden path.

But like a STRIPED ZEBRA, I'm going to show you how to leap OUT of the pack and use fresh, innovative, totally ripped strategies that unleash new profits, new customers, new profit sources, new product ideas.

And if you're a beginner, I'll show you the proven systems that I KNOW work. And I'll show you how to add my latest, newest twists, profit angles and systems to jack up your results and multiply them.

There ARE new methods. New systems. Things you haven't been taught. Things that are NOT in ebooks. NOT in online forums or other areas. (As great and helpful as I feel those resources are.)

There are so many new secrets of selling your products, making web sites deliver cash you to you by selling your products or other people's. There are so many crazy ways people online are making money, and even in some case really big cash windfalls.

I want to take you there and show these to you via video. I want to show you how people are really cleaning up and making money. I think your jaw will drop when you see how some people are getting theirs.

You don't want to reinvent the wheel. You need a money guide. Someone to show you where the money is. I want to be there every day. Every day for 21 days you'll have profit information and secrets in them.

Here are some of the things I've discovered from my research, the research of others and my friends in this business . . .

You Won't Believe The "In-Your-Pocket"
New Secrets I've Stumbled Across

  • This little method brought us over 158 orders off just one web site. I'll reveal it to you.

  • How to compare a graph of your web site's traffic for the past year with ANY of your competitors -- even if you don't have any hit counters hooked up to your web site. This takes only 30 seconds to do.

  • The idea we came up with that sold us $142,500.00  under the radar of most all my competitors. Maybe you can cash in with this also.

  • This method took work and brought us ZERO orders. Don't do this unless you like losing money.

  • This crazy, offbeat method converted 7% and snagged in 765 orders which is $9,882 for not doing much work at all.

  • We got 14% conversions on this little twist. Try this one and see how it sucks in cash for you.

  • This method got us over 100 pages of testimonials. And I'll guarantee you are NOT using it right now.

  • How I conduct simple surveys that tell me what people want to buy like a cash X-Ray machine. You read about surveys in AF. But let me tell you about where I learned the 12-product survey system from. I'll even conduct a survey and reveal the results to Club Members.

These results are not typical. Your results WILL vary.

Each Day For 21 Days You'll Get A Written Lesson Or "Click-And-Listen" Or "Click-And-Watch" Video Or Audio (No Techie Skills Needed) That Will Show You Where Your Money Is And Why It Has Not Come To You Yet
(But Don't Worry. You Get Instant Access to
All 21 Lessons If You're a Speedster)

Here's how: Each day, five days a week, you receive my choice of an audio, video or "whiteboard chalk talk" in your email.

The "Marlon, where is my money?" daily sessions are delivered daily via text and include video and some audio when appropriate.

These talks will last from 3 to 7 minutes reading time. They should average 5. On occasion, I could get carried away and go 10 minutes. You may wonder if that's enough. But let me tell you, I can pack a lot in a few minutes.

Just a few minutes of me showing you or telling you exact profit secrets can pay for your subscription for an entire one or two years.

I will also send you actual screen captures that show you how to make web sites hand over cash to you. Actual web sites you can go to that have products just waiting for you to pick them up and sell them -- and you get them for small amounts of money. Where to go to get complete, turnkey, ready-to-sell web sites with products -- for small amounts of cash.

I'm even going to show you visually what I do that gets tons of people to come to my web sites. I have many web sites. Every day and even all night long hundreds and thousands of people come to my web sites and buy my products.

I have found my money. Money comes to me while I am sleeping. Money can come to you at night in your sleep and even all day long. There are no guarantees. I don't claim the average person who gets this will find their money or get their money. I'm just starting this so I don't know. 

But I do guarantee I will actually show you how it works for me. These talks are about marketing and selling products to get your money. This is NOT magic. It is not mysticism. To get your money, you got to loose it by doing things. I show you step-by-step exactly how I do it.

No techie skills needed to watch the video, read or listen to the audio.

You just click and play. This is easy to do.

No Files To Download

You just click and play. You don't have to download the audio or video each time. The very first time, you may need to download the player but it's very simple to do and we show you how.

Most days you get your your daily profit sessions in a written lesson in a nifty member's area, since that creates the fewest viewing problems for you. But for the fun of it, I'll mix in video talks and what I call "whiteboard chalk talks" where I'm demonstrating the concepts on a whiteboard. Those are special treats to keep you on your toes.  And you get some audios also.

As soon as you purchase, you'll get access to your daily sessions.

Oh, the cost is just $67.00. This is a 1 time payment. You are NOT charged monthly for this.  (However, if you order while this special Warriorplus offer is active, you'll receive a discounted price. See below.)

That's a small price to find out where your money is and why it has not been coming to you. To find out where the products are that have been waiting for you. To find out where your customers are that have been kept secret from you.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


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