In this seminar i transfer to you all the most important
secrets, tricks, methods and crazy-good resources. Save yourself a boatload of time AND discover  secrets that give YOU the edge...


Marlon here.

Imagine one video turning into 10 viral clips 10X faster. 

And guess what?  You can do this FREE FOREVER!

That’s just ONE of the billions of things you’re about to discover.  OK, maybe not billions. But lots!

If you’d like to get the results of what I’ve discovered in 6 months of research and action, then this truly is the most important letter you’ll read between now and December 31.

You can see the rapid increase in my social impressions.

If you don't know me, my name is Marlon Sanders. 

I've been doing this gig full time since 1997 and have created and sold over 70,000 info products. The only reason that matters to you is I know all the tricks, all the shortcuts and how to avoid the big, bad mistakes that can rip your soul out.

the problem is, it takes a boatload of time to figure this stuff out from scratch

Problem 1:  By doubling your output of marketing, you can double your leads and sales, potentially. But the fly in the ointment is who the heck has the TIME to do that?  There has to be a way to automate it, doesn't there?

Problem 2:  You don't have time to wade through 100 courses and 1,000 Youtube courses.  You need to boil it down to the heart of the matter so you can just do it.

You need to get down to the nitty gritty.  And once you get that, you know the 20% that gives you 80% of the results.  Because nothing else matters.

Problem 3:  We all love discovering new, exciting things.  So we get distracted and ignore or stop doing the only 4 things that actually work gangbusters.

I found out you could turn 1 piece of content into 100 every week -- and automate the distribution. i found out you could do amazing things by working smarter and using automation

I’ve been deep, deep, deep in research. That’s why you haven’t gotten emails from me lately.

Holy cowl.

I’ve researched websites and videos till I’m blue in the face (whatever that means).  And I’ve downloaded software, signed up for services, tried boatloads of things.

For example, right now I JUST pushed a button that created and uploaded a clip from my video to TikTok, Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

The 99 score tells you that this clip is highly likely to perform well.  All I did was click a button to submit it.  And here's the kicker...

It's FREE to use FOREVER!

If you like that, you’re about to get excited because this truly is the TIP of the iceberg.

What about this?

See all those posts with arrows on the calendar?

Those are BUCKETS with posts in them on that topic.  So every time we create a new post, we ADD IT TO THE BUCKET.

So let’s take the list building bucket. Say it has 10 posts that have been added to it.

That means every Friday at 12 pm one of the posts in the list building bucket will be sent out then.

Wednesday is my sales copy bucket.

And so forth.

So in another words, if I don’t create even ONE POST, I will STILL have posts going out each day on different topics.

How would you like to spit out 100 pieces of content for your marketing in one week?

Well, it’s actually possible when you follow THIS system. And in a minute, I'll tell you how to get your hands on a video that shows you EXACTLY how you, yes YOU, can do it far easier than you might think.

What if you could put out VIRAL VIDEOS 100 at a time that take you ONLY MINUTES --  all automated?

And what if they are darned HOT viral videos?

I know that one sounds freaking impossible.  But it’s actually NOT.  Not at all.

It’s so fast to create these with A.I. it’s ridiculous. But the cool thing is people EAT THEM UP and would never guess they are A.I.

They have an A.I. generated voice over that sounds like GOD!  And that's only one off the ways to do it.

Look At All The Things You're About To Discover

  • Want to upload horizontal videos to Instagram reels, shorts and TikTok?  (Well get this: Click a button and now it's vertical! So easy to do)
  • How to create 50 social media posts in 5 minutes.  Amazing!
  • How to use A.I. to create 100's of smoking hot looking viral videos and easily schedule them (This really works)
  • Don't know what to produce content about?  (When you discover this easy peasy way to use "buckets" you can plan a year of content in a few hours -- without breaking a sweat)
  • What if your social posts don't get opt ins? (Here's a nifty automatic way to fix it)
  • Use no software, no video, and only 20 minutes of time. This one gets me 100 opt ins a pop
  • How to get traffic if you hate doing video and have a face made for the radio
  • Turn black-and-white videos into color in 1 click -- for free.
  • Ever see those videos where the person's video close up is in a circle?  It looks much cooler than a square.  It's easy to do when you know how.

you won't have to pay $120,000 for this advice and these methods.  i'm sharing them with you for a very small price. here's why:

You probably know about the Alex Hormozi book on getting leads.  Well, he told the story about how he paid $120,000 to a person who was all over social media.

And he asked the person what he needed to do to get insane amounts of traffic and leads like this guy did.

The answer was that he needed to do a lot more posts.  Instead of doing 1 Linked In post a week, he needed to do 3 a day!

Same thing on every social media. He needed to do 3x or 5x the number of posts.

When he did, he doubled his results!

He says most people aren't getting results because they just aren't doing enough. But who the heck has the TIME?

