The Eat Any Food Weight Loss System
Eat Any Foods You Want,

Even Fast Foods, And Lose
Weight Almost 100% of The Time

McDonalds, Canes, Mac ‘n Cheese, pizza, chicken, nachos
– Eat It All And Lose Weight

What’s more, if you have high blood pressure, this is must read. Especially if
a stroke or Alzheimer’s is something you’d rather NOT have.

Not only that, you can predict the exact WEEK you’ll hit your target weight!
AND you can have a dietician look over your diet twice a week FOR FREE!


My name is Marlon Sanders.

I’m a real person. I live in San Antonio, TX not too far from Fiesta, Texas.

If you give me 14 days, you can lose 2-4 pounds and prove to yourself that everything I’m saying in this letter is true.

Don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself and see if it’s true. You will lose weight in 30 days. Period. End of story.

That’s what I did. And here’s my short story…

I was shocked.

All of my life I’ve seen all of these books, diets, systems, programs and methods for weight loss.

I personally had one I’m fond of. And still am.

The only problem is, I didn’t lose weight on it.

Which normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal except I had a BURNING MATCH…

… high blood pressure.

When it started hitting 145 to 150 / 95 to 100, I could FEEL my heart pounding. Very uncomfortable.

I took all the pills the Cardiologists gave me. Lisonpril, Metapropol, diltiazem, and a bunch of others.

They all have bad side effects: 1 made me horribly constipated. Several made me terribly tired. One made my ankles and legs swell.

But you say, “OK, no biggie. Then, just let it pound.”

The Thing Is, High Blood Pressure
Is a Predictor Of a Stroke…

The only thing is, high blood pressure is a predictor that you’ll have a stroke. That’s a lay person’s way of explaining it. But after my mum had a stroke, I figured out it was because there was a bad family argument and my mom’s blood pressure shot up like a rocket.

The stroke wasn’t the bad part. It wasn’t the blindness that went along with it.

And if that isn’t enough, after she got Alzheimer’s, I found out that once you have a stroke, your chances of getting that bad boy rocket also.

So, like you possibly have, I ended up having a chat with my doctor about high blood pressure.

And he told me that after making a hard study of the topic and specializing in it, the number one thing you could do to get your blood pressure down is to LOSE WEIGHT.

Which brings me back full circle.

I followed a very respected program WITH exercise that should have lowered my weight.

But I didn’t budge.

In fact, after getting married, I gained 10 lbs. On what was supposed to be a weight LOSS diet!

The Doctor Told Me, Weight Loss
Was THE Best Solution

I ran across a doctor who specialized in high blood pressure.

Here’s what he told me …

“Listen, I’ve made a study of this. All the journal articles. Everything. I’ve specialized in high blood pressure. And I can tell you that the #1 thing you can do to reduce it is lose weight.”

But as I explained above, I TRIED to lose weight following what I thought was an extremely credible program that included balanced diet and exercise.

It was a sensible weight loss plan with tons of testimonials.

Thing is, it flat out didn’t work.

I thought if I exercised harder, I’d lose weight.
I didn’t.

I never understood why some people could lose so much on a diet or nutrition plan and others would lose nothing.

It made no sense.

But Then I Made a Big Discovery
About Weight Loss

Fortunately, I’ve spent portions of my life as a researcher and writer.

So researching and figuring things out is second nature to me.

After intense research, I discovered something so SHOCKING, so POWERFUL, so JAW DROPPING – I almost didn’t believe it at first.

Jaw Dropper #1

You can lose weight on virtually ANY of the diets, eating or nutrition 

programs in the books and things you see or read about.

That’s right!
They literally ALL WORK…
… if and when you make just one small, simple, easy-to-implement twist
that takes roughly 10 minutes a day – or less.
And NO, it’s NOT exercise.
Although exercise becomes the most awesome, incredible thing
when you know the REAL use of it.

Jaw Dropper #2

You can eat ANY food, including McDonalds, Canes, Hardys, or whatever
the fast food places are in your country.

All this crap about how you have to eat this or that food to lose weight is a LIE!
It’s simply 100% a lie.
Remember that movie where the dude ate at McDonalds
and gained weight? There’s ANOTHER movie where a guy eats there
and LOSES weight!
The difference is this one thing – this one simple tweak.
It’s NOT hard.
In fact, I love it…

Jaw Dropper #3

You can STOP feeling guilty about pigging out on foods you love or eating food

There are valid health reasons for NOT eating different types of foods. But losing weight isn’t one of ‘em. If you have high blood pressure issues like me, you may need to
skip certain foods for THAT reason.
But not for weight loss.
So today I was eating some food and my wife said, “You shouldn’t eat that.
You’re losing weight.”
(I’m quickly approaching my target weight but have a few more weeks to go).
I was able to look her in the eye and say, “I actually need to eat MORE
food today to hit my goal, not less.”
That’s right, today I literally had to eat MORE FOOD not less.

Jaw Dropper #4

You can literally PREDICT the week you’ll hit or be very close to your target weight.

Not only is weight simple and easy, it’s shocking how you can actually
predict nearly the week you’ll hit your target weight.
But you can speed things up if you want.
I’m about 5 weeks ahead of schedule right now.
My target weight is 195. I’ve got 8 more weeks to hit my goal because
I want to lose 1 pound per week.
I COULD hit it in 4 weeks if I were so inclined. But 8 weeks suits me fine
and is a nice, easy, leisurely pace.

Jaw Dropper #5

It’s actually about 10x easier than I ever anticipated

After seeing all these people struggle with weight loss for years and years,
I thought it was some hard, difficult thing.
Listen, it does take a bit of attention to what you’re doing.
But when you really “get it,” it’s almost laughably simple.
You’ll be shocked no one told you this before.

Jaw Dropper #6

You’ll be a bit pissed when you find out the bill of goods you’ve been sold.

And all the false information people spew out because they
don’t know what you’ll soon be privy to.

Jaw Dropper #6

You’ll be a bit pissed when you find out the bill of goods you’ve been sold.

And all the false information people spew out because they
don’t know what you’ll soon be privy to.

Jaw Dropper #7

I AGREE with the FTC warnings about weight loss programs.
These are things I do NOT promise.

  1. causes weight loss of two pounds or more a week for a month or more without dieting or exercise;
  2. causes substantial weight loss no matter what or how much the consumer eats;
  3. causes permanent weight loss even after the consumer stops using product;
  4. blocks the absorption of fat or calories to enable consumers to lose substantial weight;
  5. safely enables consumers to lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks;
  6. causes substantial weight loss for all users; or
  7. causes substantial weight loss by wearing a product on the body or rubbing it into the skin.

I agree with all of those. My method is in agreement with all 7.

The ONLY one that makes me hesitate is #6. What I recommend in my program is that if for some reason you don’t lose weight, then use the resource in the program to have a dietician give you feedback on your diet for FREE every 3 days.

And then, after that, the next option is see your doctor as something is amiss. I believe the data I reference will show that’s the exception, NOT the rule.

Why This Weight Loss Method Works With Whatever Diet, Plan or Nutritional
Plan You’re On


This method works with ANY weight loss or nutritional plan or eating method.

Whether you’re low carb-high protein, paleo, Atkins, vegetarian, Keto – or any other plan…this works for you if you work with it.


Losing fat and NOT muscle is extremely important when you get older. If that’s a concern of yours, this plan covers it.

There are a few bases you need to cover. A few things to know, so you don’t screw up and lose muscle when you’re losing weight.


You eat the foods you want in plentiful amounts. This is NOT a bulimia diet! It might sound like it. But it’s absolutely not.

Not all days but many days I find that I could still eat MORE that day and still lose weight.


This is NOT intermittent fasting, but you can use it with that if you want.

You may have heard of intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for X hours a day. That’s NOT part of this plan. But it does make things even faster if you do it.


You can eat ANY foods you want in satisfying amounts. I didn’t say unlimited amounts. I said in satisfying amounts.

I don’t recommend pigging out on fast food everyday the sodium and saturated fat are bad for your heart health.

But if that’s your thing, 100% you can do it and still lose weight. This is a fact backed by what I call “Paper Napkin Science.”


Maintaining weight loss requires lifelong effort

You do need to follow the method for a lifetime. For me personally, it’s going to be pretty darned easy. But neither can you pig out in unlimited amounts of food all the time and sustain weight loss.

The Real Secret I “Paper Napkin Science”

You may a fleeting though zip by like, “This sounds too good to be true. Eat any foods I want and still lose weight. For real?”

Yes, it’s true.

