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From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

This offer may not be up long. Please read it now before it's too late.

I want to turn you onto a whole new world.

It's an incredible way to build your email list and get new customers.

And I can PROVE THAT hardcore by showing you dozens of people who are starting with ZERO FOLLOWING and building lists of EXTREMELY well-qualified and interested prospects quickly.

*  0 to 1,500 subs in 45 days
*  50 to 125 subs in 3 days
*  256,700 new subs in 12 months (result not typical)
*  From 425 to 8.6k followers
*  10 to 100 followers in 5 days
* From 350 followers to 550 in 2 days

And they are doing this FOR FREE.  Read on and I'll explain...

I've also discovered recent jaw-dropping results even the "big boys" would salivate over:

*  326,000 followers in 30 months
*  57,000+ list subscribers in 2 years
*  100,000 subscribers in 3 years
*  90,000 subscribers in 9 months
*  250,000 subscribers in 3 years

Keep in mind these are results from the last 2 or 3 years.  Very fresh and recent.  And the results aren't typical of average results.  But they ARE real results.

Would you like a roughly 30-page, highly detailed breakdown with screen caps of how EACH PERSON built their list?

I'm talking blow-by-blow every step of the way WITH TIMELINES.  I don't care how "veteran" you are nor how experienced.  You WILL get TONS of specific, practical methods and ideas you can immediately go to town with.

Keep reading if you do.  Because when you take me up on my offer today, I'll help you get your hands on SIXTEEN of these bad boys.

A 13-year old girl starts in January and by August has 3,430 followers and 191 email addresses.

Two years later, she has a list of 20,000 and made $100,000 last year.  If you have a son, daughter or grandchild, show them this story. They can actually talk to her online and follow what she does!

(Obviously her results aren't typical)

This is NOT ANY of the normal stuff you hear about or have EVER heard me teach before. This is a brand spankin' new discovery.

See, I found out that INSIDE of a major platform is a secret honepot.  It's NOT:

-- NOT Youtube
-- NOT Facebook nor Facebook groups
-- NOT Pinterest
-- NOT Snapchat
-- NOT solo ads
-- NOT safelists
-- NOT "skool"
-- NOT mighty networks
-- NOT clubhouse
-- NOT affiliates nor launches
-- NOT anything to do with Fiverr
-- NOT anything you think it is

It's a secret world inside of another world.

I'm NOT particularly a fan of the platform in general.  

But inside that world is another mini-world. And it's amazing.  In fact, in my 25+ years in this business I've never seen anything like it. Here is why?

1.  A total, complete beginner can get real, tangible results FAST without spending a dime.

Here's an example posted just today.

In the first 30 days:

✔️ 108,000 impressions
✔️ 1,000 mentions
✔️ 550 new followers
✔️ 20 amazing new friends
✔️ Launched first product
✔️ Feeling inspired
Imagine it's 30 days from now and YOU can say all those things are true!

What's more, instead of beating you down like other platforms, you'll be encouraged and cheered on by peers.  How refreshing is that?

2. Instead of bickering and arguing people help each other out, share their posts, like their posts, and DM each other as friends.

The reason is, they have a vested interest to help out each other.

3.  It's the lost community and helpful place you've longed for.  

Where people support each other instead of arguing over stupid polarizing posts.

4.  There's not clickbait posts to get engagement where people just argue over a controversial topic.

I just can't stand it.  People on social media post controversial opinions they don't even believe themselves just so they can't get engagement.  And increase their exposure.  It sucks.

The Secret Honeypot isn't like that.

5.  You can get HUNDREDS and even thousands of people to request your lead magnet or freebie -- for FREE.

It's NOT like Facebook where when you post your freebie, it can be crickets.  NO ONE has an incentive to share your post at all on Facebook.

In the Secret Honeypot it's totally different.  People gladly share each other's posts and help each other out.

6.  It's NOT dominated by "trolls" who come and just say stupid stuff to "troll" a post and get tons of people arguing and bickering. NONE of that crap goes on.

Trolls find a post and then argue with whatever it says. Not because they believe it.  They just want to stir up a bunch of trouble. That's all.

It's a waste of freaking time. Thank God the Secret Honeypot isn't like that AT ALL.

7.  You can actually direct message people and have them react like you're a friend and NOT a pest...unlike Facebook where when you dm someone their response is "what do you want and why are you sliding in my dm's?

8.  You have actual people who are SERIOUS about growing their email lists and are willing to give you a boost in doing so if you help them out a bit.

9.  I saved the best for last:  People SHARE incredible value and actionable steps without even requesting an optin. 

And if they do ask for an optin, you get QUALITY, actionable info, not the garbage you often get on FB that's just a teaser for the pitch.

It's just a FREAKING AWESOME PLACE to hang out and participate in.

Now, it's NOT PERFECT.  Nope. It's not.  You DO need to do things a certain way.  You DO need to devote 30 minutes a day to it.  Or more if you're want to grow faster.

You tell me if this doesn't drop your jaw when you read on...

This Is The Greatest Way To Build An Email List Since 1997

I remember back in 1997 you had software that could grab email addresses and you sent them an email for your freebie.

