You’re About To Discover a rare event where I’ll spill my guts and show you

in the info business – starting with your very first
product and scaling from there


Marlon here.

You’re about to discover a one-of-a-kind event for my customers where I pulled back the curtains and and showed you how to take the lid off your income in the info business.

Point A is where you are today with a lid on your income.

You're trading time for dollars whether at a job or in the service business.

Point B is where yo u take the lid off your income  by creating, promoting and getting paid for info products, or what Napoleon Hill called Specialized Knowledge.

When your income isn't tied to the hours you work or to client work, you pop the top off your income.  And that's a good feeling.

But there are 7 problems right now standing between you and Point B where you take the lid off your income.

I’ll get to that in a second…

But first, I’ve got so much to share with you about this business..the good..the bad…and yes, even the ugly. If you’ll bear with me a moment, I’ll share some knowledge and wisdom with you that might shine a light to your path and make it easier for you. I’m gonna talk about myself. I apologize but it’s the only way I can make these points. Then, I promise, we’ll get to YOU and your future shortly.  So hang with me. This can be a magical business. The kind of business that brings in so much money so fast that your head spins.

The kind of business that can take your breath away.

The kind of business that can erase debt and bills overnight. As God is my witness, that’s the truth. It happened to me.

$7500 in a day. $65,000 in a month.

It can change a lot of things. It can also be a tough, challenging business if your offers aren’t working. I’ve been on that side of the coin also. It’s frustrating, painful and discouraging. You wonder if it will ever work. You wonder if it’s just you. You doubt yourself. Doubt leads to procrastination. And that’s door #2 that leads straight to Hades.
I’ve been to that door. I’ve stared it in the face more than once.

I’ve walked through the valley of death. And come out on the other side victorious with a smile on my face. Which is why I’m making the offer to you today in a bit….when I get around to it. I hope that I can you have a faster, simpler, easier time of it than I had. That you have a few less battle scars. That you know the joys and the beauty and skip as much as possible of the struggles and pain. See, I didn’t intend to get into this business. But in 1978 I ordered a book from the ad below (You can see how I made notes on it before I bought).  And you can see the book on the right:

I reckon I got bit with the bug. And that’s how this journey I’m on began long, long ago.

People say I’m a good writer. They’ve paid me lots of money to peck out words that get people to buy. For example, one of my letters launched the prestigious Crown Council of Dentistry 25 years ago. And they recognized me on stage recently for it. I got paid $10,000 for that letter. I still got it around here somewhere.
But what you don’t know is that for 10+ years I sucked. I was pretty awful. Nothing worked. I had no mentor. No courses to teach me.

It was raw, in the streets, agonizing trial and error. Yet, there was a certain mystique and excitement to it.

I did it because that’s what I HAD to do. After I read that stupid blue book, I had to know. I had to learn. I had to do it. I had to know what making $70,000+ like he did in a short time span from a promotion would be like.
Let me share a little secret with you no one has shared with you before: The way you make a lot of money in this business is you decide it’s what you’re gonna do.

And you fall in love with it. You may have more options than me. I don’t know. I sucked at sales. God knows I tried like heck, getting kicked out of my appointments at 11 pm at night and worse. Showing up at sales meeting drawing a blank. I walked into an ad agency for an interview to be a copywriter and the lady pretty much insulted me. There were no jobs doing the things that were in the blue book. So what was I to do?
I don’t know about you.

I’m guessing your reading this because like me, you’ve got to know it, to learn it, to do it.

Maybe right now you swap your time for dollars. You sell a service or work a job. It’s OK. But you want more.
You want to remove the lid on your income. As long as you have to work more hours to make more money, you can only get paid so much. You only have so many hours in a day. If you’re Kevin Durant or someone, I guess dollars for hours is OK. But for most of us, that’s the path to perdition. You’ve looked down that road and you don’t like where you see it heading.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to sit here and say the other path is all roses. It’s not. There are bumps and detours and everything else.

But man.

When you get it right, it’s sweet. You can literally put much or most of the business on autopilot. And just make sure a couple employees do their job. I lived like that for 10 years. And I’m setting that system up again. When my dad had 3 cancers, a toe removed and a bunch of other stuff, I let life get in the way for awhile. Gosh, I’ll tell you. One of the hardest times in your life is when your parents pass on. I’d like to put a positive spin on it but it’s hard. You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried to explain to your 91 year old the reason he broke his hip was because he fell, not because he was kidnapped and raped by aliens. LOL.

