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Products In A Flash Immersion Video Training

1. Shortlist of best potential areas / Topics for products

Choosing a topic is one of the areas a lot of people get stuck in. So on this video I break it down and make it 10X easier for you. What's the KEY to a good topic? How do you avoid dogs? What do a LOT of people overlook in choosing their topic?

2. Easiest topics to start with for fastest results.

Once you've identified your overall TOPIC or area, you THEN need to extract out those magical elements that will cause people to whip out their credit cards and give YOU the digits.

This video has a super simple method that will enable you to do that.

3. How to come up with big $ buyer ideas. Back end.

The money is in the list AND in what we call the "back end." The back end is what people buy AFTER the initial sale.

You want to know UPFRONT how and when you're going to make your bigger ticket sales. This video holds the key.

4. How to nail down your product ideas - 6 different ways to keep ideas flowing and find gems.

It's time to unlock the product ideas you've already identified. See, I take you by the hand step-by-step and LEAD you to a successful product that sells and sells.

5. Survey process to find what will sell and don't waste time/money.

I'm the ONLY person you'll likely find who teaches this UNUSUAL and UNIQUE survey method I got from a huge marketing company. And it's golden.

This method will SAVE YOU from making dumb, stupid, costly mistakes and from promoting dead ducks that don't quack. This is a signature method I'm known for.

6. Killer Sales Message design so you get sales - 9 step formula.

I've taught my sales letter writing formulas in 120 seminars around the world. Here you'll get one of the best crash courses ever!

You'll have a step-by-step process to craft sales messages that flat out get people to fork over money.

7. Product outline to make it easy/fast to do product.

No one wants to take the slow route. You want the FAST route right? Well, this is how you do it.

It sounds simple. But when I show you how to easily and simply bang out your product outline, the light bulbs will turn on!

8. How to record simply and easily - What equipment will do the job?

I cover FREE and PAID options. The fastest, simplest, easiest way to do this deal is revealed in this eye-opening video.

Why waste time mucking around with things that don't work. Save time and avoid frustration by going with what is proven to work.

9. What you need to test your product to see if it will sell.

As FAST as you can, you want to TEST your product idea to see if it will SELL.

This video gives you the crucial, critical how-to's based on my experience since 1997 in creating and launching dozens of products.

10. How to improve it.

Now that you HAVE a seller, THEN you enhance and improve. This video gives you the "need to know" scoop on this.

You'll FEEL confident in what to do and how and why to do it.

11. What need to know about rolling it out.

Oh my gosh. This is the best part. Rolling out! Wow. That is where the fun and the money comes in.

I explain here what I do to roll out a winning promotion.

12. How to expand profits.

The FINAL STEP is to expand your profits.

Here I give you all you need to know to get started doing just that.

The SECRET to making a lot of money fast is to expand bigtime once you get a proven, tested winner.

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Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders