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Marlon Sanders here.

This website is primarily used to post  updates on our launches and tools for affiliates and joint venture partners.

In 1996, I established Higher Response Marketing Inc. to provide tools and training to the new, exciting field of Internet Marketing.  Since then, I've brought my message at over 120 seminars around the world.

Our training products are sold in over 72 cities around the world.

I call what we do as Internet marketers being a Value Creator.  And what follows is our  MANIFESTO and creed.

A Relentless Value Creator makes money in abundance by creating and providing an abundance of value to others.  This isi who we are.  This is what we do.  It’s our Manifesto.   Later on, I may reduce it to 10 items.  It’s really hard to cut any out!

As Value Creators we act proactively to create money, freedom and lifestyle for themselves and others by marketing and selling Value to people who perceive the value and are willing to pay for it.

Here then,  is our Manifesto.


  1. People pay you money because you provide some sort of values they want and are satisfied with.
  2. The money you have is dependent on the quantity, quality and spirit of value you provide.
  3. Value includes products as a product is a way you create satisfied customer. Service = creating satisfied patrons

A patron is a customer who gives you their patronage or purchases on a repeat basis. A customer can be a one-off thing. A patron repeats over and over.

Value Creators are in the business of creating satisfied patrons, not customer.

  1. The way Value Creators create satisfied patrons is by providing value where they perceive value based on the law of supply and demand.
  2. To say Value Creators are making money means they are delivering value where the demand is greater than the supply.
  3. If Value Creators aren't making money, they know they aren't creating enough satisfied patrons because there is little demand for the value you're providing, you don't know how to sell it, or no one knows about. What is the sound of one hand clapping? If you provide value for which there  is no demand or “want,” have you created value?
  4. Thus, the work in business and what Value Creators practice is to:
  5. Create satisfied patrons by...
  6. Providing value in the form of a service and by implication a product in the quantity, quality and spirit that makes for satisfied customers.
  7. Selling the value in such a way the value is perceived, wanted and paid for. The greater the value perceived and delivered, the greater the compensation Value Creators receive.
  8. Making the value widely known by increasing reach through every profitable means possible. Value Creators know that hiding a candle under the bushel provides no light to anyone.
  9. People who HAVE made a lot of money in Internet marketing talk about it like they have a magic pill, a magic funnel, a magic process. This is because they have the same to sell you.

Value  Creators, in contrast, know the real magic is in creating and marketing value in such a way people perceive the value and pay for it.

  1. People who HAVEN'T made a lot of money feel they are in lack thereof.
  2. What Value Creators know that others don’t is the lack of money is ACTUALLY in lack of is:
  3. Creating a sufficient quantity of satisfied patrons who pay them progressively more money on a repeat basis by providing value.
  4. Having a way to sell the same.
  5. Having a way to make the same visible and known.

This is what Value Creators know, believe and practice daily.

  1. In order to accomplish the above, you create a system of selling which is a codified means to accomplish the same.

This system is not magic. A system can't create satisfied customers. The VALUE that Value Creators create and provide does that.

I2. If Value Creators do NOT have a marketing system to sell their VALUE  where supply greatly exceeds demand, it will be tough times.

  1. If you as a Value Creator have a marketing system that sells value where demand exceeds supply, then that is prosperity for you.

All Value Creators making really good money, you know the truth of the above. And unless you as a Value Creator continue the above, the health of your business will eventually decline. If you do more of the above, your business will surely grow.

If a Value Creator is NOT making really good money, then at least place the blame where it deserves to go. It is the law of sowing and reaping.  No one is above the law.  If you do not sow the right seeds in the right proportions, and nurture them, the harvest will not come or will  be insufficient.

Value Creators know that if they are not creating satisfied patrons in sufficient volume because they’re not selling value where demand exceeds supply via an efficient marketing system.  Or, they’re not getting people to perceive the value they provide in such a way they feel compelled to pay for it.

If a farmer gets a poor harvest, they don't blame the law of sowing and reaping. They realize they, in fact, DID reap what they sowed. The sales and profits you as a Value Creator make are the result of the marketing and business seeds you sow. If you as a  Value Creator don't like your harvest, don't blame Internet marketing.

