Secret Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Memo To: Marlon's Customer
Re: New way to get opt ins


Marlon here.

In this letter, I'm sharing a whole new way to get opt ins and sales that I've not talked about before with you.

I'm sending this private memo to you as a customer because my goal is to bring cutting-edge secrets and research to you that other people's customers aren't privy to.

Thus, giving my customers an advantage in The Money-Getting Game.

The formula is simple:

1.  Get opt ins to your email list

2.  Make a sale

3.  Reload

Step one is the one most people trip over.

Recently, I published Push Button Views for ways to get optins from Youtube, so you can make sales in one of two ways.

Method one:  Make an immediate offer called an upsell or OTO

Method two: Send follow up emails

Both these methods work time and time again for people in every niche imaginable.

Now, the Push Button Views method works. I do it weekly and often daily.

But did you know there's a platform that works in tandem or unison with it to get a lot MORE opt ins?  

Here are examples my research has revealed. 

I'm giving the available data because most people don't reveal their number of opt ins gained. But they do give the number of followers.

* 150,000 followers in 2023

* 30,000 followers in 60 days

* 0 to 3,000 followers in 90 days

* 70,000 followers and 6,000 opt ins in 14 months without doing videos

Now, if it's not blatantly obvious, those results aren't indicative of average.  According to Hootsuite, a good follower growth rate will fall between 2.5% and 5%.

So the people who grow faster have specific methods for doing it.  They often publish posts that tell exactly how they did it, so it's not a big secret.

The Big Problem With Using Facebook
To Get Opt Ins

I use Facebook way too much.

I guess it's because old friends are on there and post interesting stuff. And I like a couple groups I'm in.

But here's the HUGE problem:  I'm only allowed 5,000 friends.

Now, a lot of those are really old and not active anymore.

So what I'm saying is, my regular posts get almost no distribution. A few close friends see them.  If I offer a freebie, I still get a really good response because of how the algo works.

But overall, I can't reach NEW people. Or expand my reach.  It sucks.

For example, I get new members daily in my Facebook group.  But it doesn't matter.

My REACH on posts stays the same. It NEVER grows.

Facebook pages have no cap on followers. But Facebook gives my post almost NO organic reach. It's really bad.

This Is Why I'm Shifting My Focus To a New Platform (for me)

* It's NOT X, although I like X.
* It's NOT TikTok, although you can get optins on TikTok.
* It's NOT LinkedIn, although that's a wonderful platform.
* It's NOT Youtube
* It's NOT affiliates

Here's Why This Platform Is FANTASTIC For Getting Opt Ins

1.  No CAP on the number of people who can follow you.

You can have 900,000 followers if you can pull it off.

2.  Your optin posts GET REACH, and are even featured by the platform.

It's NOT like Facebook where your post gets almost no reach if you put a URL in it or generate leads.  With THIS platform, it's NO PROBLEM!

That right there -- alone -- by itself is a compelling reason to use it.

They are business friendly.

3.  The platform is stable and doesn't have a threat of getting shut down like TikTok.

Here's What I've Cooked Up For You

If you aren't familiar with me, one of the services I perform for my customers is I do DEEP DIVE research for them, so they don't have to waste away their time doing it.

I serve it up on a silver platter with a red ribbon around it.

In my research report I reveal:

1.  What this platform is

2.  EXACTLY how to get opt ins on it with tons of examples

3.  Many VERY SPECIFIC resources, tips and step-by-step instructions on how to build an audience on the platform.

There are ALL KINDS of businesses on the platform with HUGE followings.

Here a Few Things You'll Discover

* Watch the fascinating lead generators posted by this mum with a child.  She has a modest-sized Instagram following. But does a very health business by doing these lead magnet posts and sending people into her funnels.  (This is something YOU can need for a fancy graphic designer or anything).  Page 7

* How to automate the actual lead generation process so it's hands off. (The beauty of this platform is they ALLOW you to use automation, unlike FB which has cracked down harder and harder on it)  You can't even use it in your own groups anymore) Page 6

*  This post got 49 leads by offering a checklist.  (I'll show you the exact post). If you can create a checklist, no reason you can't do something like this. Page 8

* This little Canva image got 31 leads.  Wanna see it?  (It's super simple) -- Page 7

* Example of captions that make your job of getting opt ins a hecka lot easier - pg 11

* Great example of world class lead generation -- page 12.  