So here’s to mine. And to yours also. Cheers.

My dad loved model airplanes. I hope they build planes in heaven. The thing is, even during those darkest hours, even during those hardest of hard times, my list saved me. My customers. The money is in the list. I said that at seminars back further than I can remember. It’s true now. And always will be true.

Through thick and thin, your customers will be there for you if you treat ‘em right and serve ‘em well.
Anyway, I don’t want to bore you tears. So I’ll fast forward this thing. I didn’t have an offer like I’m fixing to give you. I didn’t have the “shortcut the learning curve by 10 years” plan.

I had the grind it out the slow, painful way for 10 years plan. But even though it was slow and painful, there’s still a certain joy every time you learn something you didn’t know. Every time you make a breakthrough or get even a bit of a result.

To fast forward, I ended up with a job as a copywriter for a “guru” who spoke at big seminars. See, in that blue book it talked about this guru named Gary Halbert. And the guy I wrote for spoke at Gary’s seminars and knew him quite well. Every dog has its day. And if you just keep at it, you can succeed by dumb luck. In my case, I got that job because I ran a $150 ad in the Dallas Business Journal and 3 people responded.

I thought the ad was a flop. But Phil hired me. And my life has never been the same. It was there I read a manual Phil sold by a marketer named Bob Serling. This book taught a brilliant 16-step copywriting formula that changed the way I wrote copy forever. Where would I be today if I hadn’t read that guide? I honestly don’t know. It was a real breakthrough for me. Before I knew it, I spoke at 120 seminars around the world. And in 1997 launched a product that was a massive hit.

And that’s how it went. I’ve been doing this gig full time since then. I’ve sold 70,000+ products. If I really hunkered down and counted, it might be 100,000. A bunch of those old records are long gone though.
Whatever. I’ve sold a crapload. Like Rutger Hauer’s famous tears in the rain monologue in Blade Runner:

I’ve seen things… seen things you little people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium… I rode on the back decks of a blinker and watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All those moments… they’ll be gone.

I’ve travelled the world. I’ve hobnobbed with the rich and famous. I’ve lived a charmed life. And been through the valley of the shadow of death once or twice. For me, I’m over 60 now. I don’t have a lease on life.

One day I might not wake up. Or I might walk out the door and never come back. So I might as well pass on the baton best as God shows me how to others who can fulfill their dreams. I’d like to give you the shortcuts and head start I never had. See, I promised to share some wisdom and knowledge with you.

So come closer.

Lean in.


1. You find a group of people who love to spend money
2. You get them on a list
3. You give them reasons to spend that money with you

There’s all these people today. Most of them millennials God bless ‘em. I admire them.

I only wish I could have been where they are at when I was their age.

I was getting thrown out of houses at 10 and 11 at night trying to sell insurance on commission. But they got every fancy pitch under the sun. I’ve never seen so many slick, perfect pitches in my entire life. Some of these people work 6 months or a year just perfecting one pitch. I salute their hustle. But a slick pitch does not a business make. A business, a real business, its built on more than a pitch.
It’s a list.

And a relationship. But it’s not complex. It’s simple at heart. If you’re a military person, the strategy is simple. The tactics can be involved. But I’m a simple guy.
And simple is the way I like it. And how I serve it up. So let’s get down to business.

But one last thing.

There are people who think that if you talk about

making tomorrow a better
day than today,

you’re a hope pusher

And somehow that is bad. “Without a vision, the people perish.” Understand this: I will show you the ropes.
I’ll take you behind the curtains and show you the levers to pull like the Wizard of Oz. But there’s no guarantee you’ll wake up in the morning. So ultimately, all business, any business, involves taking a risk for the potential of gain. Even keeping a job involves risk.

I can’t guarantee you’ll make a killing or anything at all. But I can guarantee to give you what few others can.
The know how, systems and methods that have allowed me to thrive for a long time in this business.
So now we’re down to brass tacks as my dad would’ve said:

Step One:
You’ve got to learn to get out little easy peasy,

bread and butter info products

Honest to goodness, you need to be able to put these out in your sleep. Once you get a few under your belt, you should be able to whip one out in an evening.

a. You create a mindmap with 7 to 10 branches like this:

b. You talk 7 to 10 minutes about each branch
c. You stick the videos on a web page
d. Write your sales page by explaining the benefits of each video

Now launch that bad boy. Email your list. Get your friends to promote it. Offer to mail someone else’s $7 sellers to your list if they do the same for you. You’re off and running. Now, you might be wondering where the profit is. Obviously, you won’t make a killing off of $7 products. True. But you DO build your list. And it’s a list of buyers.