If you DO like your harvest, then get more ground, plant more seeds and expand your use of the law of sowing and reaping.

  1. I can't "save" you. No one can "save" you. You save yourself by realizing the way you get paid is by creating satisfied patrons who progressively pay you more money due to the value you provide in quality, quantity and a good spirit.

Money is created by the production, marketing and sales of value.  Learning about, studying, reading  about, planning, creating  flowcharts and brainstorming are not Value Creation.  They’re often necessary but not sufficient.  Value Creation is the production, marketing and selling of value.

  1. You must NEVER EVER let the foot off your marketing. Marketing drives sales.  Value Creators fully appreciate that without consistently and constantly bringing new Patrons into their business, they’ll end up in a  feast or famine cycle and endanger their lifestyle and ability to provide value on a long-term basis.  Value Creators are prospecting and marketing BEASTS.  They assemble manual and automated machines that bring potential Patrons into their marketing sequences.
  2. Value Creators invest time and money in the knowledge and skills involved in both marketing and sales. They realize this is the only source of income. If you create Value but can’t get abundant value in return, you can’t pay your bills and you go broke.  While others chase shiny objects, Value Creators invest in themselves, their knowledge, and their abilities. And they invest in advertising, marketing and sales processes that make sure they always have an abundance of new Patrons and sales continually pour in from existing ones.
  3. Value Creators never envy how much money others make. Instead, they seek to understand the Value others creates, who they create it for and how they get others to PERCEIVE and PAY for the value that is created.  That way, Value Creators can go and do thou likewise.
  4. Value Creators invest time, money and energy in making sure their Value Creation Sales Machine is constantly selling new potential Patrons on their products and services. Sales is competitive.   If Value Creators aren’t investing in your knowledge and skills or bringing on team members who do, then they know they’ll fall behind in the Game of Business and eventually lose out in the marketplace.
  5. Value Creators understand that all money is a function of supply and demand. Ultimately, if they don’t have the money they want, they realize they need to create more value, get it perceived, get it widely known, and get it paid for.  This is a completely different mindset from the common masses who seek 3 steps in 15 minutes to erase all their money woes.
  6. Value Creators are the cream of the crop. They are copied, emulated and envied by others.21.  Value  Creators balance learning with doing. They seek to implement the best things they learn as fast as they can because money loves speed.  Instead of debating this or that or worrying about this or that, Value Creators implement and let the market decide.   They are highly proative and productive individuals.
  7. Instead of focusing on or complaining about the LACK of money, as Value Creators, we focus on what Value we can create that people will perceive and be willing to pay for. And how we can expand the reach of our message to others.
  8. Value Creators, unlike the common masses, embrace learning and see knowledge as a shortcut to obtain skill.
  9. Value Creators open the doors to promotions, joint ventures and relationships by  giving and creating a modicum of value first, but only in the amount that it will be perceived, valued and appreciated, thus creating reciprocity.
  10. Value Creators realize that if their Patrons don’t win in the end by purchasing their value in the form of products and services, then they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. And in the end, not only will the Patrons lose, but they will also.
  11. Value Creators know that there are two parts to the equation of marketing and sales. They embrace both as vital the creation of money, freedom and lifestyle for themselves and others.
  12. Value Creators realize that ultimately the ONLY value is in conceptualizing coordinating the production, marketing and selling of value. It’s all brainwork.  They plug  in the talent, brains and time of others anytime  it makes financial sense.  Thus, they are freed from the time for money trap as there is no limit to the value the mind can conceive to create and deliver.  There are unlimited numbers of people who can do the actual creating and delivering under the coordinating power of the Value Creator.
  13. Self Analysis
  14. Are you creating satisfied patrons?
    b. Are you creating a volume of satisfied customers sufficient to meet your income goals?
    c. Are you selling a service where demand exceeds supply?
    d. Do you excel in your ability to sell it?
    e. Are you making your service known to enough people?
    f. Do you have an efficient marketing system?

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