It was GREAT.  You could build a list of 30,000 really fast.

But then spam was invented and it went by the wayside. For awhile webrings were great. But Google killed those.

The next best list builder after that was the glory days of article marketing on ezinearticles. That was awesome.  You could easily build lists.

That worked gangbusters until Google changed their algo.  

After that, solo ads were big for awhile. But at some point the quality seemed to go down the drain.

Today, people use Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and such.

But the problem with those methods is you are ALL alone. There's no incentive for anyone to help you build your list.  Or share you info.

If you direct message someone, they act like you're a criminal.  It's tough.  


Which is why I'm excited about my new Secret Honeypot discovery.

1.  It works for coaches
2.  It works for authors
3.  It works for ecomm
4.  It works for info sellers
5.  It works for digital marketers
6.  It works for online businesses

Would you like to attend an hour-long, in-depth training where I actually break the Secret Honeypot down and show you everything about it?

* WITHOUT  hiring ANY employees

* WITHOUT nightmare copywriter fees

* WITHOUT creating any products at all

* WITHOUT Fiverr posts

* WITHOUT hassles or worries

* WITHOUT working day and night

* WITHOUT Upwork

* WITHOUT even breaking a sweat

* WITHOUT staring at a blank screen

See, you choose how big of an email list you want to build.

And you put the free list-building method into action.

It's just that simple.

Best of all, you don't need to spend money to do this unless you want to. 

You get to do it YOUR WAY.  

It works for the rawest newbie. Or the veteran with a lot on the ball.

If you're a newbie, i KNOW. I get it.  I done read your mind. You say: 

"Marlon, how can this Secret Honeypot help me when I have no product, no customers and I haven't even made my first buck yet."

That's EXACTLY why I'm so excited about this.

Complete green newbies are building lists of 200 as fast as 8 days.  And spinning up from there.

More than that, it's NOT just 1 or 2 "cherrypicked" examples who are doing this.

I'm surprised at how many are able to do it and how fast they're doing it.

Of course, they ARE following the plan and sticking to it every day consistently. That's the key.

What's so awesome whether you're a newbie or a veteran is you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel.

This is already figured out. People are doing it right now this VERY MINUTE and on the training I'll SHOW you that and prove it to you.

I can talk about it in writing. But I want to do the training on it because I feel SEEING is BELIEVING. And when you SEE IT, then you'll know it's real and something YOU can actually do.

If you're a newbie, your goal is to add 100 or 200 emails to your list within 8 to 30 days. That be your goal.

I love this.

I'd say the main way it'll help you is this:  If you own my other products but haven't actionized, productized and profitized, this Secret Honeypot can help you build your email list and finally get 'er done.

And get this: You can use it in conjunction with my Twenty Minute Promo Machine, Strange Ritual, A.I. Breakthrough and my other products and methods.

Once you have a list, everything else works better.  But this is NOT just about getting a list.

The purpose of a list is to GET SALES.

And that's absolutely the goal of this and the end result.  Anyone can build a big list of non-buyers.

What good is that?  It's vanity.

This is about building your list with people who can and will BUY from you with the right offer.

In other words, if you have my other products but haven't acted on them and turned them into sales, this will give you a practical tool to help you do that by banging out all the copy you need without pain.

Give it a shot and you'll see.

It's fun.  It works.  It's easy.  It's doable. It's practical. What more could you ask for?

And frankly, to have the feeling of community where everyone has an incentive to help each other out is so freaking refreshing.

It's NOT like Facebook groups where when you post, everyone tries to "one up" you.  Good grief. That is such a downer.

It's NOT like Youtube where you upload a video and then look later and see you have a whopping 5 views.

Youtube is great and can work. But man, that's a 6-month project to get traction.

Give it a shot.

That's all I ask. If it doesn't work for you (which frankly is ridiculous because it will), then hit me up on my support desk, tell me where you got stuck and couldn't make it happen. 

I'll give you a product that will solve THAT will better meet your needs.

THEN you WILL be able to make it happen.  See? Would you agree with me that's pretty fair?

I'm trying to be real here. And fair.

I don't care if you're a newbie trying to make your first buck, or you're a veteran.  Being able to have a realistic way to build your list makes a big difference.

But Marlon, I'm No Newbie. I Know How To Bring In The Dough.  What Will The Secret Honeypot Do FOR ME?  

 See, I'm like you.  We create products or promotions for our own products or affiliate products.

And we get money in the door.

What I can guarantee is this:  On the training I'll show you people building LARGE LISTS of super quality potential buyers pretty darned fast.

I'll remind you.  There are SIXTEEN incredibly detailed blow-by-blow breakdowns you'll get access to.

These are just several of them:

*  326,000 followers in 30 months
*  57,000+ list subscribers in 2 years
*  100,000 subscribers in 3 years
*  90,000 subscribers in 9 months
*  250,000 subscribers in 3 years

These reports are around 30 pages each and are beautifully illustrated complete with timelines.

Of course, these results aren't indicative of average results.  But when you go behind the scenes and see first hand how it's done, you'll be incredibly inspired.


