What Began As an Interview About Affiliates Power Profits Playbook by My Fictional Best Customer ELMER Quickly Morphed Into The Most Valuable Convo You'll Hear This Year...and Could Change Your Understanding of Business, Marketing, Sales, Business Opportunities, And Making Money FOREVER.

-- Why you shouldn't see easier problems to solve
   (and what you'll profit MOST by seeking)
-- The secret of PHP water!
-- Vintage free trial typewriter ad
-- The original database secret you've NEVER SEEN
-- See the original marketing machine in a room that sold millions
-- How to do business by letter
-- A bevvy never before seen list-building devices
-- The PDEPR money getting formula

-- What EVERYBODY gets wrong
-- The pink sheet marketing channels breakdown
-- The virtual card catalogue
-- See my most treasured possession-- The cherry wood box story
-- The real Gospel of Marketing


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Brief Letter From Marlon About The Video AND Exclusive Bonuses


Marlon here.

You're going to get a TON of value from this video.

Hopefully you laugh. And you'll probably shed a tear.  It's a fictitious discussion between me and my biggest fan, Elmer that started out as a promo for Affiliate Power Profits Playbook. 

And ended up as a transformational video that could have a big effect on your business, moneymaking, and even your personal life.I reveal things about ME and my family you've never heard before.I reveal the ORIGINAL marketing moneymaking machine that sold millions (I believe).

I reveal the ORIGINAL secret of building your list that has NEVER EVER been seen in this industry before. You'll be seeing these list builders for the first time anywhere.

I show you my most prized possession. And share a few highly personal stories.

Now, in the end, I am a marketer. So I do have something to offer you.I show you some things that are super cool in this video.  And I want to give them to you as bonuses should you decide to purchase from this video.


1.  I'll give you the download link for the book on writing sales letters that sell.  It's invaluable.

2.  I'll give you the picture of the original marketing money making room that I show on the video.  

After you order, just go here and comment with the word VIDEO BONUSES.  And tell me the email you ordered with. That's all.

Best wishes,