Your Traffic Personality Is a Talker


Marlon here.


Your Traffic Personality is a TALKER.

This means that the best fit for you to double down on in order to get traffic is TALKING.  As you know, I've spoken at 120 seminars around the world.

Here are just a few of the things you can do to get traffic (that is, to get people to see your offers, blog posts, and such):

*  Talk on virtual summits
*  Get interviewed on podcasts
*  Interview others on podcasts
*  Do live streams on social media
*  Give presentations on stages
*  Conduct media interviews

And actually, much, much more.

The cool thing is that with automation, you can turn a little into a lot.  For example, just today I set up a system that zaps out my live stream to my Facebook page, profile and group.

Then it broadcasts on Linked In.

Then it broadcasts on Twitter.

And here's something else that's cool.  There's a new breed of A.I. that turns your audio into transcripts extremely affordably and fast.

I remember when I had to pay $500 for each transcript.  Today, it's  incredibly cheap.

So by talking, you can also have a podcast.  And get traffic that way also from Spotify and other places.

But you can also have blog posts, books and other assets that promote you.

DId you know you can publish a newsletter on Linked In for free that they'll send to all your connections?  It's pretty darned cool what you can do there with a newsletter.

And you can turn your talking into a newsletter super easily with this new technology.

Anyway, if you'd like to get specific training on how to generate traffic by talking, you'll want to check out my product on the only 4 Trafffic Sources you'll ever need.

So I cover writers, talkers, paid advertisers and affiliate marketers.

The reason you want to learn about the others is while I recommend on doubling down on the one that comes most naturally to you, most people will also use one or two of the others.

So maybe you turn your writing, article or Medium article into audio in your A.I. voice. Then publish it to a free podcasts service that distributes it to Spotify, iTunes and all over.

Or maybe you also want to do a weekly Youtube video that you embed in a blog post.  Or submit to other social media automatically when you publish it.

If you'd like to explore how to get traffic by talking and also learn about the other three Traffic Sources, then I highly recommend you check out my product on.