3 Steps To Go From Part Time To Full Time

What Will You Learn Today: Great info on 3 steps I’ve never taught like this before. I bet today will be an eye opener for you! Let’s take you from part time to full time now! And if you’re NO time, this will show you how to go part time.

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Marlon here.

The very first thing you do is reach people with your message.

This is so common sense, it’s laughable. But it’s easy to NOT do it. And it’s something ANYONE can do. It’s just a matter of focus.

• Youtube videos
• Blog posts
• Posts on your timeline
• Posts in Facebook groups
• Posts in your own Facebook group
• Posts on Instagram
• Private messages on Instagram
• Facebook ads
• Twitter posts and responses
• Pinterest posts
• Books on Kindle
• Books you promote in other ways
• Articles on Linked In Pulse
• Articles in other online publications
• Guest posts
• Podcast interviews
• Google ads
• Emails sent
• Phone calls
• Messages to people on Linked On
• Adding friends daily on Facebook
• Private messages on Facebook

You either have more time than or money than time.

So if you have more time than money, you pick a few manual ways to do this. You don’t have time to do ALL of them. And the art of it is picking ones that work for you. That fit you. And that get RESULTS.

Mistake 1: Not giving it a chance to work

You know, you have to give it a fair chance to work. Some people quit tooearly.

Mistake 2: Putting out a trickle and expecting a flood

You put out ONE very well crafted Facebook post. Nothing happens. Soyou never do post #2.

This is a result of consistency and a COMBINATION of methods or things.

So each day you post 2 things for engagement. You know, jokes or other items of interest that people love to respond to. Then 1 time a day you make a post with a business purpose.

One day it’s a text post. Or maybe you do a live stream daily. Or you do text posts and mix in some video posts.

The typical mistake would be doing 3 podcast interviews, not seeing a result and quitting.

Now, if you do 10 and see no result, THEN you figure that your step #2 isn’t working.

If after 1-2 weeks of doing 3 FB posts daily with live streams or videos or other business posts mixed in with engaging content AND you don’t get a RESPONSE, then you need to work on step 2.

See, you need to put out a FLOOD not a TRICKLE.

Mistake 3: Trying to automate it

Most people when they hear they need to put out a flood not a trickle, their first response is to want a software that floods out things FOR them.

There’s a big problem with this. You can’t replace the human touch. The software gets banned. It stops working. Often it never works.

For example, there IS software to automate posting stuff on Linked In andInstagram. Both platforms regularly stop or ban this software. And will also ban users for using it.

There is no replacement for a brain and the human touch. At least, not yet.lol.

Here’s the thing: Your FLOOD needs to create a RESPONSE which is step 2. My experience with automation is that the step 2 is very, very limited. It just doesn’t work very well.

Here’s an example:

A long time ago, a software called Traffic Equalizer could make lots of pagesand put them on Google and get them ranked fast.

That was a real moneymaker. For maybe 6 months. Until it got on Google’s radar and they killed it.

For awhile, hiring outsourcers to create short, very low quality articles to submit to ezinearticles.com WORKED gangbusters. But see, everyone has to win.

In this case, google didn’t win. They didn’t want low quality articles with very little value to be ranked well in their search engine.

Same with Facebook.

For awhile, you could put out a lot of low quality posts on a Facebook page automated with software and kill it.

How long do you think THAT lasted? Soon as it got on Facebook’s radar, they killed it.

Don’t play that game. Use your brain and put out valuable things that work and create value for ALL PARTIES involved. Not just you. You have to consider ALL the players in the game.

That includes the platform you’re putting it on.

On Facebook, for awhile, you could add a TON of friends every day. Then message them.

Now? You can add 10 a day or possibly 20 if you do it right. But they’re very strict about it. It DOES work.

Mistake 4: NOT getting Specialized Knowledge

Napoleon Hill said one of the steps of Think and Grow Rich was Specialized Knowledge.

That means ANY METHOD you use is going to have “rules of the game.”Rules of engagement.

For example, if you message people in your Facebook group who CHOSE to be in your group and have a relationship with you, that’s going to be different than if you just add people at random and immediately send them a pitch.

Play the game for the long term not the short term.

You say, “Marlon, how do I GET Specialized Knowledge?”

Mistake 5: Not making friends with others playing the same Game you are

So another law of Napoleon Hill was the Mastermind. Teaming up with others.

So find others playing the same Game that you can share info with.

Facebook groups are a GREAT way to do this.

You say, “Marlon, I can’t FIND a Facebook group of people using XYZ method!”

OK, be a leader. Start your own.

See, one of the things you got to learn to do is be a LEADER not aFOLLOWER. You probably know I’m a fan of a method and series of books that are rather verbose and esoteric (but extremely insightful) by MarkHamilton called Neothink. They’re controversial. You can look them up onYoutube.

