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Marlon here.

A few weeks back, I released a little lead generator.

Within 24 hours, it got 20 opt ins to my email list.

* WITHOUT  promoting mlm offers
* WITHOUT doing ANY seo methods
* WITHOUT slaving away for hours
* WITHOUT making TikTok videos 

When I asked in the group what you all wanted a newsletter on, you said list building, so here you go.

I decided to do this product BECAUSE there are 3 big, killer obstacles STOPPING most people dead in their tracks from building their email list.

And I want to share solutions to all 3. So you can finally get your list growing.

Only moments from now, I’ll be sharing a method almost no one knows and even fewer do that gives you virtually instant results. Or certainly can.

>> You WILL be able to generate leads on demand for free.

>> You WILL have a method for closing them on small or big tickets.

>> You WILL have a method for building your lists.

There are several basic, core ways you build a list that are like breathing:

1. Affiliates and JV partners

2. Organic content marketing

3. Paid ads

4. Viral traffic

In general, you’re going to hear a ton of really, really slick pitches by teachers of the craft that show getting huge amounts of opt ins almost overnight.

This is somewhat similar to going to the carnival midway and having the barker show you how easy it is to win the giant dog stuffed animal.

The game is rigged for 1,001 reasons.

What you want is a systematic way to build your list that converts for you.

Here's The Big Secret i didn't know until now

Normally, I don't emphasize SPEED any. But here's what I found out.  The other day I listened to an Alex Hormozi podcast.

Alex owned a number of gyms. And he'd put new people on a starvation diet to lose weight in 2 weeks.

The shocking reason is that people who get FAST results are more motivated than those who don't.  Because it makes them believe they CAN get results FAST.

So what the heck.  Let's dig into the Quick List Generator. This is something I personally use. And it 100% works.

The thing that wins is CONSISTENCY.

Here's an actual screen cap of subscribers I got over time by being very consistent.

Not indicative of average results. Your results will vary.

Can I be candid with you?

If you're reading this, you're probably a customer, or at least a member of my list or Facebook group.

I said this first in Amazing Formula back in 1997, if I recall.  It was true then.  It's true now. It'll be true 100 years from now.

The money is in the list.

Here are examples of money I've made largely because I had a list:

While these ARE my results, keep in mind they are NOT INDICATIVE of average results. Your results  will vary.

Here's the big rub with building your list. And what stops so many people:

Problem 1:  Most people start out WITHOUT credibility, a reputation or a following.

So how do you generate leads or opt ins when you're a beginner.  Or you're not known to an existing audience

That's a problem that HAS to be solved to build your list.  In just a second, I'll share with you the solution I came up with.

Problem 2:  It's pretty darned costly to buy ads to build your list.  

Facebook isn't a billion dollar corporation because they sell cheap ads.  This is a tough one to solve also.

Problem 3:  You've likely tried a number of things that didn't work.

What you need are things that actually move the needle.  But what?

I'll share with you my answer in a moment.


Take a look at what people say about me and my products

"You Sir Are
a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the
excellent material you've created
over the past 20 years.
You sir are a legend"



"I Respect and Admire
Your Work"

 "Marlon, you're a legend and one off the first 'gurus' I looked up to when I started online. I respect and admire your work, your enthusiasm and your kind words."



Here's what you get

Above I talked about the 3 big problems people have getting traffic.

What I'm going to do is give you solutions to all 3 of those problems.

I'll do that in multiple PDF's and the video training, where I'll break down step-by-step how to overcome these 3 killer obstacles.

Maybe you've tried everything. But what's inside of Quick List Generator could be the switch that finally transforms you from a consumer to a producer.

Or simply gives you everything you need to get started asap. Nothing is held back. It's all in the modules below.

  • No big budget is needed
  • No seo
  • No solo ads
  • No mlm
  • You don't have to be a "techie"

Module  One

quick list generation made crystal

In this first module, I'll give you a super meaty report that's a total DEEP DIVE on list building.  It's chock full of actual examples.  Video tutorials. And instructions.

It's RARE to see something with this level of research and detail behind it.

You'll discover:

*  How to target local business owners

*  Secrets of maximum engagement

*  How to come up with 15 ideas in 5 minutes

*  What to do if you get crickets?
*  All about joint ventures

*  Building your list with viral marketing 
*  All about organic list building
* What you should know about Linked In
* Straight talk about paid ads

After you've read this report, a whole new world of lead generation will open up to you.

This is a 

Module  Two

How I got 1 in 102 people in the world to my websites

I got 1 out of every 102 in the world surfing with an English browser to one of my websites as measured by 24 hour cookies.

In this in-depth report, I explain in detail how I did it with many examples and proof.

Module  Three

The amazing story of 850,000 optins using freebies 

This one blows me away.

In my research, I ran across a lady who got 850,000 opt ins to her list using FREEBIES that she gave away on Youtube and her blog!

You get TWO full, in-depth training videos I discovered on the method.  This is a super duper eye opener!  If you can do little cheat sheets and checklists, you have the power to blow up your email list!

Imagine getting 20 or 30 opt ins your first try!  It's entirely possible.

Module  Four

list building training deep dive

I want to help you build your list.

On this training I can virtually guarantee you'll see a whole new world of list building and automation you never dreamed existed!

And I cover the quick list generators you can use RIGHT NOW to move the needle!

Module  Five

access to 4 week's coaching and member's area with suprise goodies

You not only get all of the above, you get access to 4 week's coaching. And my full member's area which has more surprise goodies not mentioned here.


Module 1 - Quick list generation made crystal
Module 2 - How I got 1 in 102 to my websites
Module 3 - Two training videos on getting 850,000 optins using freebies
Module 4 - Deep divve list building training, so you get up to speed fast
Module 5 - Access to 4 week's free coaching and surprise goodies


I realize you may have a question or two or just not be 100% CERTAIN this is for you now.

It's ok. I'm giving you a replacement guarantee.

If it's not your cup of tea, I'll give you another product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

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