The #1 Trick To Getting People To 
Buy From You


Marlon here.

It's one thing to create a product or service.

It's quite another to get people to BUY from you -- especially in today's market.  In the past 5 years, markets have shifted considerably.  In the information selling business front-end prices have gone down.  Other industries have experienced similar things.

So now, more than ever, it's important to know how to sell your products and services.

There are many angles to this topic. Buut I want to share with you ONE TRICK, if you want to call it that, you can use immediately, and it'll clarify the whole entire process for you.  I believe that.

I believe that most people don't understand what I'm about to share with you -- for FREE.

This is a very basic, fundamental law, rule, secret, trick or piece of information, whatever you want to call it.  In chess, it's the equivalent of "control the center."  You learn it in chapter one of any chess book you read.

Well, chapter one is develop your pieces. Chapter two is control the center.

It's interesting because this past week I did a survey of my customers. And if you took the time to fill it out, I just want to say thank you.  By knowing where you are and what you're struggling with, it helps me write on-point newsletters and create products that actually help you. And yes, believe it or not, I DO care.  I think about that. I think about that a lot.

Because of the answers on that survey, I'm excited to share this with you.  I find that many teachers and "gurus" don't understand this consciously.  At an unconscious level they do. But not at a conscious one.  In other words they have unconscious competence which is hard to teach to others.

‚ÄčHere is the Law, Secret, Trick or Rule
That Will Change Things Forever For You
When You Understand It -- Really and Truly


Here is the fascinating answer:

People will buy from you when their DEMAND exceeds available SUPPLY.  In other words, economics 101.

Here's what I mean:

If you have some INFORMATION, or a widget, or a product, or a service.  And everyone else sells the SAME thing, then what you have is a commodity.  The only thing left is price competition.

In contrast, the more demand exceeds supply, the easier something is to sell.  Notice I said DEMAND.  That implies people WANT it.  There's no demand if people don't WANT it. They may need it. But if they don't WANT it, there is no demand.

Your job as a marketer is WHAT?

How would you answer that?  What is your job as a marketer?

One of the jobs is to always put yourself in a situation where you are supplying something where the demand greatly exceeds supply.

But Marlon, what about people like real estate agents? There's one on every corner and they all do the same thing.  

 When you really dig down, you'll find they create MICRO supply and demand situations. For example, they specialize in a neighborhood (a method called farming).  And if you sell more homes in that neighborhood than anyone else, you have a SUPPLY of information, knowledge and proven sales that others don't.

See how that works?

You tip the supply / demand equation in your favor.

Here's a SIMPLER Way To Think About It


What WANTS do people have that are UNMET?

If you can sell a product, widget, service, ebook, book, CD, or whatever that meets (think SUPPLY) unmet WANTS (think DEMAND), then YOU have tipped the scales in your favor and you are very likely to get sales.

You say, "Marlon, how do I find unmet WANTS for information?"

My answer to that is to become a CUSTOMER of whatever you want to sell.  You'll FEEL the same frustrations with existing products and services others feel.  That's a very good start.  When you create your PROMO, your video sales letter, your squeeze page, your Facebook ad, your Amazon listing, you want to keep the UNMET WANTS foremost in your mind and foremost in the sales message.

The other day I saw a chess video where a young lady beat a Grandmaster who played the Sicilian defense (with the black pieces).  In that opening, black moves the pawn up 2 spaces in front of their queen side bishop.

The young lady beat the Grandmaster in 22 moves!  And she did it with what she called the C3 Sicilian.  She moved her C3 pawn (the one in front of her queen's bishop) just 1 space forward.

Can you write a headline for a sales letter to sell a video on how to do that?

How about:  Are you getting slaughtered by the Sicilian Defense?

Discover How I Beat a Grandmaster In 22 Moves Using My New C3 Sicilian Strategy

See how that works?

What's the unmet want?  The unmet want is that a lot of the other ways of playing the Sicilian end up in a draw or in a game where you have very little advantage as white.

The MAIN POINT I want to get across here is this:  Find UNMET wants.

If you find THOSE then yes, people will buy from you.

An Example From Internet Marketing

Here's an example from Internet marketing.

MOST of the top 20 best selling products of all time on JV Zoo are software programs, Wordpress plugins and that sort of thing.  Why?  Because in the past year or so, there has been a SHORTAGE of ones that really did what you needed them to.

And while there is a GLUT of information, there is a SHORTAGE of good software.

Now, you can STILL sell info products  in a glut. You just have to be really good at finding pockets of unmet wants, where there is a demand for information but a lack of supply.

How do you do that?

There are many ways.  But here is one that is FREE works gangbusters:  Talk to your customers!  LOL.  Read their posts in forums and on Facebook.  Find out what's on their mind.

This is why I do surveys with you. I want to know what your current unmet wants are because they are mercurial. They are ever-changing.  The core wants stay the same but the specific ones change frequently.

The ironic thing about what I just said is this:  If I programmed what I just explained into a software program that did some calculations and spit back a result, people would go GAGA over it if you stuck it on JV Zoo or Warrior+.

Crazy, eh?

Right now people just can't get enough software.  But again, that doesn't mean you can't sell info products in a crowded market.  You just have to find the unmet wants.

Now, there is MUCH MORE to say about this topic and different strategies and methods for finding unmet wants and so forth. The main point I wanted to make today is this:  Why would someone buy from YOU?

Because YOU are supplying and unmet want or selling something where demand exceeds supply.

Best wishes,


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