Here’s another little piece of knowledge and wisdom you’ve probably not heard shared before:

People Repeat Their Behavior

over and over

All marketing and sales is built on the framework of human behavior. Human's repeat their behavior over and over. There's a predictable pattern to their behavior. Take a street with sidewalks on both sides. But one side is always more crowded than the other. Chances are if it's that way today, tomorrow it's the same.
When people buy a product about X, the one thing we know as a fact about them is they will buy a product about X. You can offer them a product about Y if you want. But the higher probability is to offer them based on their known behavior. We know that based on behavior, people respond to a certain sales structure to buy a $200 product.

A smart marketer recognizes that behavior repeats itself and uses that same structure over and over.
Humans are creatures of habit. They repeat the same behaviors over and over. In marketing and sales, it's simple. We use this fact to profit. Interestingly enough, I didn't figure this out myself. It was written about 100 years ago. 300 pages worth of analysis that still applies today. 

If you’d like to get your hands on that rare book that you’ll ONLY read about here, hang with me.

I promise. I’ll get to the offer in a minute. I’m wanting to share more here in this letter for FREE than you probably have learned from PAID products you bought.

When you own over 4,000 books like I do, you really aren’t scared of running out of things to teach. The problem is more, how do I compress a lifetime into something immediately useful and profitable?
That person on your list will buy from you again and again and again if you serve them well and deliver good, valuable, useful information products, which you WILL if you do it using the methods I teach.

You’ve got to understand the real value of information

I believe in rapid product creation. I teach it. I do it myself. But that doesn’t mean shoveling crap. There’s an art and a science to doing it right. If you’re a Marlonite, a follower of the things I teach and believe in from my years in the info business, then you’ll do the same. Some people don’t really understand the value in information and how it can change lives. I do. Where would I be today if I hadn’t bought the blue book in 1978? Where would I be if I hadn’t read that copywriting guide by Bob Serling? I doubt I’d be in the business.

See, information has the ability to change lives forever. I remember I had acne really bad as a teenager. I bought a book called Clear Skin and got rid of my acne. So of the very first things you’ve got to really grasp is the impact that the right Specialized Information can have on someone’s life. Napoleon Hill called it Specialized Information. That describes it so well. You may or may not be a fan of Napoleon Hill.
But I had a client who had made $600 million by taking companies public. When he started out, he couldn’t even sell insurance to the hog farmer whose wife was pretty sure they needed insurance.

Chapter 6 of Think and Grow Rich on the power of the Mastermind changed his life. He ended up buying the insurance company he sold for. In this business, you get to change lives. You get to contribute to people. You get to help them have better tomorrows than todays. You get to help them solve painful problems. And yes, you get paid for it. Really well. Sometimes incredibly well. That’s what I call a win / win.

But I have friends who struggle to understand how information can be worth $1,000.
I’ve personally paid as much as $5,000 and gotten enormous value in many multiples. I can’t even count the number of products I’ve bought for $500 and $1,000. Those are kinda like candy.

It’s so much fun to learn something you didn’t know that removes a barrier, problem or restriction you had almost instantly. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.
It’s not how much you pay. It’s how much gain.

In our business, you sell dollars for dimes. It’s a beautiful thing when you really understand it. But there’s an art to knowing how to get paid for what you know. For your Specialized Knowledge. Which brings us to this…

Step TWO:
You’ve got to know how to get paid royally for your Specialized Knowledge

A lot of people have Specialized Knowledge but don’t know the simple formulas that can get you paid royally for it. This is what I do. This is my quest. It’s what I help people learn and do. What I do is give you “templated letters” and explain the psychology of them step-by-step. For example, I have a little “bread-and-butter” template that sells gangbusters for $10 products. And is really simple to follow.

It comes down to knowing the formulas and understanding the psychology of them. I already told you, my first formula I learned from Bob Serling’s copywriting course. But when I saw him explain the psychology, I was immediately able to create my own 12-step formula.

That was a huge breakthrough.

It’s what I taught at 120 seminars around the world. Later, I codified it into Push Button Letters software which has allowed many people to write sales letters. This was the first product that started a whole genre of software called “sales letter generators”. It’s NOT about doing it rote. That’s what I want you to get.