✅ Where to Get access to a free guide that shows how the author went from 0 to 2,000 followers in 60 days -- and keeps growing fast  (A lot of these followers often turn into subscribers. So they also build your email list!)

✅  Step-by-step from 0 to 1500 in 45 days. (Just do these few things every day and it's within your reach also).

✅ How to go from 1 to 100 followers in 8 days. (And how to funnel those followers onto your email list)

✅ Video breakdown of how this person went from 425 to 8.6k while working full time! (Yes, you can do this as a lucrative side hustle. Many people do).

✅ How to go from 10 to 100 followers in 5 days.  (NOT having a following is no excuse. In 5 days you could have a following when you follow this plan)

✅ The inside scoop on the 13-year old girl whose friends told her she couldn't succeed online.  Six months later she had 3,43 0 followers and 191 email subs? (It's now 2 years later and she has 20,000 followers and made $100,000 last year)

✅  How to get your first 1,000 subs (This lays it out step-by-step.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  This training call is packed with practical examples, ideas, how to's and inspiration to get you going.

✔️  How to make your first dollar (Spelled out step-by-step.)

Here's Why I'm conducting the live training where you don't pay me a dime unless you love it

I know how incredible this discovery is.

I also know that you may be a little or a lot skeptical. So while you can pay in advance and get a juicy discount, if you want to attend the training live and pay only if you love it, I welcome that.

This discovery is super powerful.  There's a snowball's chance in hades you won't love it.

DISCLAIMER:  The numbers and dollar figures in this letter are not indicative of average results. I make no income claims.  But I CAN show you what others are doing right this very second that's very exciting.

introducing the secret honeypot -- a whole new world of email list building, networking and fast growth for free

Not having time or ability to do what needs to be done can cause anxiety.  Heart problems.  Hair loss.  All kinds of stuff.

That's why I produce these speed learning sessions.  Where you can absorb a month or month's of research in a short timespan.  I eat the learning curve FOR YOU.

That enables you to start getting results 5x or 10x faster, easier and with less stress (and less eyeball strain staring at the computer screen for hours researching stuff).

Here Are Just A Few Other benefits of using the secret honeypot that makes it different from any other list building thing you've heard about or tried

  • Literally within a minute or two, you can see real people like you who have grown their lists in the past 2 to 3 months by hundreds!  (And they'll give you a mini-course on how they did it -- for free!).
  • I don't know of any better way to build your list for free right now.  This is especially so if you have a job or are doing this in a minimum of time.
  • If you already have a good list or even a big list you're going to meet "players" who have doubled or tripled your results.  And share exactly what they did and how.  You won't find THAT on other social networks -- without joining a bazillion dollar coaching program.
  • You'll be able to meet new people like you and expand your network daily -- in a minimum of time.
  • With the quickstart newsletter, you'll be "in the loop" within 30 minutes.
  • You do NOT have to do ANY video at all to use this method.  Writing works fantastic. But you CAN use video if you want to.
  • l'm going to show you how to automatically get others to promote your list -- without you having to talk to anyone or ask. No affiliates!  No commissions!
  • You really can't screw it up. All the steps are very well documented.

start using the secret honepot immediately.  You can see results within  a few days --  Literally

My video training, PDF report, and access to incredible in-depth research reports and live streams in the Facebook group show you everything you need to start getting followers and opt ins literally within days. And then keep growing from there.

Here's what you get when you order today:

1.  You'll get the recordidng of my live training where I break down, show and explain step-by-step all the secrets I've covered on this page.

2.  You get my written newsletter showing you the Secret Honeypot and how people are using it to build followers and list really fast -- even starting from 0.

3. You'll get access to 16 in-depth, highly researched reports that show how people right now are building lists from 0 up to 200,000 in a few years.  Everything is shown step-by-step with timelines and screen caps.  Even if you're already a "big dog" you'll take tons of notes.

4. I'll give you the full back story on the 13-year old girl who built 3,430 followers and 191 email subscribers in only 6 months.  And two years later she now has a list of 20,000 and made $100,000 last year, according to her website.  If you have a son or daughter, or grandchild, show them this inspiring story.

5.  But if for some bizarre reason you can't see how the Secret Honeypot will work for you, just post to getyoursupport.com and I'll substitute a product of equal or greater value.

6.  You know how hard it is to get started when you're at 0? Well guess what?  You'll be able to chit chat with others right in your shoes who got going fast!  And you can follow in their steps.  You will NOT be alone.

7.  At last you can enjoy being supported by others on a similar quest instead of being trolled by them.  Others you don't even know will promote your posts for you.  

8  You get access to my FB group where I'm doing live streams daily the next week. And even beyond that.

9.  You get a member's area with additional videos and support materials.  I've selected some nice goodies and surprises just for you.

10.  You'll discover a whole new world inside a world and be able to network with other "Creators."  It's a brand new experience.

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After you pay, you'll have access to 4 weeks of follow up email consultation in case you have a nagging question or two.

You really can't lose. You pay me NOTHING unless you agree it was 100% worth the price and much more!

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