Create a Reel in ONE MINUTE and Get Leads Out The Wazoo!


Dear Friend,

Here are the views and leads I got in the past 9 days on Instagram:

* 80 views (and climbing) with 1 lead
* 49 views with 1 lead
* 444 views with 4 leads
* 1489 views with 4 leads
* 3,012 with 48 leads
* 1,007 with 7 leads
* 444 with 4 leads
* 1,618 with 4 leads
* 1,648 with 17 leads
* 635 with 3 leads
* 2,842 with 6 leads

I just started Facebook but it's cranking:

* 309 with 6 leads
* 248 views with 10 leads
* 786 with 37 leads
* 638 views with 31 leads
* 254 with 8 leads

I'm barely scratching the surface.  You can do FAR better than me if you focus on it.  

I've NOT even started cranking Youtube Shorts or TikTok.  I just did a few test videos on TikTok and got 250 to 500 views.

Almost No One Has a System To Turn Social Media Views Into Clicks, Leads and Sales

One of my friends gets 9,000 to 50,000 clicks per month.

The fascinating thing is, almost no one understands HOW to turn social media views into clicks, leads and sales.

Listen, if you already have more quality leads than you know what to do with, this isn't for you.

But if you have 30 minutes or an hour a day, I will show you exactly, precisely how to get the views and leads.  Then turn those views into leads and sales.

* NO money on Facebook ads
* NO recruiting affiliates unless you want to
* No reciprocal mailings
* NO software that doesn't work as promised
* NO slaving away day and night
* NO reciprocal mailings* NO recruiting affiliates

And that's not all....

Fact: 46.03% Who View My Profile CLICK These Are Pure Passive Leads

One of the ways you get leads is from people who view your profile and click.

With almost no work, right now 46.03%% of the people who view my profile click one of the links.   This results in you getting pure passive leads.  How beautiful is that?

I can show you tons and tons of screen caps and proof that I know what I'm talking about. And what I do works.  But  this is NOT about you becoming me. It's about new twists that are totally flexible to YOU and your life. And you can scale as large or small as you want.  I'm a pro so my results aren't indicative of average nor what you'll do. But they ARE  my results.

Take a look at what people say about me and my products

"You Sir Are
a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the
excellent material you've created
over the past 20 years.
You sir are a legend"



"I Respect and Admire
Your Work"

 "Marlon, you're a legend and one off the first 'gurus' I looked up to when I started online. I respect and admire your work, your enthusiasm and your kind words."



Here's a quick rundown of the FACTS and backstory:

Fact 1: The average organic Facebook Page post reach is a pitiful 0.07%

Fact 2:  The FB post reach is down 44% according to research by Ignite Social Media

You used to be able to get a lot of comments, shares and likes on posts. Now, compared to 1 year ago or less, it's down 44% UP TO 88% on some profiles.

It's hardly worth your effort to post anymore.

Fact 3:  All hope is NOT lost. There IS something that right now on FB is getting FANTASTIC organic reach.

* It's NOT live streaming. Those glory days have sailed

* It's NOT posts obviously

* It's NOT your FB page...lolz...that ship sailed a long time ago.

* It's NOT FB groups. You have to hustle hard to get distribution there.

The ONE THING that is working gangbusters is what I want to reveal to you and show you what to do, why it works and how to do it exactly step-by-step.

here's how you know if REELS for beginners is right for you

I'm not going to say Reels For Beginners is for everyone.

You can read the benefits below and decide for yourself.

Question 1:  Do you have 5 minutes a day?

It takes 15 seconds to do one Reel.  Then another minute or two to upload to Facebook, Youtube and TikTok (if you want).

Question 2: Do you need a system where you do NOT have to do long videos, live streams, a or write a bunch of stuff?

You do NOT need to record long videos (15 to 30 seconds will do ya).  Or blab on and on with a live stream. Or write reams.

All you have to do is record 15 or 30 seconds a day right into your phone. You don't even need a desktop or laptop. A phone will work perfectly.

If that sounds good, this is FOR you.

Question 3:  Would you benefit from a highly flexible method?

All you do is record your 15 or 30 second video each day and upload to a few sites. That's it.

You can squeeze in your recording whenever you have 5 minutes available during your hectic day.

Question 4:  Do you want to stay free from headaches, affiliate recips and tech nightmares?

You've probably been there, done that and didn't like it. Well you can breathe easy.

If that's you, then this system is FOR you. Because you just do you.

Question 5:  Is money less important than lifestyle?

If you want the big money, you can go for it.  I show you people who are doing that right now.

But most people will want to go at their own pace.  Take some time. Do it daily.  Be consistent.  You'll get your results.

Question 6:  Do you want the fast way or the slow way?

The slow way is you try to figure it out yourself.  The fast way is you let me share it with you.

reels for beginners makes so much sense, is so simple and eliminates all the reasons "not" to do it

The truly great thing is you do NOT need to buy a bunch of "stuff."  You need your brain, voice and a cell phone.

Basically, if you have a phone, you're in business. That's the awesome thing about it. Here's all you do each day:

Step one:  All you do is record your 1 video daily and upload to a few sites. It takes 5 minutes.

Listen, I know life comes at you fast.  Problems with your house, cars, insurance, bills, health, relatives.  So that's why you do you.  Whatever is right for you.

Step two:  Be consistent

If you read the book The Slight Edge, that's what it boils down to.