Software is great and cool and everything. But it’s UNDERSTANDING the sales psychology behind the formula. I have a master’s degree in Psychology so it’s something I specialize in. And one of the reasons my letters have sold so much. That’s the key. A lot of people teach formulas. But I don’t think many of them even understand the psychology of how and why they work.

Without this, you can’t really get the most out of the formula. Nor create and invent your own formulas.

Here’s proof: You’ve never read a sales letter like this before, have you?

You may only now really realize that I’m about to make an offer to you you’ll likely find yourself taking advantage of because I’m designing it to change your life and your future. The only reason I can create an out-of-the-box sales letter like this is I understand the psychology of the sale as few do. We call it the greased chute. But stick with me. cause we haven’t got to the chute part yet. You’re gonna love it. And I’m excited for you.

You’ve got to know how to get highly value products out fast

I have the great pleasure of knowing Joe Vitale. I don’t know if you saw him in the Secret or not or on London Real. But Joe is fond of saying money loves speed.
And it’s so true. Sometimes people crack me up. They go all in on pitches that are filled with horribly complex flow charts and stuff that’s all impressive. But all the greatest secrets of marketing and business are embarrassingly simple.

Like this one: Get your products out the door (or shipped as they say in the software business) and find out if that bad boy or girl will sell.

Because dead ducks

don’t quack

And you want to know as soon as possible if your duck has any quack in it or not. One of the things I’d love to have the honor and privilege to share with you is different ways to get highly valuable products out fast.
That way, you can find out if the duck will quack. If it does, you can always go back and dress it up. You can put a dress on it. You can stick lipstick on it. You can make it all beautiful. I’ll never forget working 6 months on a product that was a dead duck. And it was then that I first learned dead ducks don’t quack.

And I’ll never forget it. This is why I want to share with you relatively easy ways to become prolific. And yes, I’ll even show you the lazy way to be prolific where you’re hardly doing any of the real “work.” You can avoid the bad mistakes I made a couple times in my business.

Step FOUR:
Get Eyeballs On Your Offer Then Scale It Up

The first thing you want to do is get eyeballs on your offers FOR FREE. That way, you can test this out with very little risk.

Step FIVE:
You’ve got to know how to run your Specialized Knowledge business as a business
– and autopilot part or all of it if you so desire

Hardly anyone, if anyone, teaches you how you run the information business or Specialized Knowledge business as I like to call it, as a business. Everyone teaches you how to get ONE product out. Do ONE eBook or Amazon book. Do ONE course. That’s all well and good. But it’s quite another thing to run it as a business.

For example, here’s your first lesson (again for free) – Always have a new customer getter running.
I call this the “front end” of the business. It’s the thing that brings new customers in the door. It’s your door opener. You’ve always gotta have one of those suckers going on. And when you slack off on it or get lazy about it, you’ll regret it. LOL.

The 7 Challenges of Getting People to Pay You For

Specialized Knowledge and The Solutions

1. The Problem:
There’s no clear, compelling reason why people will buy from you

The Solution: The Over / Under Method

People don’t want the product or Specialized Knowledge. They are casually interested. Most people don’t have any clear strategy for figuring out what product they’ll offer. And they don’t know how to find in advance before the product is ever created the compelling reason people will buy it.

For example, in the offer you’ll be obtaining from me later in this letter when I get around to making it, here’s the big reason why:

The products that are done on how to create info products:

a. They are typically surface information that restates
    the same thing others have said 1,000 times. They
    don’t go deeper.

    The products say the same things over and over
    again. There’s no depth. I go deeper into the art and
    science of creating, packaging, selling and delivering
    Specialized Knowledge than anyone else.

    I have innovative solutions to the problem of
    starting with no credibility or expertise. I have
    innovative sales formulas. In my coaching, I go deep
    into different types of income streams.

b. They aren’t designed for beginners. Or have no
    useful info for veterans or people with experience.

c. They are based on having a one-hit wonder, and not
    on how do you make a living doing it? It’s one thing
    to create and launch a product once or twice. It’s
    quite another to make a living doing it.

d. They are based on gimmicks or the easiest, fastest
    way to do something without regard to what
    actually works. You’ve got to know upfront WHY
    someone will buy your product.

    My solution to this is called the Over / Under
    method. And it allows you to spot great Specialized
    Knowledge product ideas very quickly, almost
    instantly in some cases.

