I Guarantee
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In Just 4 Weeks (or less...) I Guarantee You'll
Create AND SELL Your Own $27 Info-Product
-- Or I'll Give You a FULL Money-Back Refund --

PLUS... I'll Buy It From You For Up To $100
And You Can Keep All $814.90 in Extra Bonuses!

From: Marlon Sanders
Location: San Antonio, Texas
January 10, 2019


Marlon here.

It's called Old School....

And what it means is that instead of messing around with ideas that may or may not pan out, that cost money and may never bring any back to you, or that simply aren't proven to be Evergreen, you spend your time, money and energy following a simple, proven model that has been working for hundreds of years...

You create products and promote them hard. In other words, you create products and sell them. This is the ONLY way out of the trap of trading time for dollars.

I call it "Secrets of Becoming a Producer and a Promoter of Products, Instead of a Consumer Only", or "Produce & Promote" for short.

Until now, there have been obstacles standing
in the way of your being able to easily
create your own info-products...

  • Expensive software with complicated learning curves.
  • Not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it.
  • Not having ideas on how to write your sales letter.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • No accountability for following through to get things done.
  • Wasting time on methods that change "overnight".
  • Working your tail off trying to get "Google Love", then getting "slapped" for doing anything at all.
  • Joining very high priced coaching programs only to end up months later STILL not having your own product to sell!

Become a Producer
and a Promoter

Today it ends.

Today is the day you STOP spending all your money on products that produce poor or no results.

Today is the day you STOP spending all your money on the newest, latest "bright and shiny object" that one year from now will be out-of-date, broken and obsolete.

Today is the day you STOP spending money OUT of your bank account and not getting money INTO your bank account.

Today is the day you can go from being a consumer, to producing and promoting your own product!

There are 3 Reasons Why I've Decided To Teach This
...and What My Qualifications Are

For 7 years, more or less, I lived what I call
the 30-minute workday.

Here's a joke I tell my friends with a bit of truth in it: I read that book the Four Hour Work Week. It's really good. Only thing is, I realized that if I applied it, I'd have to work another 3 hours a week!

Really, most days I had about 30 minutes or sometimes an hour of "real work" to do. Everything else happened like clockwork. I see a lot of marketers now claiming to have been in this business since 1996, or 1998.

Which is fine. The thing I have that other marketers don't during all those years is a record of sales of $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000 a month, month after month, year after year beginning in 1998, and significant online sales before that.

I wasn't on the internet. I was SELLING on the Internet. And that's a huge difference. And not only that, I lived the lifestyle working from home for most of that time. I didn't get an office until a few years ago and even now, I've gone back to my "virtual" office.

I have lived the 30-minute workday for many years and created dozens of systems over that time period.

I've been producing, creating, promoting and
selling info products since BEFORE the world wide web existed.

You can go all the way back to the AOL and Compuserve days. You can go back BEFORE digitally delivered products existed and my garage had manuals and tapes stacked high.

I've created, produced and promoted dozens of products, sent out hundreds, if not thousands, of emails. Obtained over 250,000 subscribers. I've been there and done that. And will share with you how YOU can make the exciting transition from being a learner to a DOER, from consuming to promoting.

I've done more things right and also
made more mistakes than most

You often don't learn until you make mistakes. So I've been on both sides of the coin. I've done more things right than most and made more mistakes more than most.

So I know what to do and what not to do.

There is unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, unconscious competence and conscious competence.

Today is the day you go from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence. And it starts here. It starts with becoming a producer and a promoter of products. It starts with finding the Creator inside of you and STOP making excuses for why it can't be done and start finding reasons it CAN be done.

That's a change that happens in your brain.

And that's a change that has to happen. There are those non-producers who find an endless stream of reasons it can't be done, why it's not the right time, day or month, reasons it won't work for them.

And there are producers who simply decide to get it done and find reasons they CAN make it work.

Are you going to spend the rest of your life as a consumer or a producer? Today is the day you find out the answer to that question.

Here's What I Can Do
... and Hopefully You Can as Well!

