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From: Marlon Sanders
RE: The Secret Knowledge
Event Date:  August 19, 8:00 p.m. EDT


Marlon here.


This is crazy.

I left this goldmine sitting on my hard drive and pretty much forgot about.  Then, this morning as I was laying in bed, something told me NOW is the right time to let the cat out of the bag. 

Until now, the ONLY thing people knew about who were the "original" creators of Marketing were Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier and maybe a couple others.

I'm going to show you those only scratch the surface!

In my latest breakthrough, I want to share with you profit-drenched marketing classics by the giants of marketing virtually no one has ever heard of until now.

These are secret Masterpieces containing knowledge forgotten by time...by the giants of the industry.  I have them on my hard drive. But I forgot about them.

I want to share them with you. And I'm betting you'll feel like me, "OMG, these could be more valuable than a stack of bitcoin!" 

But I know.  It's not some button you click that shoots money out the DVD slot on your computer or some such miracle. 

There are two levels to this:

1.  Making money FROM these timeless treasures and marketing masterpieces.

2.  Using them to explode the profit-creating cells in your brain.


Fantasy #1: You can resell or re-package many of these incredible Timeless Treasures any way you want.  You can sell them asap for fast money -- money in days -- without having virtually any knowledge or having to learn anything

Why?  Because the great masters of the past on whose shoulders we stand ALREADY created the masterpieces for you that virtually no one knows even exist. Because most of these are public domain, you can do with them as you wish.

Fantasy #2: You can use them as jaw-dropping bonuses so you can make affiliate income or jack up the sales of your stuff.

The big rub on affiliate sales is where do you get the bonuses from?  And do you have any credibility.  Well, now you you have a huge reservoir to draw from for bonuses that are absolutely incredible.

Fantasy #3: Split up chapters into separate reports in 30 minutes or an hour a day.  Then sell them individually, offer resell rights for selling as is or as bonuses others can use.

This method can honest-to-goodness be done in 1 hour a day, and probably only 30 minutes...depending on you.  You can print and scan the pages yourself.  Or drop them off at a scanning service.

Fantasy #4: Create a continuity program for passive income.  Each month you deliver a new Old School training.

Passive income is one of those illusive things everyone wants and most never see. Continuity programs are one of the closest things you'll see because once you get 12 months set up, it's hands free.  You just send new people to your sales page.

Fantasy #5: Sell private label rights.  You can even sell private label rights

People eat up private label rights.  You could sell these as is or dress them up and sell them.  As long as they're in the public domain, your imagination is the limit.

Fantasy #6: Get trained in marketing by the REAL masters of the craft.  

Jay Abraham says he likes to learn a topic from the person or people who originally created or innovated it. That's why this is so beautiful. 

You'll have the opportunity to discover the REAL secrets of Timeless marketing.  You'll find out all kinds of incredible things from the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

The Scoop Behind My Latest Discovery

Finding these Timeless Masterpieces wasn't easy.

It's like searching for a needle in a haystack or the Holy Grail.  But I spent roughly six months doing deep dive research going through hundreds of publications to find the best of the best.

The cream of the crop.  And boy, was it ever worth it.

I will actually give you the secret download URL's for the top 20 discoveries I've uncovered.  

And I'll give you the secret passcode to find all you want.  But you can start with the best of the best.

Here's just a sample of what I'll be unveiling...


How to Drum Up Sales From Affiliates

  • You won't believe this. But they HAD affiliate programs back them and operated them like a pro.
  • Get actual sales plans and commission arrangements used to compensate affiliates. I bet your brain will explode with ideas.
  • How to build your database without ads, affiliates or content marketing starting tomorrow morning.
  • Read the incredibly genius story used to train a whole affiliate army.  This book will be a treasure you read time and time again.  And it may inspire you to write your own like it.  The illustrations alone are gorgeous.
  • Discover the greatest motivator of 100% commission sales people in history.  Get a giant manual of the actual newsletters he used to motivate and train a massive commission only sales force, the greatest of the day.

The Real Sales Letter Secrets From The Masters Who Invented Modern Day Sales Copy Methods

  • Before sales copy software, the Timeless equivalent to Push Button Letters existed. And holy cowl, will it every blow you away.  It writes every paragraph of your sales copy for you.  You will use this all the time.
  • Get actual step-by-step breakdowns of sales letter psychology that beats the pants off stuff you'll read today. This is from the true masters.
  • Get the cream-of-the-crop sales copy trainings from masters of the craft.
  • Download the best book every written on a.i.d.a. complete with many illustrated charts.
  • Read the actual works that are underpinnings of all modern sales letters and copy
  • Get unknown chapters and even books by giants of advertising no one even knows about.

Secrets of Sales From the Great Masters

  • You will be blown away when you read some of these awesome sales books that have such incredible clarity.
  • Get your hands on literally hundreds of case studies  of techniques that improved sales.  Many of these will work right now, today.
  • This book on selling high quality services for premium prices will give you dozens of ideas you can use immediately.  This timeless classic is better than anything you'll read today.
  • The greatest book you'll probably ever read on problem solving so you get the end result you want.
  • Fascinating case studies

Here's What It's NOT

  • This is NOT get-rich-quick. Getting rich takes work, effort and organization
  • This is NOT "sit-on-the-sofa" and make sales. Get off the sofa. That's how you make sales, unless you're writing or editing your sales messages!
  • This is NOT a replacement for the latest techniques but adds to it timeless techniques that work today

You're probably wondering, "Marlon, if I DO love your Secret Knowledge event, how much do I pay. So I built a "cost eraser" for you.

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I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win.

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Just 2 sales and you've made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you.

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This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.


You will NOT believe some of the incredible marketing and sales books in this collection.

Just get 'em scanned in (or hire a service) and boom!  You can sell it on Amazon, etc.

Invite your spouse and kids at no additional cost

Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could benefit from the Secret Knowledge event. You'll be receiving a full recording of the live stream.

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