    You’ll know precisely, exactly what your “play” is and
    why you predict people will buy the product. You’ll
    know exactly how to explain it in a Facebook post or
    your offer page.

2. The Problem

– No expertise or credibility in niche

The Solution: Super Fly Research

This is something I created based on my background of being paid to do research when I was in college and prepare briefs for a current events TV talk show.

What I do is break this down for total beginners and how exactly what to do and how to do it if you’re starting without expertise in a niche.

To boil this down into 4 steps, it looks like this:

There’s a lot of things I love to share with you about making a real living in the Specialized Knowledge business. That’s why I’m doing something I may never do again.

3. People don’t perceive

the value in the offer and don’t

want to pay the price.

Solution: Signals of Value

It’s a challenge today with Udemy, Youtube, Skillshare, JVZoo, Warriorplus, and Clickbank all selling info products cheap. How do you get paid what your Specialized Knowledge is worth?

My solution to this is called “Signals of Value.”

It’s based on the premise that signals of value often hold much more sway with whether people buy or not than actual value.

You’ll find out what Signals of Value are, how you create them, how you use them to get people to pay premium prices.

There’s nothing worse than getting paid peanuts for what you know has big value for the other person. That’s why you need Signals of Value.

You get my Signals of Value “get er done” checklist / worksheet to help make it as easy as possible for you.

4. Problem – No clear way

to make a living. No path to consistent, reliable income.

Solution: The Master Matrix

It’s very difficult to find any legit info on how you actually make a living in the Specialized Knowledge business vs. just knocking out a product or two.

My solution to this is called the Master Matrix.

And it’s our “clear path” to a steady, reliable income.

Of course, to help you implement it, you get my “get er done” checklist and worksheet.

5. Problem – No real method

for creating winning sales messages over and over in cookie cutter fashion.

Solution: Talking Points

Talking points are very different from the other things you’ve heard about or learned.

My sales formulas are based on “cookie cutter” talking points. Once you do one of these, you’ll be able to repeat it over and over.
Software and fill-in-the-blanks stuff is great.

But my Talking Points method goes one step beyond that. I actually borrowed it from the early 1900’s. It’s a simple, elegant solution to getting people to pay you for your Specialized Knowledge.

6. Problem: People don’t

see why they should buy from you today. They aren’t compelled to take advantage of your offers.

Solution: 3-part offers

There are 3 parts every offer needs. Using 3-part offers, you’ll get people to act today. You’ll have instant insight into why past offers may not have sold well.

You’ll have a method for turning the tables.

And, of course, you get my step-by-step, routine worksheet to walk you through doing it.

7. Problem – No clear

strategy to get or scale traffic on full or semi “auto pilot”

Solution: Flywheel traffic

Traffic or eyeballs on your offers is the engine of your business. You need a method to get traffic that builds on itself and can be put on semi auto pilot.

That’s the purpose of Flywheel traffic.

And it also lets you scale up.

I’ve taken all 7 solutions and packaged them into a tidy 4-module training designed to get you up and running in 30 days.

ANNOUNCING a 4-MODULE in-depth training to share with you the 
secrets I’ve learned in a lifetime and to get you off and running asap

Each module I deliver a training to you via email and also drop it in the Facebook group. Here's what each training is about:


High Profit Ideas

How to find demand and how to create little bread-and-butter products in your sleep

This is a critical module. It’s here you learn HOW you find demand. It’s really simple. Three things. You need to know about 2 things. You’ll be able to spot opportunities non stop. I guarantee that you’ll be able to spot all kinds of Specialized Knowledge opportunities for the rest of your life after impart this bit of knowledge and wisdom to you.

100 years from now, this method will still work and apply.  This is the secret of quickly and easily create ideas for "high value" Speccialized Knowledge" products.

The next thing in Module 1 is how you create bread-and-butter 10 buck sellers. Like I said before. You should be able to bang out these bad boys or girls in your sleep. After whipping out a few of ‘em you should be able to do them in an evening.

If you have an unexpected bill or need to raise a little cash, take 3 hours and whip one of these out. You’ll also learn about the 12-product gang test I learned way back in 1978 from the blue book.

And I still use it, do it and teach it. Needless to say, you’ll only hear about it here.