And in another consultation, the guy told him to post to ALL social media.  He did that and low and behold results rocketed again!

So I began to research how to do this without spending a lot more of my personal time.  And I turned every rock upside down.  I tried out thing after thing. I bought products.

And what you're about to get your hands on was the result.

And it's ALL built on using the power of technology to do the work for you instead of you having to do the work yourself!

It's about working smarter, not harder. And using automation to your advantage.


These methods are NOT theory. I'm personally using them now in my business. I know you'll get new clarity. And be able to take confident action, knowing your traffic plans are sound.

I'm about to save you 6 months of research and just boil it all down and give you the good stuff on a silver platter.

  • Main Benefit #1 - Find out how to automate much of the process while keeping the quality of your content extremely high so you attract the right people as leads
  • Main Benefit #2 - How to turn 1 piece of content into 100 every week and automate distribution
  • Main Benefit #3 - How to plan a whole year of emails in one day
  • Main Benefit #4 - I take you behind the scenes and show you what I'm actually doing and how
  • Main Benefit #5 - You'll have specific methods to turn social media into leads. Just posting is sNOT enough.  You need more.

You'll Be Able To Start Your Social, Viral and Video List Building The Next Morning Without Delay.  And Do It With a Very Simple 1, 2, 3 system

Clarity and confidence are everything.  For maybe the first time in your life, you'll be totally clear on what REALLY works. NOT what people say works.

You'll wake up in the morning.  You'll have your 1-2-3 step plan.  You'll know what to do. You'll know how to do it. Finally, there's no obstacles between you and your traffic. Freedom at last!

Here Are More Benefits You Get When You Buy Today...

  • Benefit #1 - In 3 hours or less, I'll transfer all the most important secrets, tricks and methods and crazy-good resources from my brain to yours
  • Benefit #2 - You'll get one method you can use in roughly 10 minutes and see real results
  • Benefit #3 - I give you inexpensive and free resources to get you going strong!
  • Benefit #4 - You'll know how to produce and distribute 100 pieces of content a week -- with a minimum of time on your part. Imagine the difference that could make!
  • Benefit #5 - How to plan out all your content for the week, month, quarter or even year faster than you can imagine once you know how
  • Benefit #6 - Get started the next day with a simple plan of action
  • Benefit #7 - Use the "bucket method" to avoid getting stuck for content ideas.  (Stop guessing and start having a plan of action)

You'll Be Able To Start Your Social, Viral and Video List Building The Next Morning Without Delay.  And Do It With a Very Simple 1, 2, 3 system

Clarity and confidence are everything.  For maybe the first time in your life, you'll be totally clear on what REALLY works. NOT what people say works.

You'll wake up in the morning.  You'll have your 1-2-3 step plan.  You'll know what to do. You'll know how to do it. Finally, there's no obstacles between you and your traffic. Freedom at last!

You Get 5 Special Bonuses For FREE!

To sweeten the pot, you not only get my LIVE SOCIAL, VIRAL AND VIDEO MARKETING TRAINING, you get 5 bonuses that deep dive for you, so you have everything you need to start implementing the next day.  You can see these below.

Live Social, Viral and Video Marketing Methods List BuildingTraining with RECORDING and Transcript

It disturbs me when I see my own customers I love and cherish, MY TRIBE, led astray by crap and bonus smoke-and-mirrors list buildding methods. I want you to know the truth and actually get REAL results.

So I've assembled this BIG value for you including the live training recording and transcript.

Main Product -- Live Social, Viral, Video Marketing Training with RECORDING and Transcript

Bonus #1 -- Video: How We're Automating Social Posts Weeks In Advance

Bonus #2 - Video: The new methods I'm using to make my live streams look super cool with free software

Bonus #3 - Report: How to set up your live streaming the way I do it

Bonus #4 - Action Plan: 7-step action system for turning buckets into a whole marketing plan

Bonus #5 - 21-page FREE organic leads system that gets me 50-100 leads almost every time I use it

Bonus #6 - Report -- How to turn your opt-in pages into a money machine -- actual examples 

Based on the components above, you can let them know that you can easily sell this for $400-$600.  Why?  Because you already spend so much money and time in buying and chasing social, viral and video marketing methods that don't work. However, because you're a valued customer, I won't charge you that price. In fact, you won't charge you even for $200.

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 (see price below) if you act fast. This price will be limited according to the timer below.

You Get Instant Access To Everything. No Waiting.

The Substitution Guarantee

If for any reason this product doesn't meet and exceed your expectations, just let me know at getyoursupport.com (Do NOT email).

I'll promptly replace it with a product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

Getting traffic and building your email list is everything. And it's going to be very liberating when you make sense of it all. See through the smoke-and-mirrors and are crystal clear how to get your content out there by working smarter not harder.


Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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