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Discover How Red Factor Matrix #RF8 Exposes Secret Low-Hanging Fruit In Almost Any Market!

... and how you can start getting "easy pickin's" in the next 6 weeks

From: Marlon Sanders
Re: The Red Factor

Dear Friend,

It's called the "RF8 Matrix."

And what it gives you is virtual X-Ray vision in your target market. So you can see beyond the confusing mix of products, offers and web sites and find the low-hanging fruit in virtually any market.

Let me explain:

The problem in target markets is there's often so much going on, so many ebooks, courses, cd's, dvd's, and so forth being offered by a variety of vendors, sellers and marketers, that you can't see the forest for the trees.

In other words, you KNOW there's money to be made in there somewhere. You're just not sure WHERE!

If only there were a magical pair of glasses you could put on that would let you see things others couldn't! That would cut through the junk and the noise and ONLY allow true opportunities into your field of vision.

Welcome to Red Factor's Matrix #RF8.

See, the Red Factor has different Matrix that accomplish different task. This particular Matrix does this one thing really well. And the name off the Matrix is RF8.

The best way I can describe the power of RF8 is by asking you this question:

"Which way do you want to make money? Do you want to hire a truck with a motorized ladder, pay wages and gas to have the truck transported to the fruit yard, then have the hydraulic lift hoist you to the top of the trees where you can finally pick some fruit?

Or, do you wanna just reach up and pick the fruit off the low hanging branches?

The unique thing is, these RF8 low-hanging fruit opportunities are available in virtually any market you have an interest in. All you have to do is run 'em through the Matrix.

Let me give you a few quick examples:

Example #1: Info products about seo

I chose this one on purpose. It's about as flooded, over-marketed category of target markets there is. Yet, surprisingly enough, when I ran it through the RF8, here's what I found:

T X's all represent blocked opportunities. The red checkmarks are your Red Factor opportunities. You'll notice there are 3 red checkmarks. Those represent potential low-hanging fruit.

Let's take RF8 for yet another spin. Maybe I was just lucky in that one market. This time, let's choose the #1 product in the Clickbank marketplace for health and fitness, certainly a competitive category.

I quickly found the following opportunity:

As you can see, there are 4 red checkmark opportunities you can see with your own eyes.

Perhaps you've felt target markets are a vault and if only you had the magic combination you could get the vault to open for you.

Well, RF8 may not be a magic combination. But it's as close as you'll probably ever get.

What RF8 Means To You

Imagine being able to select the target market of your choice and have near XRay vision to clearly see the profit opportunities -=- the low hanging fruit. That's the power RF8 gives you.

I'll give you an example from my own business.

I had a product idea and ran it through the RF8. Sure enough, several prime opportunities popped off the Matrix. I assigned a team member to collaboratively produce the product with my help and input.

The result? It hauled in $143,426.04!

How You Can Get The RF8 Maxtrix Training -- FREE!

Here's the deal.  I held a special training where I walk you through what the RF8 Matrix is, how it works and how it can work for you.  

And best of all, I want you to have this call as my free gift JUST for trying out my new digital edition of The Red Factor.

See, The Red Factor is in-depth training in how to find low hanging fruit.  That is,  opportunities for trading products for dollars that are ripe and ready for easy picken'.

Just for getting The Red Factor, I'm going to give you a special pass to the training. And obviously, the information in the call is yours to profit from even in the unlikely event you decide you want a refund onThe Red Factor.

If you'd like to go ahead and grab your special pass NOW click this link NOW!

Or, if you want the complete explanation of what you'll get in the Red Factor course, keep reading:

It's the real secret behind all success in sales, marketing and business. 

But few people are aware of its existence and even fewer really understand it. I realize that's quite a statement, so please allow me to explain: 

Back when I was a copywriter, my best client was worth $600 million dollars

He had started as a failure in insurance sales and ended up selling a BILLION dollars of insurance and BUYING the insurance company that he originally failed with (which he later sold for 78 million). His name was Walter "Itsy Bitsy" Hailey. And I remember chats with Walter in his car, walking up the hill by his house and at seminars.