Here are the results of just a few of my promotions. Without big, complex product launches, without begging my friends to email for me, without whoring out my list to JV offers, without promoting junk I don't believe in, without compromising my morals and ethics, I've made:

* $40,430.42 in 3 days
* $23,997.73 in 2 days
* $19,233.95 in 1 day
* $8,496+ in 7 days

Keep in mind, not all my promotions do that well and these numbers are NOT indicative of average results. You may do better or you may not ever do numbers like these. I don't know you, so I can't predict what you'll do.

But I CAN tell you I'll not only reveal the secrets of producing and promoting products but I'll guide you step-by-step and hold you accountable for doing it.

You Get Actual Whiteboard Sessions
Where I Go On a Real Whiteboard
And "Break-It-Down" For You

During the 4 weeks of the Produce and Promote course includes actual whiteboard sessions where I'll show you on a digitall whiteboard exactly what you need to do and show you how to do it.

Here's how it works: I'm hosting a series of whiteboard events called Secrets of Becoming a Producer and Promoter of Products. My sessions last 90 minutes more or less and you receive a copy of the  Recording of each session along with video when applicable.

 It's Like Being at a Seminar  -- Without Airfare & Hotel Fees!

Now, these sessions have the benefits of a seminar, except you attend over the Internet instead of in person, so you save the hotel, airfare and hassle.

These sessions will be conducted so you can actually SEE me breaking stuff down on a digital whiteboard via so you interact JUST LIKE you were right in my office sitting in a chair right in front of me.

I'll also show you "over-the-shoulder" screen cap training and explain where to click and what to do.

This is BEYOND a "slideshow" webinar. This is whiteboard training and over-the-shoulder video action, and that is why I have to strictly limit the number of participants. I just can't handle that many people in a format like this.

You get it ALL. You'll see my computer screen or whiteboard, hear my voice and unlike being at a live seminar, you don't have to hunt me down in the hall on breaks.

The reason I'm using the digital whiteboard and webinar format is my customers get the best results with it. For this class, an ebook just won't do it. I needto be able to ask you questions and make SURE you're on the right track.

And not only that, I wanted to build a level of accountability you can't get elsewhere. Finally, the webinar lets me SHOW YOU the systems. You just can't do this on a teleseminar.

There are two BIG benefits of my whiteboard
and webinar format:

 Benefit #1

The classes are provided to you in audio AND on video, so you get to watch it at your leisure, zeroing in specifically on any parts that you want to review.

What's more, you can snag the audio, stick it on your mp3 player or Ipod and listen to it while walking, working, jogging, or running errands.

Benefit #2

Here's the best part:

You'll get instant access to Push Button Target Markets instantly, so you can start RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, next week or next month.

Here Are Four Good Reasons To Say Yes
To Your New and Very Exciting Future
as a Producer and Promoter of Products

  1. You will create your very first system that you can conduct yourself or outsource immediately

    You'll do this in week one immediately. So this is NOT just some thing where you get all excited and end up with no result.

    You WILL create a product and get results -- guaranteed, as long as you follow my simple step-by-step system.

  2. You will have accountability for results

    You'll be expected to create a product and promote it, so you're actually DOING and getting results in 4 weeks, not just learning tons.

  3. You will get feedback on your systems.

    I'm devoting week 4 just to giving feedback on the product and promotions the members create.

  4. You'll have unlimited access to ALL RECORDINGS and course materials.

    NO waiting for weeks and weeks for the lessons to be held. Everything is delivered to you on the live training sessions over just 4 weeks.

    You'll get videos, templates and example step-by-step processes that you can use immediately to start producing and promoting! You get unlimited access for 1 year.

  5. Sessions start Tuesday January 15 at 7 pm CST.

    If you are unable to attend, the sessions will be recorded.

Check Out What You'll Get
Delivered To You!

Week #1: How to Create Your Own Product In 3 Hours That Will Sell For at Least $27, If Not More

  • Choose 1 of these 3 product angles.
  • The product idea method that will give you endless product ideas within 15 minutes that no one else has likely thought of. And they have a high-probability hit rate. You've not heard this one before in any of my trainings anywhere.

  • The only 6 places you need to go to research your product in a few hours.
  • How to do cool stuff with Camtasia that makes your products look professional and feel 10X more valuable.

  • How to find a tipping point idea that gives you the greatest chance of having your own breakthrough product, just like I talked about in Ockham's Razor
  • The only product format you should start with and why.