Rome wasn't built overnight. The key is consistency. You have to be in this for the long run.  You could hit a home run right out the gate. It happens.  But what we're after is steady opt-ins, leads, and sales.  Steady as she goes.

Step three:  Turn your leads into opt ins or sales

You'll be getting leads every day.  There are different ways you can turn your leads into sales, depending if you prefer entirely passive.  Or you want to do a little more in exchange for more money.  It's up to you.

I personally do a bit of both. I call it the "low hanging fruit" method. I get the easy opt ins and sales.

Step four:  Do more only if you want to

If you want more money, you just do more. It's that simple.


Here's what you get

You're going to get my Reels For Beginners. And, of course, the step-by-step methods to turn views into sales, which is critical.

Since it's FREE traffic, all you need  is your phone.  If you have your phone, you're in business.  You can take your busines with you anywhere!

Listen, this is simple and actionable.You can do your first Reel within minutes of watching my step-by-step video and reading the easy peasy instructions.

Even if you have no friends on Facebook or Instagram, you can STILL get views and leads galore.

You're success on social is UNLOCKED!

  • You don't need a following at all to get views and leads
  • No recips or affiliate hassles
  • No paid traffic
  • Create your first Reel in a minute or two
  • No "techie" skills needed

Module  One

live training friday MARCH  11

I want to personally show you live exactly how to do a Reel in under a minute. And get leads and sales from them.

I'm going to show you what to do and how to do it each day. I'll show you how to set up your passive list builder, so you have the power to build your list day and night.

I'm going to show you how to get MORE VIEWS on Reels.  And how to pull in the leads and build your list, Facebook group or get sales.

And then, after that I'll answer any questions you might have.  This will be a fun, exciting, power-packed hour long training.

That's right, it'll be a LIVE Q & A if you have any questions.

Module  TWO

in-depth reports showing how to get views, leads and sales

Videos are great because you can show over-your-shoulder what you're doing and how you're doing it.

But just for absorbing all the nitty gritty details, I like to read.  It's just faster to get all the info you need to start NOW.

And make no mistake. You'll be able to start NOW doing this.  It's NOT some pie-in-the-sky bye-and-bye thing.  It's what have you done for me lately!

That's why I'm giving you these essential reports.

Module  Three

your first reel done and online getting you views and leads -- in under 5 minutes

You don't need to wait to get results.

Or beat around the bush forever.

I'm going to give you a very simple checklist and a short video that will have you doing your first Reel in under 5 minutes.

And before you know it, you'll get leads too! BOOM!  You're in the game.

A friend of mine did this after talking to me and got lots of views his first time out!  It won't surprise me one bit if you do also.

Module  Four

four weeks of live coaching step-by-step and additional "big ticket" secrets revealed

Module four is so exciting!

You'll get access to 4 weeks of free coaching with a 4-week pass to my Fast Track.

I'll not only walk you through all my secrets step-by-step, I'll show you how some people make insane amounts of money using the very methods I'm sharing with you.

I'm revealing my sources. And you can deep dive for more info if you so desire.

When you go ahead right now and take fast action today,
you'll get some awesome bonuses

fast action bonuses 


how to do the pointing text bubble appearing and disappearing effect

One of the hottest effects right now is where you point to areas around you and text bubbles appear and disappear.

Then you have royalty free music cranking in the background.  

This is a smoking hot technique that lets people know you know what you're doing.  And these videos are all the rave right now.

They often get serious views and engagement.  You'll love my short, to-the-point, follow along with me video.


how to do the ultra-trendy voice over effect so many reels use

You've probably seen videos where the person is lip syncing to a short audio track.

These are very effective on Reels and TikTok.

Honestly, it's easy once you have someone show you exactly how to do it.

But I searched all over and watched tons of videos and couldn't figure it out.

Finally, I bought a program that showed me how to do it.  And now, I'm showing you.  This is the hottest rage.  And it's so easy to do once you knwo the secret.


how to set up your magic profile link
that gets you leads automatically and tracks your stats -- for free

You'll get complete stats like mine when people view your profile:

This is all FREE to set up.  And I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

I'll save you a boatload because other services charge you a substantial monthly fee for this.  But I'll show you how to use a free service that is just fantastic.  You'll be up and running in no time flat.

NO TECHIE problems. This is super simple stuff a beginner can do. But having the analytics is priceless.


Module 1 - Live training March 11, including q and a
Module 2 - In-depth reports showing how to get views, leads and sales simpler than you imagine
Module 3 - Your first reel done and  online, getting you views and leads -- in under 5 minutes
Module 4 - Four weeks of optional coaching (free pass)


BONUS 1: How to do the pointing text bubble with apeparing and disappearing effect

BONUS 2: How to do the ultra-trendy voice over effect so many popular Reels use

BONUS 3: How to set up your magic profile link that gets you leads automatically and tracks your stats -- FOR FREE!

Bonus 4:  Early bird bonus: Act now and get how to get notifications on your phone of super hot audios trending that day -- that you can use with permission in 1 click!


I realize you may have a question or two or just not be 100% CERTAIN this is for you now.

It's ok. I'm giving you a 10-day replacement guarantee to check it out and take it for a trial spin.

If it's not your cup of tea, I'll swap it out for another product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

Please remember, all marketing, all business, involves the potential for gain or loss.  My results are not typical, so yours will obviously vary for better or worse.