One time, I wrote up his story in a sales letter. The headline was How a Little Short Guy, Terrified of Selling, Started A Business At Home From Scratch and Made $78 Million. Actually, 78 million was just the FIRST company he sold. In total, he took four companies public over time. When I wrote that letter, Walter told me his story. And how he was a failure selling insurance. And couldn't get even ONE person to buy. And through conversations with him, the CEO of his company and his seminars, I learned a great deal about how he went from there to a billion in sales. 

One time I was at Walter's doing research for a new sales letter. Since he'd built a new house, he let me stay in his personal bedroom in his old house. The next morning he asked me, "Marlon, how did you like the swimming pool?" I fired back, "What swimming pool?" He said, "Go through the door there on the side. There's a swimming pool. It belonged to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the former President."

Sure enough, through the door connected to his bedroom was an Olympic-sized swimming pool INDOORS that originally belonged to FDR. You could tell that because he was confined to a wheelchair and there was special apparatus to allow you to go down into the pool.

That's when you know you're doing OK. When you can fly in an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool belonging to an ex-President and have it installed in your bedroom! 

Over the years, I've spent a lot of time analyzing why Walter made the money he did. And I think I've found the answer. It's an answer shared by many of the people I've had the good fortune to come in contact with.

For example, there's Donnie. Now Donnie lives in a massive 20,000 sq. foot house. You have to walk over a bridge and a small stream to get to his PIANO! He has a coffee bar, a disco and a massive TV lounge. It's quite a site. Actually, I'll never forget the walk through Donnie gave me of his house. See, one time he brought me down to give a talk to his team about Internet marketing.

Why Donnie? Why the sales and the moneyDid he have a secret? Or was he just lucky?

Then there's another friend of mine. He had a million dollar a year income built off of 6 million copies of his book that were given away. Quite an accomplishment and an amazing story. But what was the essence of his success?

But the stories don't stop there

I started thinking the other day about ALL the friends I have who use this SAME FACTOR. And it really boggles the mind. I had a conversation the other day with Mark Joyner. Mark told me a story of his BIG BREAKTHROUGH in his Internet business. The one thing he did that really allowed him to bust out and succeed on a really large scale. 

And yeah, I gotta say that it was a shining example of this single FACTOR. 

In the old days, E. Joseph Cossman used it with power and flair like no other. Maybe you've seen the "ant farm" at stores. Well, E. Joseph was the guy who originally brought that to America and made a royalty on every one sold. My mentor, Lew Williams, produced the first seminar Cossman spoke at. And Lew also used "The Factor" to sell millions of items. His mentor was the legendary copywriter Thomas Hall. And he used "The Factor" too. 

Before Thomas Hall, there was Robert Collier? Yep. He used it. 

And then, of course, there is the one and only Gary Halbert. You guessed it. Gary used The Red Factor in his amazing "coat-of-arms" letter that is perhaps the most mailed letter of all time.

And while we're speaking of legends, some of you 40+ guys and gals may have heard of Harvey Brody. He used it with brilliance. And, naturally, you'll see applications of it in virtually every successful online marketer. The difference is, you'll be able to sift through the noise, smoke and mirrors and get to the real heart of the matter

When I was out on the road doing 2 seminars a weekend (logging a quarter million miles in the air), I even ran across a taxi cab driver using it to get the "primo" runs, and smart "networkers" using it to get more business. From my world travels, I'm sure if I thought a minute, I could give you examples from Tjuana to Kawaii, from Guatamala to Honduras, from Hong Kong to Bangkok and from Manilla to Bermuda, from Kaui to Roatan, and from Amsterdam to London.

So it isn't limited to just the U.S. Or just the Internet. It knows no limits. It's colorblind, class-blind and knows no age limits. No borders.

I owe all my success online to "The Factor."
Due to that, I've dubbed it "The Red Factor."