  • Top 10 list of product titles you can SWIPE.
  • Your product outline already done for you -- just follow the outline.

  • What to click, how to click it and how to get a good result
  • Brainstorm your ideas live with Marlon on the Interactive Whiteboard.

  • The easy way to avoid most "tech nightmare" stuff

Week #2: Drop Dead Sales Ideas For Your New Product Given To You On A Silver Platter

  • I'm going to brainstorm sales ideas for your product live on the training.
  • Maybe YOU can't write great copy yet. But what if a top notch copywriter like myself GAVE you leads, headlines, angles or copy ideas right on the call?

  • You might would pay $1,000 or more to just TALK to a top copywriters about your copy. But now, you'll be the beneficiary of the best ideas for you -- all included.
  • I can only promise this critique to the first 12 people who register, so you'll want to be one of the first 12. But we'll get to as many people as we can in the 2 hours.

  • This is ALSO your chance to hear the ideas of different copywriters at different price points to see who you might want to work with.

Week #3: The latest, newest video promotion secrets -- How to create videos that sell YOUR stuff for you... while you're goofing around having fun!

  • How NOT knowing about this trick will cause you to pull ALL your hair out and how simple it is to use once you know the secret.
  • ​The SECRET to making crystal clear over-the-shoulder videos that took me 2 months to figure out. But YOU can do it in 2 minutes once I show you how.

  • The incredible program that makes doing video the FUNNEST thing in the world. It's almost addictive.

  • How to do your own whiteboard videos just like I do.

  • The SIMPLE lighting tool that REMOVES wrinkles and makes you look 10 years younger. This IS the key to video that looks good and doesn't suck.

  • I tried every video protection trick I could for member's area to keep my stuff from getting "ripped." One of them became a total nightmare for me. Now, I'm so happy to share the easiest, simplest and best way to protect your content.

  • The ONE thing I've found that makes people eat up your videos like candy. This is a subtle one and it took me a year to figure out. (It's the real secret behind Frank Kern's videos}

  • How to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your video hosting. This is so simple your 12-year old can do it. But you can get a huge bill accidentally if you don't know this.

  • How to live stream like a pro using free software. How do you handle lighting? What about audio? How do you live stream into Facebook?

Week 4: How to Get All The Free Traffic You'll Ever Need Without Letting Facebook Bleed You Dry Like a Turnip

  • Pay for your Training by saving a boatload of money on traffic scams almost guaranteed to NOT work.

  • Stupid, dumb free traffic ideas you want to avoid at all costs

  • The ONLY software you need to get free traffic and how to get it for free

  • The one secret that allowed me to get several million visitors to my websites for FREE without paying for it.

  • How to buy solo ads and always make money. Solo ads are NOT my free traffic secret but they CAN give you almost unlimited free traffic when you know 100% your profit is virtually guaranteed within 30 days. You've never heard this taught before.

  • The secret of a true, honest-to-goodness traffic machine you've never, ever heard taught before.

  • If you DO decide to use Facebook ads, here's how to NOT get bled dry like a turnip and the best free training I've found.

  • How do you get FAST, almost instant traffic that is high quality and converts?

Remember where I said becoming a producer and promoter of your own products wasn't even the best part?

That's because I've discovered secrets of doing online video that make it an absolute blast to do your own video promotions or add video to your blog or products. It's amazingly easy to do ONCE you know the tricks, turns and secrets I've NOT heard anyone else revealing.

If you've tried video and thought it sucked or was too expensive or too much effort, it's because you do NOT know THESE secrets!

Week one is a "whiteboard" session and "over-the-shoulder" how to training, click-by-click.

Week two is a lot of brainstorming to help you develop your sales offer. We get personal and one-on-one.

Week three is a lot of "over-the-shoulder" since I HAVE to be able to show you my computer screen to demonstrate how to use the software (software not included but there are free alternatives available).

Week four is also a digital whiteboard session.

In Addition To the Four Weeks of Training, You Also Get Two Amazing Bonuses!

How to Sell Your First 10 Products And Pay For Your $27 product training Training

  • How To build your list WITHOUT spending money!

  • How to set up your promotion in 30 minutes

  • Templates to use immediately

  • Step by step video on what to do.

