How to Turn Your Frustrations 
Into Info Profits

How do you turn your frustrations into successful online marketing info products? --

* How do you get ideas? 

* How do you know if they will sell? 

* How do you test them?

​​How To Turn Frustrations Into Online Marketing Info Product Profits

You've probably bought information products on this, that or the other that frustrated you.  Maybe that was in Internet marketing. Or maybe it was an info product on how to do something else.

There are PROFITS in your COMPLAINTS!  You can turn your problems and pains into profits.  That's the ultimate transmutation that Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich.

The other day I made a post in a Facebook group commenting about my experience with Facebook training courses in general.  Basically, it was a short RANT.  Keep in mind I'm mostly referencing products in the $500 to $1,000 range, or maybe $200 or $300.  I'm NOT saying these things in reference to a $37 ebook for which I have a lot lower expectations.

From what I've seen (and I own some but not all of above courses) you're better off with someone who will teach you with full disclosure. The issues:

1. Some courses are delivered as memberships and you have to wait to learn what you need to know, i
f you ever learn it.

2. They are outdated

3. They do stupid things like show the newsfeed ad but not the landing page. Or they don't show the actual numbers including cost per sale and profit on anything but a TEST basis.

4. They have all their ads inactive and make up a stupid excuse about WHY their ads aren't active.

5. They talk about retargeting in theory but don't show live retargeting ads with landers and specific examples.  They don't explain  the actual, real world roi involved.  For example, you run your retargeting ad.  How much does it cost?  How much does it make?  What types of OFFERS do you make?  What landing page do they go to?  How do you get Facebook to APPROVE THEM?

6. They show ads and methods that clearly violate the FB toss and you scratch your head.

7. Instead of covering 1 method in depth they cover FB fan page stuff, sidebar ads, newsfeed ads, page post engagement, this, that and the other, none in enough depth to do it. Thus you REALLY need to join the coaching program or membership.

8. They convince you it is SO complicated you should pay for their FB ad buying service or Mastermind. If they have a high end Mastermind, this is likely the case.

9. Their product teaches only PART of the process, if that. Some don't even bother to do that. They expound forever about how great they are at social media, teach a dollop of copywriting, talk about roi and give only a few specifics.

Before you buy a course that is a substantial investment for YOUR pocketbook, I'd investigate the above. No course is perfect but you'd at least like to get something that has most of the above bases covered.

Could I take THAT LIST and then make the reverse of the 9 points above the gist of the sales pitch?

You bet I could! And so could you or anyone else determined to do it.

Write Your Sales Message Based On The Complaints

The sales letter starts by going through each complaint:

Dear Friend,

Have you tried to get your Facebook ads running but ran into obstacles?

Me too. So I did the logical thing and bought a few cheap ebooks.  They were great but left HOLES.  That's ok. For $37 I don't expect the world.  But THEN I upped the ante and products in the $197, $500 and $1000 range -- and here's what I found out.

FIRST of all, (and here you go through each complaint one by one)

See how that works?

By the way, my specific comments on Facebook training products are NOT the focus on this newsletter issue. The POINT is, I detailed very specific problems with most of the Facebook courses I've bought.  Don't get me wrong. I've learned from all of them. Some were very good.  And there are many courses I don't own.  However, I ALSO felt specific frustrations.

How about you?

Whether the info product is in Internet marketing or some other industry, do you have specific frustrations on a topic?  If so, there's a pretty good chance OTHERS have the same frustrations and you can create an info product that SOLVES those FRUSTRATIONS and now you have a good seller!  You maybe have a whole business around it.

If you tap into a rich vein, you can ADD a membership site, coaching and other things.

Of course, I complained about those issues in the list above.  Here are my thoughts on that.  I LIKE membership sites that UPDATE core training.  What I do NOT like are membership sites that give you a dollop of info here are there but are basically INTENDED to frustrate you so much you join the coaching program!  You follow me?

I hate that.  It's a pet peeve.

It's also relevant to the price.  I do NOT expect a $37 Facebook product to cover all the bases I talked about above.  But let's say I pay $500.  Yeah, I expect the product to be not leave HUGE GAPING HOLES of information or present a horribly complex process intended to drag you into coaching or require you to buy services from the person.

Some people have unrealistic expectations in that they want a $17 info product to have the same content as a $500 one.  I'm NOT about that. I tell you this for perspective in your own info products.

The POINT is:

1.  Find YOUR frustrations and spell them out in detail

2.  Make YOUR product the CURE to those frustrations

That is the path to successful Online Marketing Info Products Creation Profits.  If you PERSONALLY feel the pain and have bought the ALTERNATIVES, it's a lot easier to put together a product that SOLVES those pain points. And it's a lot easier to create a persuasive sales presentation, letter or webinar about it, right?

Common sense enters the picture.  You DO have to make sure that OTHERS share these same pain points and frustrations.  My approach to that is to NOT overthink it.  the WHOLE POINT of my Product Dashboard is to very QUICKLY create the product and TEST IT real world to see if people will spend money it.

You can ALWAYS improve the product later.

