Why Rebrand The Exit Bux Report With Your Affiliate Link?

Rebrand: To insert your affiliate link right into the PDF, so it's hard coded.  Thus, if someone clicks, you get credit for the sale.  

Without this, lets say the person clicks your affiliate link then sees any email from someone else with a link. They click it and YOUR cookie is overwritten  and you don't get credit for the sale.

1.  Track sales BEYOND 60 days

Warriorplus cookies last for 60 days.  Cookies are the geeky thing that causes you to credit for a sale you refer.  But this tracking mechanism only lasts for 60 days from the time a person clicks on your affiliate link.

But lets say John Jones downloads the PDF report and in 30 days clicks on the link in the report. That sets a brand NEW 60 days of tracking in motion.

2.  Hard coded tracking

By having your affiliate link inserted right into the PDF, if the person clicks on the link, your cookie overwrites any existing cookies and if they buy before clicking any other link, you get credit for the sale.

Hard coded links are a great way to protect your affiliate commissions and make sure you get paid for what you earned.

When you rebrand, all 5 links in the report will be replaced with YOUR affiliate id.

3.  Spread the reports around on Facebook WITHOUT triggering the Facebook ban mechanism.

You can't post Warriorplus or JVZoo links on Facebook.  But at the time I'm writing this, you can still link to PDF files.  So you can share the PDF knowing that YOUR affiliate link is hard coded into the report.

One way to get good interaction is to post a teaser for the report and ask them to comment if they want a copy.  Then you post the link in response.  Interestingly enough, people keep commenting even though you publish the same link in response to each person.

4.  Put the report in your autoresponder sequence

This is a great way to get passive, automatic sales.  

5.  Give away the report on your thank you and download pages

This works greast because you're  getting it into the hands of someone who just took an action and is more likely to take another one.

6.  Give away the branded version of the report in your Ecourses

If you do ecourses to promote products, you can give away this report in your ecourse to bring in sales.  The ecourse links to the report.  By rebranding the report with your affiliate link you get that extra peace of mind you'll be credited for sales.

7.  Give away the report in a P.S of broadcast emails you send to your list

You can do it as a p.s. or just an area at the bottom of your emails like this:

Freebie report shows the one
change that took an info profits
business from $2k a month to
$20ik. Download here.

How Much Does It Cost
To Rebrand The Report?

The rebranding fee is only $39 one-time.  After you pay you'll go  to a page where you paste in your affiliate link for Warriorplus, click the rebrand button and boom!  You can download your branded version of the report, or simply link to your version of the report on my server.

Click here to rebrand the report now

There are a few simple rules, of course.  You agree:

*  Not to spam

*  Not to promote the report in any illegal fashion

*  Not to make income claims.  

*  Not to make misrepresentations nor illegal claims of any sort

*  Abide by the terms of my affiliate program and those of Warriorplus

*  There are no refunds on rebranding fees.

*  Should the product promoted in the report be changed or discontinued, a different product may be substituted.  In rare cases a report could be retired.

*  You'll receive whatever level of commissions my affiliate program assigns to you.  This does not change or alter your commissions percentage.

*  There's no guarantee you'll make any sales by distributing the report.

Failure to follow these simple rules may result in affiliate commissions being withheld or your status as an approved affiliate being withdrawn.  

Support:  http://getyoursupport.com

Click here to rebrand the report now