  • The 3 steps you must take to go to the next level

  • What To do AFTER Creating Your First Product

You Get Instant Access to "Push Button Target Markets"

  • Push Button Target Markets EASY to implement.

  • It works for mini sites, membership sites, bloggers, emailers, video marketers and much, much more. Whatever you need target markets for, it can help you.

If you do, this offer will be gone.

 I'll Show You 4 Ways to   Erase the Cost of The EVENT

This is NOT For Everyone

Listen, if you're broke and desperate, if you've spent thousands and not made anything, if you can't do basic stuff on the computer or if you're powerless and feel you need someone else to make it happen for you, this is NOT for you.

I don't want "blood money."
I don't want you to go in debt to buy this.
I don't want to take food off your table.
I don't want to take new clothes away from your kids.
I don't need your money.
I don't want you to borrow on your life insurance policy or spend your Social Security money nor steal from your retirment savings.

This is for able, capable people who have some basic computer skills, the ability, desire and willingness to learn and who are proactive in life.

Take week one of the "Secrets of Becoming a Producer and Promoter of Products, NOT just a Consumer". You will get interactive training.

And, by acting now you will SAVE $300 off the price I plan to charge when I turn it into a "box set".

YOUR price is only $499 $399 today. That's MORE than half off the regular price of the course when I roll it out!

You can erase the cost by doing any of these 4 things:

  1. You will create your own $27 product and promote it during the event.

    That gives you chance #1 to self liquidate the event fee and erase the cost.

  2. You'll discover how to save at least $500 on stuff you'd likely waste or spend money on.

    From hosting to software to training to ebooks. I'll reveal how to save money, what to spend money on and what to dump.

  3. You get ideas for YOUR sales letter which would normally cost you up to $1,000 for critiques or brush ups!

    This alone erases the cost of the event in comparison to buying their services.

  4. You'll find out how to save a fortune on video and other fees.

    I'll show you the secret insiders use to save a small fortune on hosting fees, software, hosting, needless junk, traffic scams and production.

Respond Right Now
And You'll Also Get

In addition to the 2 bonuses mentioned above, I'm going to INCLUDE 2 additional bonuses valued at $814.90 -- just for taking action right now!

The $814.90 in extra bonuses includes:

  • The "Product Dashboard Coaching Audios" ($697.00)

    Finally, every product creation secret revealed!

    Through this set of 6 weeks of audio you WILL discover exactly how to create products fast and roll them out successfully!

  • The "Turbo Charged Info-Product Dashboard" ($117.90)

    This is the ONLY "point 'n click system for creating info-products that sell like crazy!". Just click on an icon, follow the steps. Then click another and follow the steps. It's really THAT simple to create your own product -- fast!

    I reserve the right to substitute a different bonus.

This Is Not For Everyone

Listen, if you're broke and desperate, if you've spent thousands and not made anything, if you can't do basic stuff on the computer or if you're powerless and feel you need someone else to make it happen for you, this is NOT for you.

  • I don't want "blood money."
  • I don't want you to go in debt to buy this.
  • I don't want to take food off your table.
  • I don't want to take new clothes away from your kids.
  • I don't need your money.

    I don't want you to borrow on your life insurance policy or spend your Social Security money nor steal from your retirement savings.

    This is for able, capable people who have some basic computer skills, the ability, desire and willingness to learn and who are proactive in life.

My Better Than Risk Free
100% Money Back Guarantee!

  1. If for any reason you aren't happy, you get 100% of your money back for up to 60 days. Just post to our support desk for a full and complete refund. (Do not email as we don't do support by email).

  2. "Better than Risk Free" means I guarantee you WILL sell your product.

If you create a $27 product and don't end up selling it by following my traffic plan, l'll not only give you your money back immediately... I'll also buy your product FROM YOU for up to $100. Just show me you followed my traffic plan.

How can I do this? That's how confident I am that this system works!

Just think about it. If this system didn't work, would I be in any position to make an offer like this?

Take week one of the "Produce & Promote" interactive training.

If after just one week, you don't agree you can create a product you can sell for $27, or don't agree you can easily do it if you want to, or if you just thought it wasn't worth the cost of the entire 4-week event, go to and just us you would like a full refund.

That's My Own Personal Guarantee!

Marlon Sanders
"The King of Step-by-Step Marketing"


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