Reason is, you almost always see me wearing RED shirts. It's my trademark of sorts. In a sea of sameness, red stands out. It breaks through. And that's exactly what "The Red Factor" is, a BREAKTHROUGH of such magnitude that you too will call it "The Red Factor." 

But more than that, there are many people with many factors they teach. I want you to know and remember this is the RED FACTOR. The one Marlon Sanders revealed to you. 

Red is my color. Marketing is my game. I sell stuff for a living. That's what I do. And that's what "The Red Factor" will show you how to do also -- and with flair and style

My momma had red hair. My grandmother had red hair. I wear red shirts.

Red = Good

All other colors = boring

THAT'S why it's called The Red Factor. You can either have the same old boring ideas. The same old boring approaches. The same old, same old, same old. 

Or you can GO RED. Wouldn't you rather go red?

The Red Factor is kinda personal to me. Because see, it was The Red Factor that allowed my dad to take our family from a small house in Oklahoma City to a bigger house then to the neighborhood where everyone had swimming pools and tennis courts in their back yards.

Back in the days when money was really, really hard to come by, he learned to fix TV's by taking a correspondence course through the mail. Then he started fixin' TV's for friends for free. Before you knew it, he had a thriving business. But he didn't have a BREAKTHROUGH until he discovered The Red Factor. THAT is when our income as a family really took off. 

From that income he bought rent houses that support him to this day. To anyone who might say The Red Factor is just something vague or something "not essential," to that I'd answer, "Try telling that to my family." 'Cause see, we LIVED it. We experienced it. I'm talking real life here.

I'm talking something that allowed my dad to take care of mom when she had alzheimers -- without financial worries. I'm not talking theory here. I'm not talking games. I'm talking real world. Real life. Other marketers will try to criticize it, poopoo it. Discount it. Say it doesn't matter. 

So excuse me if I sound passionate. But I personally owe a great deal to The Red Factor. Not just from what it has done for my own business. But also for what it did for my family. But there's even more to it than that... 

To go outside the box, if you were to read Sun Tzu (The Art of War) or Clausewitz, you'd see The Red Factor sprinkled throughout their pages. As obvious as the sun. Once you know what to look for. Nations, battles, wars, fortunes and destinies have been won and lost depending on the application of The Red Factor

What's more, the ten largest CHURCHES in the world all deliberately and specifically use The Red Factor. (repetition by CELL DIVISION) The largest church in the U.S. does also. And it's a very specific strategy. Not just something they "talk" about. 

And most recently, I know of one person who used The Red Factor on Myspace to go from total obscurity as a comedian to a major, nationally recognized success story. In every venue, in every arena, The Red Factor takes its tolls on those who don't know it. And bestows success on those few who do. 

The Red Factor has also played a major role in politics. Who gets elected. Who doesn't and why. 

I even think back fondly and wistfully to the times Corey Rudl and I had in Amsterdam. And the conversations we had on the phone. And God rest his soul. But if he were here, I KNOW he'd say that what I'm dubbing The Red Factorwas the major force behind his success.

10 Facts You Should Know
That Make "The Red Factor"
Completely Out Of The Box

"RED FACTOR" FACT #1: It's evergreen -- Howard Hughes made his wealth with it. So did Joe Kennedy, father of ex U.S. President John F. Kennedy. All the great entrepreneurs have used The Red Factor. Now, logically, I'd call it the GREEN FACTOR. 'Cause it's evergreen. But see, RED is out of the BOX. It's off the HOOK!

