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Marlon here.

It’s time to reload.

To get your fire back.

To get your passion back.

You’ve been out of the game. Or laying low. You took some time off.

Maybe due to health reasons. Or you lost your drive. Maybe there were family problems.

But it’s time.

It’s time to get your fire back.

It’s time to get your passion back.

But most importantly...


Maybe your emails lists are sitting on a backup on your hard drive somewhere. And you need to REACTIVATE them. Recoup what you can. And get it going again.

First you take a day off. Or you slack off.

A day becomes a week.

A week becomes a month.

A month becomes a year.

A year becomes years.

However much you took off, slacked off or just retreated from, your season of winter is over.

You’re ready.

Ready to get your list reloaded and back online.  Back to mailing every day.

You’re ready to reactivate old lists.

You’re ready to send emails again.

You’re ready to get VISIBLE again.

To do whatever it takes.

But you need to rekindle your vision. Your passion.  Your fire.

And then you need to get products going.  Launches out.

But with a new SIMPLICITY. A new PURPOSE.  A new DIRECTION.

This is why I developed the …


I’ve been doing this gig full time sine 1997.

A lot of crap goes down in that many years.

My mum got alzheimers.  And it was a long goodbye.

My dad had cancers and numerous issues.

It’s emotionally draining.


You lose some focus on business.

For me, I never stopped. I kept all the drive going I could. But it was exhausting.

I went through the death of mum.  And later my dad.  And, of course, all the legal and estate issues. Too many attorney meetings.


I’ve also had my share of health issues as I’ve grown older.  You know, a bit of high blood pressure.  A pain here or there.  A root canal.  All that fun stuff that happens when you’re not 21 anymore.

You wake up one day and things are a bit untidy.  A bit of a mess.

Or for some of my friends, a total WRECK.

One day they woke up and their autoresponder was inactive.

No email list other than backups on their hard drive.

Not sure how they’d reboot.


✅ We’re going to talk about your drive, vision and passion. And rekindle or get you going again in a positive direction.

✅ We’re going to look at a NEW MODEL of launching info products online that takes the PAIN OUT.  That sets you on fire to do the fun part of the business which is CREATE. Which gets rid of all the anal retentive, soul killing over planning and paralysis of analysis.

In sort, we’re going to set you on FIRE to be a CREATOR again.  And find your creative energy.

Without all the drag.

Without all the draining flowchart crap you have no desire to do.

Without EVER needing to create that one soul-sucking signature program.

✅ We’re going to deep dive on how to reactivate those lists of yours.  If they’re on your hard drive, we’ll get them off of there, cleaned up and back onto a service where you can mail them.

I showed a friend how to do this and he made $70K the next month after he had the list back online.   He only had one jerk complain.  And the rest was smooth sailing.

✅ We’re going to get you refocused on a new vision of possibility. 

✅ We’re going explore different options on motivational and inspirational people, resources, Kindle books and programs at all price levels that can spur you on to greater accomplishment. I love sharing the great people, resources and programs I discover.

✅ We’re going to get you CREATING NEW PRODUCTS and get you LAUNCHING AGAIN! Because there’s no monetization without productization.

✅ We’re going to look at the best resources NOW to run your business. From hosting to email services, payment processors, vendors, page builders, funnel builders and so forth. Just what I’m using now. And seeing used successfully. Depending on how long you’ve been out of the game, you might need some recommendations. I mean, things DO change.

✅ Comeback stories. I’ve helped a few friends come back in BIG WAYS. And I’ve also had friends I couldn’t help. What are the differences if you want YOUR comeback or reboot to be successful?

✅ Handling the MINDSET issues. Let’s be real here. Most of the comeback issues are MENTAL and emotional. You’ve already created products before. Launched things. So you know how. But it’s getting the mindset part back on track that is most important.

✅ What’s working NOW in marketing. This is a big one. The scene has changed. And you need to be up to speed on what’s working FOR ME right now.  

In short, I’ll show you how to get back up to speed without spending money on ads to start. As you know, ads are a ramp up. And can suck your funds dry fast if you aren’t ready for them.  We’ll look at a totally organic ramp up. The things I’m doing right now that are working and I’m excited about.

Who Is This For?

✔️ You've lost momentum and need to get it back

✔️ You've allowed your lists to become inactive or you haven't been mailing them. And you need to revive, rescitate and reactivate your email lists.