You've got to TEST OUT your IDEA first without INVESTING 6 months creating the ideal course no one will BUY!

In the OLD days they did what is called DRY TESTING, which in the U.S. is illegal.  Dry testing meant they'd  run the ads and if hardly anyone bought they'd send a letter to the buyers with an excuse on why the product couldn't be delivered and refund their money.  That's a bad thing to do and not legal.

But you CAN deliver a very quick and dirty version of the product that still delivers on the core promises.

I could literally sit down right now and record a 3 hour screen capture video or audio that solved all the pain points mentioned above.  Then I could see if anyone would pay $100 or $200 for it. I could sell it for $500 and include a consultation or service.

​The whole point is:

1.  Dry testing is illegal in the U.S.

2.  It's STUPID and DUMB as  a beginner to invest a lot of time creating a product before you know if anyone will buy it

3.  You have to VALIDATE that others feel the SAME PAIN points you do

4.  This is a balancing act because when you VERIFY the pain points then you HUSTLE to get out the product FAST before others figure it out!

5.  Thus SPEED is STILL important and vital in getting out info products

6.  That's why I hammer home documentation, SYSTEMS, checklists and PDCA in Level One.

7.  That's why I created Product Dashboard to help you get a  product out FAST to test it!

You Have to REALLY Drive Home These Points In Your Sales Message

Here's the thing:  Competitors will very quickly try to DISCOUNT or invalidate your core Unique Selling Proposition or messaging for the product.

As an example, in the thread above, people responded by recommending products that:

1.  MEMBERSHIP SITES that violated EXACTLY what I talked about

You get the info delivered to you over months so MAYBE a year later you can do something!  If you do membership sites, they should be UPDATES and ELABORATIONS on core training material the members already own or have bought.

2.  COMPLICATED courses INTENDED to sell SERVICES as the back end or sell coaching

If it's complicated enough, obviously you need coaching to do it or you frustrated and pay THEM to do it for you.

People NEVER see through this.  Years and years ago Dan Kennedy wrote a BRILLIANT book called the Ultimate Sales Letter. It's a certainty that if you do in an Internet marketing forum and ask for a book recommendation on writing sales letters, someone will bring up the book.

The WHOLE PURPOSE of the book is to create this 21+ step process for writing sales letters and make it seem SO PAINFUL you say, "Screw it!  I'm hiring Dan!"  NO ONE ever gets that or sees through  it.

SAME THING with Emyth by Michael Gerber. The WHOLE BOOK is simply a pain induction to point out how HORRIBLE it is to NOT have systems for your business. The point is NOT to teach you to HAVE systems.  It's to put you in PAIN so by the END of the book you use the offer of the free consultation.  I'm always shocked when I hear people say, "OMG that book was so great. I loved it."  I ask, "What did you learn?"  They say, "I learned I NEED SYSTEMS!"

Yes, AND they did NOT learn how to create systems!  Thus they need the 3 year coaching program or however long the back end coaching thing is.

BOTH books are lead generators and if you don't get that, your education in Internet marketing is not complete. Even my friends who are famous and astute marketers sometimes don't see through this. It's obvious and transparent to me.

Anyway, I'm veering from my point which is that it's up TO YOU to OVERCOME what you KNOW darned well competitors will say.  You have to REALLY FREAKING DRIVE HOME your points with examples, power, force and every persuasion method you know and have!

Creating The Info Product Is The EASY Part

Can you see that creating the info product is the SMALL PART of the equation?

The CHALLENGING PART is DRIVING HOME your pain points and creating your GAP in the potential buyer's mind!

This is your WEDGE.

You have to hammer it.

Drive it.

Push it.

Don't let others UNSELL it, discount it or invalidate it.

If you watch threads in forums, you'll see this ALL the time.

You Can Do This With ANY Topic
(Here's an Example)

It is NOT just Internet marketing products that this applies to. It applies to ALL topics and categories, even services.

For example, this is how I ORIGINALLY created the Design Dashsboard. I specifically spelled out all the pain points we would ATTACK.  And we did. And we cleaned up for YEARS and YEARS.

Now, design has changed in that most people use Wordpress.

But just a SECOND ago I saw this post on Facebook from my friend Matt Bacak:


People using Wordpress to design pages have many FRUSTRATIONS.  I'll write these from the standpoint of an INFO PRODUCT CREATOR:

1.  You have to pay $100 a month or more for SOME of the programs that help you design pages.

2.  SPEED sucks on Wordpress and is a challenge. Some people have to use special hosting services to solve this problem.

3.  You're still LIMITED by what you can design

4.  It can be very frustrating

5.  If you don't handle security issues, your wordpress can get hacked.

If I spent more than 2 minutes, I could come up with another 10 items.  I'd scan blog comments, product reviews, forums and Facebook groups for complaints. I'd buy the supposed solutions out there and see if they sucked or solved the problem.  Of course, I probably did this ALREADY which is why I felt frustrated to start with.  Does that make sense?

You already know all the solutions are inadequate and THAT is why you feel pain!

Marlon Sanders

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