* Be able to spot "high value" opportunities in an instant

*  Know exactly why people will buy your product.  Know what the "play" is and the compelling reason why

* Get my step-by-step proven method for banging out your own $10 "bread-and-butter" products

*  While others struggle to come up with "high value" Specialized Knowledge" products, you'll be confident in your ideas

*  Nail your Facebook posts, ads and emails for why someone will benefit from buying 

*  The Superfly Research method that gives you t he  power to create  drop dead Specialized Knowledge products starting with no expertise or credentials

*  How to dig out "gold" and "hidden gems" on almost any topic in only a few hours (and have your friends thinking you've been at it for years)

*  What the "Over / Under" secret is and how it works for you instantly.   Even veterans and "old-timers" will love this crystal clear way to spot opportunity in a flash and feel confident about your choices

*  How to be so good you can pracitcally create "bread-and-butter" prdoucts in your sleep and roll them out in a few days

End Result: You’ll be able to spot opportunities almost non stop for Specialized Knowledge products. It’ll be as plain as the nose is on your face. And you’ll have a proven method for banging out bread-and-butter $10 sellers.

Sales Formula

How to get paid royally for your Specialized Knowledge using my "Talking Points Method" specifically designed for beginners

This goes into the psychology of the offer. Then the psychology of sales letters, video sales letters or webinars. We cover my $55 template, $97 template and $197 Talking Points Formula.

After this, you’ll be locked and loaded with an understanding few people have and the practical, doable templates to follow when you create your own.

It’s NOT about words. It’s about the offer. And understanding the psychology of the pitch or the sales copy.

Once you understand this, you’ll never see a letter the same. And the magic I’ve been weaving in this letter will be fully transparent and disclosed to you. I’ll impart a little more knowledge and wisdom here for free: You create the sales copy BEFORE you create the product. Why? Because you want to do it when you’re excited and the ideas are fresh on your mind.

Don’t wait. Strike while the iron is hot. Let me repeat that: Strike while the iron is hot. Do it while you’re excited about it.

Get that sales copy written!

*  How to use my "Talking Points Method" to make creating your pitches, presentations and offers as simple as pie

*  How is a $55 sales offer different from a $97 or $197?    Even veterans and "old-timers" will find this difference enlightening.  

*  Special for veterans and "old-timers" like me -- The single best step-by-step webinar pitch and sales psychology training I've ever heard or seen.  It's free if you know where to look.  Lock down those big ticket sales!

*  Have clear "followable" "Talking Points" for the 3 sales

*  My "Yes, you can do this" Talking Points that make your confidence soar and fatten your pocketbook

*  Feel confident in the "psychology of the sale"

*  Why  Signals of  Value are a game change and how to use 'em like a pro (gets you paid premium prices for your Specialized Knowledge)

*  How to use 3-part offers to nail your sales pitch like a pro

End Result: You will understand the psychology of the sale. And have a full understanding of the $55, $97 and $197 templates so you can create your own.



Rapid Product Creation

How to Get Highly Valuable Products Out Fast

Money loves speed. So this is the speed part. You’ve got to be able to create valuable products. But also get them out fast. At least, when you need to.

You know, when push comes to shove, you’ve got to get products out.
Need money? Get products out and promoted. It’s very simple. This isn’t rocket science. We use the Over / Under formula in Module 1 to find opportunity. They are everywhere in any niche.

Then we create sales copy. Then the product. And we get traffic.

*  How do you rapidly create products with high perceived value?

*  How do you create a machine that churns out products with a minimum of time on your part?

*  How to set up your autoresponder email for free

*  How to deliver your products at no cost, so you get started on a shoestring budget if that's what you got

*  How do you take money?

*  What about the shopping cart?

*  What about funnels?

*   What about Stripe vs. Paypal?

*  How to create and  deliver your products without spending hardly and money, so youve little or no risk other than your time

*  All those nagging questions answered!

*  For veterans, the latest scoop that lets you scale faster, simpler and easier.  

End Result: You will know how to deliver your products for free and get started with your email marketing for free.  That way, you keep your risk to the minimum while taking the lid off your income potential.

Which brings us to the final module:

Free Traffic That Scales

Get traffic and eyeballs on the offer

You’ve now used the formula in module 1 to spot opportunity. With practice, in no time flat you’ll bang out the sales copy. I’m writing this whole bad boy right here in one evening. Maybe I’ve been at it 3 hours or so.  I'll add some to it later.

You used Rapid Product Creation methods to get your duck ready so you can see if it quacks or not. If it does, you roll it out. If it doesn’t, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend 6 months creating the product. Because you were smart and invested in Specialized Knowledge from Uncle Marlon and became an official Marlonite, which is a cool club of students trained in my methods who can share and be on the same page.

