My Bonuses for David Perdew's
Simple Video Management System That Can Save You $50, $100 to $1,000 a Month

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Marlon here.

Simple Video Management System saves you $50, $100 up to $1,000 a month on video streaming.

Here's why:

To have video analytics and advanced features like it does, you'd have to use Wistia or one of the other advanced video services.

Wistia is a great service. But as you can see, it's not cheap.

David's wordpress plugin has many features Wistia doesn't, AND it's a one-off fee!

What it can do will blow you away.

Here Are My 2 POTENT Bonuses For You:

Bonus One:  Get Your Video On The Page

In 60 Seconds Or Less

I also know you want INSTANT results.So I created a video called: "How to get your video on a wordpress page using the software in 60 seconds or less."

Bonus Two:  Create Your Own Animated Gif Video Play Buttons That Look Like The One On This Page

One of the most awesome features of services like Wistia is they create an animated gif of the video with a play button on top.  So when you go to the page, the video appears to be playing.

But you need to click the button to get audio.  When people click the video, it plays.

Guess what?  I can show you HOW to do this using a simple "hack" and David's software.   Very slick.  See the example of my video on this page.

Anyway, David's software can do so many incredible things. The more you dig into it, the more impressed you are.

And Here's The Best Part...Use It On UNLIMITED  DOMAINS and SITES!

Today, NO ONE gives you unlimited use like this.  And you do NOT pay extra for this.

I use Thrive Architect.  It has a video player built in with NO ANALYTICS. This is a MUST HAVE for webinar replays and video sales letters.

Or ANY video where you want to see how long people  watch it and at what point they stop watching.

That's the the reason I bought David's software. That and the ability to add the animated gif.

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