And the secret is the “Paper Napkin Science” behind it.
There are 3 and only 3 numbers that determine if you lose or gain weight. Or stick just right where you are.
Don’t worry. I suck at math. And absolutely no addition or subtraction on your part is required.

I was STUCK for a long time. Then I started gaining.
But at another time in my life I lost a lot. I had no clue why. It was all a mystery for me until I stumbled across paper napkin science.

If you were to write these 3 numbers on a paper napkin, I could tell you with a high degree of certainty whether you would gain, lose or stay the same weight over the next 4 weeks.

I could even predict the same for next week.

All from “Paper Napkin Science” that is so simple a 12-year old could understood it.

Make no mistake: This is NOT my opinion. This is NOT some far flung theory like you see in all those crazy, whacked out books.

It’s extremely simple science. And works virtually 100% of the time, assuming you have no medical condition.

But Marlon, Does It Really Work?

When I started out 4 weeks ago, my blood pressure would go between 130 and 145 / 90.
This is NOT good.
I was taking this blood pressure medication that maybe helped A LITTLE. Hard to say how much it helped or didn’t help.
First of all, blood pressure meds are no walk in the park.

  1. One made me so constipated that NOTHING
        would help.
  2. Several made me so tired I could barely
  3. One made my feet and legs swell up

But didn’t the cardiologist help?

I have a great cardiologist.

Great guy.

But far as I can tell, Cardiologists are about pills to control your high blood pressure. Or surgeries to fix heart problems.

I’ve been to multiple ones. And none seem to be on the prevention side. for one thing, I doubt there’s any money in prevention. And it’s a huge pain in the tail end to get anyone to change any behavior.

To be fair, weight loss is only part of reducing high blood pressure. I’m writing a separate report on high blood pressure as it’s more complex.
Weight loss is simple.

What About The Skeptics and
Contradictory Programs and Evidence

The hard thing about weight loss is there are 1,001 opinions. And many come from people with “credentials.”

There are many studies that often contradict each other.

Even what are called “meta-analysis” studies that combine the results of multiple studies contradict each other. But there ARE solid research studies that support my method. It’s very scientific.

My personal discovery is this:
In 1-2 weeks (probably 1) you’ll HAVE RESULTS you can see for yourself.

I WILL say that before taking on any weight loss plan, you need to talk to your doctor. Every individual is different.

One of the biggest concerns about weight loss as I’ve mentioned is muscle loss. So my program takes this into account and includes counter measures to combat this.

But How Do I Know It’s Healthy?

First of all, you don’t have to eat healthy food to lose weight.

You can eat the crappiest fast food and still lose weight.

But if you WANT to eat healthy, it’s simple.
I’ll show you how to get a free analysis by a dietician every 3 days. And it’s only $5 a month if you want a daily analysis.

That way, you can have confidence you’re losing weight AND being healthy.

You Will Lose Weight Or Double Your Money Back

First of all, if for ANY reason you want a refund within 90 days, just post to and ask. That gives you all the time you need to try and test it out.

But I go 1 step further. If you follow the exact easy peasy method I lay out and you don’t lose weight after 30 days, just show me that you followed my plan to the T, and I’ll double your money back.

That’s how confident I am this will work for you.

You lose weight or double your money back. That’s my unequivocal conditional guarantee.

Like the FTC said, you can’t guarantee weight loss for everyone. But I CAN guarantee your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

4 Very Special Bonuses
When You Act Today

Weight Loss Predictor Software

I’ll show you how to access this weight loss predictor software that almost to the pound will predict your weight loss.

By punching in a few things, you’ll PREDICT your weight loss every week. It’s not flawless but you’ll be shocked at how accurate it is.

I know, I was.

If you have an event coming up and you want to lose some weight, no problem. Just punch the amount you want to lose in the predictor software and bang! You’ll have a plan.

Bonus 2: Free App Download Info

There’s an app for your phone that will help you hit your weight loss goal. It’s super convenient.

There are many apps. But this is the only one that worked for me.

Bonus 3: Free Dietician Reports

I’m no doctor. I’m not even a dietician. That’s why I’ll show you how to get a free analysis of your diet by a dietician every 3 days for FREE. And if you want a daily analysis, it’s only $5 a month.

Bonus 4: The 30 second per week meal plans

You’ll be able to create the meals for your entire day in 1 click, whether you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto or anything goes.

I’m going to turn you onto the secret resource I discovered, and you’ll love it and use it every day. It virtually “locks in” your weight loss.

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