The thing is, to make the money roll in, you need eyeballs on your offers.  But when you're starting out, you don't want to spend money to do that.

Paid traffic is a great way to scale.  But when you're starting out, you don't want to take risk.  So you need free traffic.  And I've got free traffic for you in spades!

*  How to build an audience and get free traffic using a secret method hardly anyone knows. This really works!

*  My "Flywheel Trafffic" method that gives you a clear path to getting traffic on "semi auto pilot"

*   How to pour on the free traffic and scale up sales fast

*  How to sale up your business to a full-time living using the Master Matrix (You'll be clear on how you make it happen)

*  Copy and paste system for getting traffic.  

*  For veterans and "old-timers", I've got awesome "secret tuts" for you on how to scale up Youtube and Facebook traffic to $20k a day.  This is the single best "clear path" to scaling without launches I've seen.  

End Result: You will know how to free traffic to your offers.  And how to scale your traffic up.  For old-timers and vets, I've got scoop also.

Which brings us to this. Why are you still reading?  You know you want this and will benefit. Don't put it off or delay.  Grab it now while it's still available at the bargain price.


Bonuses For Acting Today

No offer would be complete without
bonuses for acting now.
And these are special ones for you.

Bonus 1:  How to find the time to do your marketing

I found an incredible video I'll pass along to you that does the best job I've ever seen anywhere of showing how to find the time.  If you feel you don't have the time to do marketing, your mind will be on fire after you watch this training. And it'll be all steam ahead!

Bonus 2:  Two live Fast Track trainings where you can get your questions answered

I found an incredible video I'll pass along to you that does the best job I've ever seen anywhere of showing how to find the time.  If you feel you don't have the time to do marketing, your mind will be on fire after you watch this training. And it'll be all steam ahead!


This is an ancient book from the early 1900's no one knows about.  It's incredibly brilliant and insightful into how to profit from human behavior and predict what people will respond to or buy.  There's never been another book like it to my knowledge.  You'll get it "from the horse's mouth."  Now, keep in mind, the book is from the ealry 1900's, which means there are a few references that don't meet the political correctness or rightful standards of the day.  I've never seen nor heard this book referenced anywhere.  Your mind will explode with insights!

Available ONLY On This OTO


Access to the 4 Trainings,
Bonuses and more



(20% discount)

  • Access to all 4 modules"How do I find the time?" Bonus
  • 2 additional live Fast Track trainings bonus
  • Copy and Paste Messages to get affiliates to mail their list
  • Facebook "popup" group
  • 7 "get 'er done" sheets
  • 7-day satisfaction guarantee

Simple, fast and effective flexible move


399.00 (20% discount)

  • Everything in the Basic and Go Getter
  • 4 months membership in the Fast Track
  • Transcripts of the 4 trainings
  • Access to 15 additional trainings
  • 30-minute phone consultation

Because I'm so confident you're going to love the secrets in my product that I'm willing to take all the risk by putting my money where my mouth is.

I'm giving you a full 7 day, satisfaction guaranteed, moneyback guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the product, just post to my support desk, and we'll refund your money.  

I'm taking all the risk.

That's how confident I am you're going to love this product.

At worst, you get your money back. At best, you discover a new way to make sales, get traffic and ignite your offers or affiliate sales.



#1 -  ​Four power-packed trainings
#2 - All 3 bonuses
#3 -- Everything detailed in the chart for your purchase of Basic, Go Getter or Premium, including at least 2 Fast Track live calls where you can ask questions (or 4 in the Go Getter plan and 12 in Premium).  
#4 -- The Facebook group during the length of the training.


To my knowledge, many of my 7  solutions are things you'll only hear from me, including my research methods and others.


Yes. I'm creating these trainings specifically with you as a beginner in mind. And if you have any questions, you can ask  in the Facebook group.

Your satisfaction is protected by my 7 day satisfaction guarantee.


No, my brain is most  active and sharp at 4 and 5 a.m. so I recorded the trainings and you get instant access to all of them.

  • Step #1 - Each module gives you a fresh in-depth training
  • Step #2 - Daily I will answer questions and post in the Facebook group
  • Step #3 - You get "get 'er done' implementation sheets. Just follow them step-by-step
  • Step #4 - Rinse and repeat the methods you learn.  These are powerful, cookie cutter methods you  can be using 5 and 10 years from now.