"RED FACTOR" FACT #2: It's NOT some airy fairy metaphysical concept. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's something you DO. It's an over-riding strategy of how you conduct your business and make money. See, the single most important thing in ANY business is the model or strategy.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #3: It's something that once you learn, it will be blindingly obvious. And yet, it will change forever how you do things. How you think about your business. What activities you do. And what you DON'T do.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #4: It's NOT JUST a way to "think" about business, although it is that. And you'll never think about the making of money the same again. It's about what you DO. And you can begin using it IMMEDIATELYwithout delay.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #5: It has nothing to do with NLP, positive thinking, hypnosis, metaphysics or the like. Although those things can certainly help you take the ACTION you need to take to use the principle.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #6: The principle is NOT "taking action" or "the MasterMind" or any of those things. They're great. But this is actually a marketing ACTION. Really, not even just marketing. It's more like the blueprint of a business.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #7: The Red Factor works for every type of business I know of. I can't think of ANY it won't work for. If you're doin' Adsense, you're doin' SEO, you're doin' whatever. Yeah, it applies to YOU bud. Don't matter what. It applies. You don't need to ask. I'll say it again. IT APPLIES.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #8: THE FACTOR is NOT just a plattitude or "good idea." It's based on specific actions and steps gleaned from some of the greatest business people and success stories in the world, both online and offline. It contains specific methods and tactics, not just a strategy. Although the really important part is the strategy.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #9: The Factor is something you DO. It is NOT just a philoshophy, although you could certainly build one based on it. But in and of itself, it's a strategy and something you DO.

"RED FACTOR" FACT #10: The Red Factor is NOT something vague like "stand out" or "be bold." It's a specific strategy with even more specific applications to virtually any and every endeavor you will attempt in business.

So What Exactly IS "The Red Factor?"

It's the FACTOR that's behind all other factorsThe king pinThe coreThe basis of all other basics. And while calling it "the key to everything" might be overstating it, I CAN tell you that it's the 5% that controls the 20% that makes the 80% happen

And, as such, it is an essential link for anyone in a business, expanding a business or starting one from scratch -- whether that would be online or offline.

Here are the advantages
The Red Factor gives you:

Advantage #1: Increased Performance and Results in Your Business

You'll be able to sort through the noise, the smoke, the mirrors. Get to the heart of things and put your ENERGY and focus THERE. That increases your performance and your results. That puts more in your bank account at the end of the day.

Advantage #2: Decreased Costs

When you know what to focus on and where the "leverage" is, you can focus on the 5% that controls the 20% that produces 80% of the results.

Advantage #3: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

If you don't have The Red Factor, it's EXTREMELY easy to lose sight of the big picture and get sucked into endless details, so you start spinning your wheels. The good news is you're getting there really fast. The bad news is you don't know where you're going.

Advantage #4: Save Time

When you have The Red Factor, you'll be totally crystal on what to focus on and what NOT to focus on. Yet, The Red Factor is NOT about a plattitude like "strategy and tactics." It's a specific strategy that is also global in nature. That is why I call i the factor behind all factors.

Advantage #5: Get More Results While Working Less

You can probably cut out a lot of activities when you know what to focus on, what your BIG PICTURE is and how what you're doing today fits in.

What "The Red Factor" Will Do For You?
What real ADVANTAGE Will It Give You That
You Don't Have Right Now?

So now you know that The Red Factor plays a huge, massive role in virtually any success. But you may wonder what it will do FOR YOU. Allow me to answer that now. Once you are in possession of The Red Factor, you will discover:

  • How Ben Feldman used The Red Factor to become the world's greatest sales person as listed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Specifically what he did and how he did it.
  • The specific application of The Red Factor that allowed Joe Girard to become the greatest car sales person in the world.
  • How a taxi cab driver used "The Factor" to create an amazing stream of high-profit calls that made other drivers gnash their teeth in envy.
  • How Donnie used "The Factor" to sell millions and buy his 20,000 sq. foot dream home. The shocking revelation I had when he took me on a tour of his 4-story office building.
  • The one thing I've never revealed about how Walter sold his billion using "The Factor." The step-by-step plan he followed.
  • How my dad used a STICK SIMPLE application of "The Factor" to control and dominate the TV repair market in Oklahoma City until he retired.
  • The secret story Mark Joyner told me behind doors about the REAL SECRET that allowed him to break through to a massive level of sales. I've never heard this story shared anywhere before.
  • The amazing story of when I spoke with E. Joseph Cossman on a marketing cruise. And how he built a legendary business on a STICK SIMPLE application of THE FACTOR.
  • TWELVE very specific APPLICATIONS of THE FACTOR you've likely never heard or read before. And certainly never understood with this sort of clarity.
  • The STICK SIMPLE way W. Clement Stone used The Factor to build a BILLION DOLLAR insurance company and become a business legend. Really, it doesn't get any simpler, nor more profound than this.
  • How Robert Collier made selling millions of items via direct response STICK SIMPLE using "The Factor."
  • Specific quotes from Sun Tzu and Clausewitz that support The Red Factor as being the key to success, even in the tragedy known as war.

