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Marlon here.

I like to study the basics of any topic.  There's a difference between BASIC and BASICS.

It's a common misunderstanding.

Basic means simple.  

But BASICS are the essentials.

And what I've found is that top performancers perform the BASICS far, far better than the average person and that accounts for a lot of their success.

Today is an example of that.

One of the things you learn in  sales is that when you present a product, you explain:

1.  The feature -- What it is

2.  The advantage -- What it does

3.  The benefit -- Why the person should care about it.  How it help[s them IN SPECIFIC.

Yesterday I was reading a book on sales that is a great one.  But the author only talked about features and benefits.

You're missing a fundamental if you don't divide up features -- what it IS with the ADVANTAGE or the "functional benefit" of what it DOES.  Eugene Schwartz called this the DOESI. 

You miss a critical step if you leave out the DOESI.

But the REAL PROS go one step beyond this.

The way they explain the BENEFIT to the individual is MASTERFUL.

I've had a really bad cold.  So one of the books I re-read for the 4th or 5th time is How to Sell a  Car Today.  I  have NO  interest in selling cars.  But Joe Verde is this incredible sales trainer.  He is so freaking good.

Joe says:  "...feature only presentations increase the cost of the product without increasing the value."  Page 107.

If you blad on about your features,  all you're doing is adding perceived COSTS in the mind of the buyer without increasing the value.

What you want to do is BUILD THE VALUE.

Joe says to take each feature and explain what it does for each prospect and then get a commitment onn the value of each benefit TO THEM.

Joe says "Sell what it does -- not what it is."

"People don't care about features. Tjhey only care about the BENEFITS to them of woning the features you are presenting." Page 111.

Joe explains that you have to take the features and explain how they provide a benefit specific to that person.

For example, if it has a seat warmer you say, "This is the seat warmer that provides heat within 15 seconds (the doesi).   That'll realy help you out when you have to take your daughter to school in the mornings on those 20 degree mornings, won't it?"

See how that is PERSONALIZED?

But Marlon, I SEll On The Web, NOT In Person

Now let's take this to another LEVEL by talking about how a truly GREAT sales person does this -- Grant  Cardone.

You may or may not like Grant.  I could care less.  The man is a great sales persons.  And in specific, he EXCELS at explain how things are  RELEVANT to the PERSON.

Here's the example video:

At 1:40 he's talking about the noise we have today:  "An impeachment, Iran, Instagram, Facebook advice..."

"How do you stay focused if you're married, you've got kids, you got a mom or a dad with some kind of problem that pops up, or a brother or sister you love and are concerned about.  Maybe you got a dog or an animal at the house and they get lost for a second.  You get distracted. Some target you had and disappointment comes along and you lose it."

"I'm going to share with you 3  things  I do everyday to stay focused."

Most people talking about how to stay focused would talk about it in the generic.  But Grant ALWAYS gives scenarios that show how something is relevant to the person.

That's the benefit.

And that's just one small example.  He does it as naturally as breathing because he's been doing it for years.

This may seem like a small point but it isn't.

If you don't paint pictures of benefits meaningful to the person, all you're doing is adding costs to your product and not building value.

Bset wishes,


Best wishes,


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