How I Sold $13,275.11 Planners For The
New Year Right Out The Gate

And Everything You Need To Know To Create, Sell and Deliver
Your Own Planners Without Inventory or Hassles


Marlon here.


That is how much I sold the first time out the gate with my Planner for the new year.

That's right out of my Infusionsoft Reports. But it just tells part of the story...

The great thing is, every year a new year comes along. So you have the opportunity to make repeat sales every year.

How do you think companies like Franklin Covey clean up? They have repeat business built in.

But There Are 10 Obstacles To Creating, Selling and Delivering A Planner of Your Own

And Unless You Solve These 10 Obstacles You'll Never

Rock Out Your Planner Sales

There are really a lot of little details to consider in creating, selling and delivering your Planner. For one thing, you do NOT want to ship your Planners. Another is that you need to know what mark-up to use for pricing. And how do you get GOOD IDEAS fast? What about software? Designing the cover? Printing on demand? Profiting on the back end?

After selling my planners for multiple years now, I'm revealing everything you need to know in order to rock it out with a Planner of your very own

  • What will be the CONTENTS of your Planner?
  • How do you produce it FAST without blood sweat and tears?
  • Where do you get IDEAS for your Planner?
  • What software can you use to produce it so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg or go through tortuous learning curves?
  • How do you get a nice cover designed?
  • How do you get people to BUY your Planner?
  • How do you PRICE your Planner for maximum sales and profits?
  • How do you get it printed as orders come in so you don’t have to invest any money in printing?
  • How do you SHIP planners via the web so you don’t have to run down to the post office yourself?  It literally only takes 2 minutes or less per order.
  • How do you PROFIT on the “back end” after your Planner sale?

Since There Were No Products On How To Create, Sell and Deliver Planners, I Had to Figure Out The Solutions From Scratch Using Costly Trial and Error

Since I didn't have any resources to go by, I just dug in and did it the hard way -- trial and error. Fortunately, I made some pretty good sales.

After trial & error learning, I'm now able to help my family, friends, customers, patrons or colleagues that see the opportunity to cash in year after year with their own Planner customized for their niche, hobby, target audience or occupation. And now, I'm about to tell the world the *Secret Methods* that I used to break through all the 10 obstacles and create, sell and deliver my own Planners profitably.


Year after year you could profit by selling the Planner you create just once. Every time the New Year rolls around, people need to buy a new Planner!

As far as I know, this is the ONLY or certainly one of the only guides on how to create, sell and deliver a Planner of your own that is based on actual sales, profits and multiple years of experience. This is NOT theory. It's based on my actual sales and experience in overcoming all 10 obstacles.

  • Main Benefit #1 - How many other products have a built-in timer every year remind customers to make a NEW purchase?
  • Main Benefit #2 - You do NOT have  to print or ship anything!  It only takes a  minute or two per order and it's DONE!  NO inventory either.  
  • Main Benefit #3 - You hardly have to write or create anything. Most Planners are very simple and benefit mainly from being customized to a niche, audience, special interest, or occupation.

Creating and Selling Planners Is One Of The Easiest Things You'll Ever Do!

First of all, you only do the "work" once, if you can even call it that. Then with a little updating every year, you're good to go. And some Planners don't even need updating. lol.

When you get an order, it takes only a minute or two to input it. It'll be printed and shipped FOR you and you make up to $50 a Planner! How great is that?

Here's More Benefits You Get When You Buy Today ...

  • Benefit #1 - You'll find out how I designed my Planner simply and without big stress
  • Benefit #2 - You'll get screen caps showing the inside workings of design, the sales method, shipping, printing.
  • Benefit #3 - You can sell Planners year after year
  • Benefit #4 - You don't need a lot of content for most Planners. Simple is better.
  • Benefit #5 - You can use your Planner as the basis to sell a back end coaching program or other training
  • Benefit #6 - Nearly every niche, market, target audience, occupation, industry or hobby buys Planners!
  • And Many More ...

My Sales Are Proof That It Works

This is NOT theory. It's battle-tested by my own experience. You can see the screen cap of my "out the gate" sales at the top of this page. But more than that, you KNOW people buy Planners because I bet anything YOU, someone in your family, customers or friends BUY Planners! Just look around at your office supply store right now. And they aren't cheap either! $30 to $50 for Planners!

You Get A Very Special Extra Newsletter For FREE!

I created a newsletter issue to help me SELL my Planner. You'll see how I present the benefits. What I did. How I did it. You could easily create a newsletter just like this for your own sales or use. I'll include my newsletter as a FREE BONUS so you can model it. But ONLY if you order today.

Here's WHY I'm Selling This Way Too Stinkin' Cheap

This is GREAT info. I could easily be charging much more. However, I KNOW around 10% of the buyers of this will want to snag the PLR rights to MY Planner, sales letter, webinar and PDF's just because it's faster and easier that way 'cause you could be up and selling in no time flat. But whether you do or don't, you get a GREAT value and can easily go

Here are examples of what I COULD be charging if I packaged this up a little fancier. Obviously, they don't sell for this. But I'm convinced they could.

You get a video walkthrough of me using my vendor, so you aren't frustrated or confused when you use them. You get a copy of the newsletter I used to sell the "big idea" or concept of my Planner. You get a PDF copy of the slide deck I used to sell my Planner, so you can model it if you want or just get ideas. You'll get the recording of my kickoff for Planner buyers, so you can see how I run that. And you get a video walk through of my actual Planner design.

Main Product 21-Page illustrated PDF with 2,913 words


Bonus #1 -- Video walk through of printing and shipping vendor


Bonus #2 -- Newsletter used to "sell" the concept of the Planner


Bonus #3 -- Slide deck for  the sales video for you to model


Bonus #4 -- Get the recording of  my kickoff call for my Planner buyers


Bonus #5 -- Video walkthrough of how I designed my planner




Based on the total values above, you can you can easily see I could sell this system for about $192, or more. Why? Because you could spend so much money and time in solving the 10 obstacles. However, I won't charge you that price, because I know around 10% of buyers will likely want to snag t he PLR to my Planner. In fact, I won't charge you even for $95 (which is less then a half of the total value).

You only need to pay for $300 $192 $100 (see price below) if you act fast. I plan to totally close down the offer after the launch and it'll only be available in my amazing $997 Amazing Formula Reloaded Course.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive my product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that my product is useless for you, simply contact my support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine having your own Planner to sell year after year without additional work. Plus, you get the built-in buying trigger of the new year. Go ahead and order now while it's on your mind and you can take advantage for the new year.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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