The Red Factor Is My Resounding Answer
To How You Can Gain A Big Advantage
In Today's Market"

I've originated many things in this market as you probably know. 

You've heard "the money is in the list?" That came from Amazing Formula. You've heard about "mini-sites"? The basis for that came from Gimme My Money Now. You've seen the 12-step formula for writing sales copy? That came from Amazing Formula and salescopy.com. You've seen the automate method to get dozens of testimonials? That was from Automation Secrets.

You've seen the follow up bonus PRIOR to a new offer? That came from Automation Secrets. You've seen the crystal clear download pages with the big, giant numbers? Yeah, Lisa and I came up with that approach to reduce our service. You've seen the "12 product survey" method? That's from Gimme My Money Now. "Marlonisms" are all over the place but not attributed to me. 

The ONLY reason I'm telling you this is so that you understand The Red Factor isn't some rehashed, warmed over information. It's new, original thinking that CAN give you the advantage you need. 

'Cause really, it's NOT about me. It's about you. And what going RED can do for you. 

You know, a man in this business spends his life buying thousands of books. Learning over a lifetime. Attending seminars. Networking with people. I've been studying and learning since 1978.

It has taken me that long to get through and beyond the noise and boil out the simplicity. I don't know if that makes sense or not. But it takes a man 10 or 20 years to make something incredibly profound simple. I can create complex things all day long in hours. 

But to find something like the The Red Factor? It has taken me a lifetime. And to NOT share it would just be stupid. Down right stupid. Yeah, I'll make a buck or two. And rightly so. I have a lifetime in it. But people don't appreciate what they get for free anyway. So I'm gonna charge enough that you'll respect the FACTOR and give it your undivided, serious attention.

You, like me, know that every day there's a new plan, a new gimmick, a new whatever. So many it makes your head swim. And once in a blue moon, someone discovers something so amazing, so profound, so unique, it breaks through that noise and changes lives.

I'm 48 now. You might call that "half life" if the good Lord smiles on me.

I want to share this before it's too late. No many has a lease on life. Ben Feldman, the world's greatest sales person said that. 

If that's corny, if that's melodramatic, I do apologize. But it IS the truth. 

So what I have to share with you today is an engima. It is uncommonly common. It's so blindingly obvious most people never see it. It's the greatest marketing truth I've ever learned. But it's in no books. And I guess the real question is, "If it's so obvious, why did it take me a lifetime to discover it? And why don't more people do it?"

The greatest methods, the greatest principles, the greatest truths are all dirt simple. That's a fact. Anything complex is built on a foundation of a few simple truths. You can take the FACTOR and build the largest empire on it like W. Clement Stone did in insurance.

Or you can use it like my dad did to build a nice amount of wealth through a simple business fixin' TV's. But he was struggling. Our family was struggling. Until he discovered and used The Red Factor And then we went from the small house to the larger one. And then to the "rich neighborhood" with the pools and tennis courts. And supreme court judge down the street.

Yeah, he worked hard. Really hard. But all that work would have been for naught without The Red Factor

Anyway, I've taken what I know about The Red Factor, and I'm going to share it all with you. The amazing things I've discovered over a lifetime in sales and marketing. 

