Marlon here.


That is how much I sold the first time out the gate with my Planner for the new year.

That's right out of my Infusionsoft Reports. But it just tells part of the story...The great thing is, every year a new year comes along. So you have the opportunity to make repeat sales every year. How do you think companies like Franklin Covey clean up? They have repeat business built in.

There are really a lot of little details to consider in creating, selling and delivering your own Planner. For one thing, you do NOT want to ship your Planners. Another is that you need to know what markup to use for pricing. And how do you get GOOD IDEAS fast? What about software? Designing the cover? Printing on demand? Profiting on the back end?

What will be the CONTENTS
of your Planner?

How do you get people to
BUY your Planner?

How do you produce it FAST
without blood sweat and tears?

How do you PRICE your Planner for maximum sales and profits?

Where do you get IDEAS
for your Planner?

How do you get it printed as orders
come in so you don’t have to invest
any money in printing?

What software can you use to
produce it so you don’t have to
spend an arm and a leg or go
through tortuous learning curves?

How do you SHIP planners via the
web so you don’t have to run down
to the post office yourself? It literally
only takes 2 minutes or less per order.

How do you get a nice cover designed?

How do you PROFIT on the
“back end” after your Planner sale?

Since I didn't have any resources to go by, I just dug in and did it the hard way -- trial and error. Fortunately, I made some pretty good sales.

After trial & error learning, I'm now able to help my family, friends, customers, patrons or colleagues that see the opportunity to cash in year after year with their own Planner customized for their niche, hobby, target audience or occupation. And now, I'm about to tell the world the *Secret Methods* that I used to break through all the 10 obstacles and create, sell and deliver my own Planners profitably.