* The one section that is your PIPELINE into dozens and dozens of opt-in getting posts, videos and more.  (This is like being a kid in a candy store...and there are STATS so you can see how many people requested the lead magnet)  But you have to know WHERE to look.  Page 16

* This little home made video got 2,221 LEAD MAGNET requests!  Holy cowl.  Page 18.

* OMG this lady is absolutely brilliant at doing little skit videos.  Your mind will be on fire with ideas.  Page 19.

* The 3 types of little short videos you can use to get opt ins.  Page 20.

*  79 lead magnet requests from the SIMPLEST image with text you could create in Canva in a flash. Page 19

* Wow -- 58 leads from 13 words on a little stickie-looking note and a text post!  Page 22

3 types of content that allow you to grow and get sales. (Are you using all 3?)  Page 23.

* The coolest freaking info graphic on how to get more people to see your content. Page 23.

* This marketer started with 0 followers in July with a new account.  Yet after 90 days, she had 29,000 followers and 5 figure months, according to her post.  (Obviously her results aren't typical.)  She tells how she did it step-by-step.  Page 27.

* This marketer explains how they got 70,000 followers in 6 months.  And reveals the exact steps. After 6 months she had:

-- 2.8 million reach
-- 2049 followers on March 24.
-- Became a 6 figure business

Honestly, if you're willing to put in some effort, there's no reason in the world you can't follow the same exact plan. She tells you what it is. Page 28

* Here's a chart that shows you what to do if you're a beginner, what to do if you want to grow fast and are willing to invest more time. And what to do if you want to go pro.  Page 33.

* Stunning examples from a guy who has 472,000 followers.  Wow. Page 42

* The way you actually pull out sales that is a real SHOCKER (But it makes total sense when you hear it) Page 40

Here's What You Get

I've put all my research and the secrets I discovered into a fully illustrated, 52-page PDF ready for instant download.

You get this report FREE by subscribing to my MMM newsletter.

Here are the benefits you get should accept my invitation to subscribe to the MMM newsletter:

Here are the 16 benefits you're about to get your
hands on when you accept my $1 trial and say "maybe.

#1 – Every Saturday you get my MMM Newsletter delivered via email. It’s your key to getting on track and staying there.

#2 – The Truth Revealed Manual that lifts the veil of secrecy

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#4 – The Secret to 3-Minute Promotions video. Bring in leads and sales

#5 – The 7-Day Turnaround video course

#6 – The No More Gruntwork video training

#7 – The secret of creating and using a stick letter video training

#8 – Daily Live Stream Gets You Fired Up For The Day, On Point, and Ready To Roll

#9 – You Get “Green Sheets” twice a month in the newsletter that lay out how to install and automate a marketing system in your business

#10 – The 4-Week LIVE Money-Getting Training

Week One: How to become FINDABLE, so the People Who Are Looking To Buy Now Can Find You

Week Two: How to Come Up With Mouth-Watering Offers That Make It Easy For People to Want and Buy What You’re Selling – Even If There’s Stiff Competition

Week Three: Uncover the Hidden Psychology That Causes People to Want What You Offer and Not Be Able To Stand It Until They Pull Out Their Credit Card to Buy

Week Four: How to Make Your Marketing Happen Automatically So You Get Leads and Make Sales Even When You’re NOT Working

#11 – You ask. I answer. Get and stay unstuck

#12 – You’re NOT In This Alone FB community

#13 – HUGE Cache of 39 Special Reports – For the first 200 to sign up

#14 – Weekly live stream preview of each issue

#15 – Central member’s area for the newsletter is being created and will be available soon. The most recent issues will be available here.

#16 – Occasional mega long issues that are 20 pages or longer.

Now, you can get the report FREE with a subscription to the MMM newsletter.

Or, if you'd rather just grab it by itself, you can do so for $37. No recurring billing.

It's your choice.

Either way, you get GREAT scoop.  Winner Winner chicken dinner!

Best wishes,



Or Get It For a One-Time Payment of $37.00.

BONUS: The 7-Figure Mum

Remember the mom I told you about who is apparently making 7 figures with a modest amount of followers and good funnels?

Well, guess what? I did my research thing and discovered ONE VIDEO by her where she actually logs into her back office and shows you HOW she's doing everything!

I'm going to put this in the member's area for you. It'll be a real eye opener on her simple method.

Now listen, her results are far from average.  Which is why I was so excited to find this video.

BONUS: Daily Growth Strategy

This is very simple.

Do this every day to grow.  Just do a couple simple things.

It sucks to have this complicated to do list that feels overwhelming. That's why I'm including this daily growth strategy.

Just do these things and enjoy the growth and sales.

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