The hard thing about the marketplace is the NOISE and confusion. There are so many things you could do. So many things you could spend time on. I've spent all my life learning to sort through the noise and finding the 20% of things that cause the other 80% to happen.

Most people take things that are simple and make them complex, so they can get paid more money for them. My goal has always been the oppositive: To take the complex and make it simple so YOU can make the most money from it. 

That's exactly what I've done in The Red Factor. 

I realize you have a few questions. So allow me to answer them for you:

Answers To Your Questions
About What The Red Factor Can
Do For You In Your Life And Business

Question 1: That's great Marlon. But what will The Red Factor do for me?" 

That's a fair question, so I want to answer it.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed or confused, if you've ever wondered how someone "really" made their money, if you've ever WANTED to sell more than you do now but weren't quite sure how, if you've ever WISHED you could focus on one main FACTOR that controlled all the other factors, then I'd have to say THE FACTOR IS your answer.

There are two MAIN reasons to be in possession of "The Factor."

Reason One: Increased performance and results in your business

You'll be able to sort through the noise, the smoke, the mirrors. Get to the heart of things and put your ENERGY and focus THERE. That increases your performance and your results. That puts more in your bank account at the end of the day.

Reason Two: Decreased costs

When you know what to focus on and where the "leverage" is, you can focus on the 5% that controls the 20% that produces 80% of the results.

But the most important thing is that it gives you a virtually unbeatable advantage in whatever moneymaking sandbox you choose to play in. Whatever GAME you play.

Question 2: Marlon, is this something NEW? Or is this just your old stuff rehashed and regurgitated?

Answer: It's an innovation. It's new. It's not my old "schtick" if that's what you're worried about. The ONLY reason I keep talkin' about that "old schtick" is 'cause people STILL aren't doin' it. Nevertheless, this is a new body of information.

Question 3: Is this just some vague generality that won't have any SPECIFIC application in my business?

Answer: Nope. I give you 7 very specific applications, and you'll be able to think of many more. Chances are, you're currently USING "The Factor" but you're doing so in a hit and miss fashion without a specific strategy for what you're doing. When you know and know that you know, then you act more decisively, with more confidence. And normally, success follow that.

Question 4: Is this something you've already written about or covered in your other products?

Answer: No.

Question 5: Marlon, is this any different than what I've heard you say at seminars and on conference calls?

Answer: Yes, it's a brand new concept I've crystallized over the past 20+ years in sales and marketing. It is NOT in Gimme, Amazing Formula and I've not revealed it at a seminar. It IS a brand new body of knowledge. Not just for myself but for the Internet marketing community, and even the business community as a whole.

Question 6: Is this just your old "find out what people want and sell it to 'em schtick rehashed?

Answer: First of all, if you really understand it, that's a great schtick. But NO. That is NOT what The Red Factor is. Not at all.

Question 7: Is this just basically a motivational deal? Or does it contain specific applications?

Answer: It's both a broad strategy and 7 very specific applications you can use immediately. You know, I've taken some flack for giving speeches that were more motivational than educational. The reason I did stuff that had a motivational angle was because of what Ben Feldman said, "Most people don't do anything wrong. They don't do anything. And THAT'S what is wrong."

Having said that, NO. This is not motivational. I'm recreating myself. So yeah, it's educational.

Question 8: Is this really something that is essential for me or just something "good to know?"

Answer: It's a kingpin strategy. It's the basis of the basics. It takes a lifetime to really sift through complexities and find a simplicity like this. Simple is 100X harder to create than complex.

Question 9: Is this gonna help me sell products like crazy? Cause I ain't interested in bein' motivated. Or just Jay Abraham's stuff regurgitated?

Answer: This is NOT Jay Abraham's material. Although I must say he is a very fine example of The Red Factor in action. I would attribute all his marketing success to the application of it. And I can very specifically tell you WHAT and HOW he has used "The Factor" in his business.