✔️ You've been detracted and unfocused due to personal issues. But you know now is your time. Now is your day. It's the day you get it going again.  

✔️ You need to reboot because something happened that caused you to lose steam. You've been there and done that before. But sometimes the second time around is harder.

✔️ You want to gain back your passion and enthusiasm for your marketing. You know that putting it off a day becomes a week. A week becomes a month. And a month becomes a year. You want to make today COUNT again.

✔️  You changed gameplans and have done other things. But now you want to revive your Internet marketing business. You want to get BACK ON TRACK again.

If any of those statements are true, this is for you.

Why Me? Why Now?

I'll be candid.

Let’s just say I’m over 60. We won’t say how FAR over 60 I am.

And not many people have been through the ups and downs like I have. And had friends go astray then make a successful comeback.

Not many have gone through all the things I have successfully.

As for why NOW, the question is simple:

How much more time do you want to let slip by?

NOW is your time.  Now is the day the reboot.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Not next month.

A day becomes a week becomes a month becomes a year.  Don’t wait another year.  OR it’ll be just that much harder to reboot.

Reboot now.


It's Time to SAY YES to REBOOTING, and Join Me In 10 Days of Reactivation, Rejuvenation and Revitalization!It's Time to Get Your Mojo Back, To Rediscover Your Passion. To Get Back To the Power Player You Know You Are!

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Here’s What You Get

Here’s What You Get

You get 10 days of guidance, help and assistance in the form of audio, video and PDF’s.

I give you an assignment each day.

You get a new “drop” every day.

You can ask me questions which I’ll either personally or in the content. 

Every day you get audio, video or written content to set you ON FIRE again:

1.  Finding your passion or reviving it

2.  Getting your mental state back STRONG

3.  Reactivating your email lists or spinning a new one up from scratch

4.  Making offers to your email list again

5.  Finding your new purpose

6.  Getting up to date on what I'm doing now that's working gangbusters

7.  Putting my new "super power" launch plan into action

Don Scott 

"OG Marketing Guru"

"I had the very good fortune to speak to my friend and OG marketing guru Marlon Sanders today at length.

My take away is that if Marlon is speaking and you're not taking notes as fast as you can, you're an idiot.

Marlon, thank you SO much for your help and insights to day, you are awesome!"

"Changed the Trajectory of My Life"

"Marlon, Many moons ago, you're the second person I ever bought a product from, and it was the very first one that really gave me the confidence, I can do this thing!

I'm just an Iowa farm boy who thought he would end up being a middle school or High School Social Studies Teacher + Coach. I've ended up managing launches with Jeff Walker, writing copy in house for Stansberry and selling over $XXX million in products/services for my clients, employers and myself over the years. It's no exaggeration to say you played a part in changing the trajectory of my life. So first, THANK YOU!"



"I Can Never Repay Y'all for Your Leadership"

"RESPECT to The 6 Horsemen of Internet Marketing Nowadays there are hundreds of IM Gurus... but these are the only 6 OG's that I learned from in the 90's 

Corey Rudl (RIP)
Declan Dunn
Marlon Sanders
Terry Dean
Mark Joyner
Levi Jonathan Mizel
I can never repay y'all for your leadership & pioneering Changed my life. 

"You are a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the excellent material you've created over the past 20 years or so. You slr are a Legend"



"Successful and Rigorously Honest"

"Marlon, you've always told me (and everyone else) the straight and honest truth, whether we were grown up (or experienced) enough at the time to understand it or not.

You've been both mentor and friend to at least the marketers in my circle, over the years - especially the successful ones.

You're both personally successful and rigorously honest - a combination considered impossible (by some) in MMO circles.

My deepest respect to you, as you already know Hagar Kelly."

"You're one of the great marketing minds of all times"

"If you don't mind me saying this Marlon, I came for the book contest, but I'm definitely staying if you keep delivering this type of content. You're one of the great marketing minds of all times!"


Imran Md

"He's The Reason I Get to Keep Growing My Knowledge"

"I'm blessed to have amazing people like Marlon Sanders coaching and guiding me along the way, at wee hours of the morning each day. He's the reason I get to keep growing my knowledge and knowing what new stuff to implement.

Thank you kind sir!"

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