Question 10: Am I really gonna sell more, make more or get better, greater improved results from this? Or is it just another ebook I'm gonna leave on my hard drive?

Answer: It is NOT an ebook. So you can't leave it on your hard drive. I'll give you specific checklists and tools in order to IMMEDIATELY impact and improve your results. If you're starting from scratch, you'll be able to focus in on what matters.

Question 11: Is this gonna be HARD to do?

Answer: Actually, the exact opposite. It'll make your life easier. I can't see any way it won't. I'd have to tell you what "The Factor" is for you to see that. But yes, it means less not more work.

Question 12: PROVE to me this works. I think you're full of it.

Answer: Prove to me you'll do something with the information. That's the real issue.

But the answer is, when I was a kid, we drove this blue chevy car. And we lived in a small house. When my dad applied the factor, we moved to the place where people had swimming pools and tennis courts. Oh, and we lived in "the showhome" of all the homes.

But The Red Factor doesn't do the work for you. My dad worked really, really hard all his life. Both before and after he used The Red Factor. The difference was he made a LOT more money after using The Red Factor.

Question 13: Do you guarantee I'll make "substantial income" using The Red Factor?

Answer: Can I guarantee you'll work? Can I guarantee you'll follow instructions?

I guarantee you'll have 100% clear insight into how OTHERS are making substantial income. But by definition an entrepreneur is someone who assumes risk for the potential of greater reward. So in business, there are no guarantees. I WILL guarantee you will SEE and UNDERSTAND more than you ever have before. But Jesus made a blind man see. And for that, he was declared to be God.

So how valuable is seeing clearly?

Question 14: Is this gonna pay off for me or be just another something I purchased that didn't make a difference?

Answer: I think it pays off if you make it pay off. But I can tell you this: You will gain a whole entirely new way of looking at business, sales processes, success stories, the making of money and the selling of stuff. Clarity creates certainty. And certainty produces action. Action is the magic elixir that turns dreams into reality. But with no clarity, there's no certainty and no action. That leaves your dreams in Neverland with Tinkerbell and Puff The Magic Dragon. Do you really want to do that to your dreams?

You Get 6 Modules Of Super Power
Online Training With PDF's,
Potent Videos And 7 "Funsheets"


The PDF report training

When you log into the Red Factor, you'll see 6 tabs. Each tab has one week's training on it. It's designed as a 6-week class, but you can go as fast or slow as you want. There are three parts


The Camtasia Videos

You will receive camtasia videos that SHOW you "The Red Factor" in action.


The 7 Funsheets

Normally, you'd call these "worksheets" but they are actually fun sheets that let you actually DO "The Red Factor." So I explain it, show it to you then help you DO it. These sheets boil everything down into actionable STEPS you take. So this isn't something you learn. It's something you DO.

How Much Does
The Red Factor Cost?

I think the better question is, "How much does it cost NOT to own The Factor?" And to that, I would answer the price is immense. Perhaps more than you could pay in a lifetime. See, price is what you pay. Cost is what you pay by NOT owning.

What is the price on clarity? Certainty? Vision? What is the value of having the Factor behind all Factors. And being certain of that fact? 

I'm going to price it at a figure that will make you respect and value the knowledge I give you. But not so expensive that it will likely prevent anyone truly serious from owning it. 

You'll see the price below. You're going to get a great value. Perhaps the value of a lifetime. But certainly a great value compared to other offers in the marketplace. The main reason for that is I don't want to go to the trouble of doing a whole "Jeff Walker" style product rollout. 

I want to price this so it's just a no-brainer. Easy is good in my book. And it's a heck of a value to you. So we're both gonna win on this one.

I started this letter talking about Walter Hailey. So in his honor, I reckon I'll end with a quote by him I'll never forget, "The purpose of information is not education but action." That is why I've added the handholding, accountability option.


Listen in on the first call and if you don't agree 100% that the Red Factor is going to rock your world. But if for some bizarre reason it doesn't, I'll replace it with another product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

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Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders

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