I’ve written about them before. But one of his main things is you have to make the transition from being a FOLLOWER to being a tribal leader.

When you have your OWN Facebook group, you’re a leader of your own little tribe. And it’s FREE.

Get this: Every day if you set up your keywords right in your group title,Facebook will send you people to join your group FOR FREE! And they even have to answer 3 questions to join!

That is how you qualify them.

Now every day you post in your group. Do a live stream in your group. Andthen do step #2.

Mistake 6: Saying you don’t have time to do it

Everyone wastes time.

You just have to very efficient with your time. And cut out a TV show or something else, so you can find yourself an hour a day for marketing.

But if you have more MONEY than TIME, you can BUY ADS.

That’s another route.

If you have more money than time, then you can pay others to create and distribute content for your as long as it’s VALUABLE.

Yet another way is to incentivize AFFILIATES to create your FLOOD for you. That’s how I usually do it.If you properly motivate affiliates, they’ll create a FLOOD for you.

Mistake 7: Trying to use ALL the methods

While you need a COMBINATION of methods, you don’t have time for ALL the methods.

So you need to pick a few that fit you AND that you can stick with over time.

There are tons of ways to do step one.

Maybe you’re an affiliate marketing. So your STEP ONE is to put out aYoutube video every day or every several days REVIEWING a new affiliate product and possibly offering bonuses.

Or you get interviews with the creators like Han Fan and Mike From Mainedo. You can look ‘em up on Youtube if you don’t know them.

If you sell business to business or to people in certain occupations, LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine! What you can do on Linked In for prospecting is just insane. There’s never been anything like it.

Step two: PULL those people in like a MAGNET with your message

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to put out a FLOOD not a trickle. And I’ve explained why that flood needs to be hand rolled, hand crafted, not machine generated.

So now you’re getting THINGS out there in ABUNDANCE, right?

Daily live streams or Facebook posts or posts in your own Facebook group or even in other people’s Facebook groups (not spammy but real value posts to showcase your ideas).

But now you need a MESSAGE.

This week I had a call with one of my customers who is a factory employee and has been for about 20 years.

He could do videos or posts telling his story and relating to OTHERS who are in similar repetitive jobs.

The theme could be “From Factory To Freedom – My Journey From a Factory Worker to Freedom.

”Another customer I spoke with was over age 65. His message might be “Success Online When You’re Over Age 65”

You get the idea.

You have to create a MESSAGE and THEME that ATTRACTS a certain segment of people (probably like you) into your SALES MACHINE.

YOU are the U in the phrase Unique Selling Proposition.

No one else is you. Only you are you. You have unique stories. A unique situation. A unique background.

YOUR story will attract OTHERS like you.

“Like attracts like.”

Secret 1: You gotta keep telling your story until you get a version down that ATTRACTS people into your Sales Machine.

There’s a ton of Youtube videos on how to tell your story. On the Heroe’s Journey story.

Learn to tell your story. You’ll attract others when you tell it right.

Secret 2: Now PULL THEM into your Sales Machine with anATTRACTIVE FREEBIE or intro offer

Now that you have their ATTENTION using step 1 by flooding out your message through several channels (at least 2 or 3 probably), you THEN need a FREEBIE of some sort or a cheap intro offer to pull them into your funnel.

For consultants and coaches this is often a free video or a free webinar that will then explain and show the benefits of having a deeper conversation with you.

I have one of those occurring in 56 minutes from right now.

I had 3 yesterday.

As I said, maybe you’re an affiliate marketing. So your STEP ONE is to putout a Youtube video every day or every several days REVIEWING a new affiliate product and possibly offering bonuses.

Or you get interviews with the creators like Han Fan and Mike From Mainedo. You can look ‘em up on Youtube if you don’t know them.

Your step two would be having them subscribe to your product review and bonuses announcement list.

Or maybe you offer a FREE REPORT or mini-course that is very enticing.

There are some affiliate marketers who I think nail this. You can study the top 10 affiliates for Clickfunnels. They’re obviously doing something right as that’s a very competitive gig.

The person I suggest you follow is Rachel S. Lee. You can just look her upon Facebook.

The REASON is she isn’t so BIG yet that you can’t identify or follow her methods.

Now, I ALSO recommend you follow Kim Klaver. She has books on Amazon and you can look her up on Facebook also.

Here is why:

Rachel is young and beautiful. So I can already here, “Yeah BUT I’m not young and beautiful like her. It won’t work for me!”

Well, Kim is more “our age.” And you know what? She CRUSHES it. She does live streams. Books. Facebook posts.

I admire her STEP ONE. She has her own software she’s produced. Kindlebooks. Print books. Facebook posts. Products.

She really is putting a LOT of things OUT THERE.

You say, “Marlon, I don’t have the time.”

So that is why I brought up Rachel S. Lee first. She doesn’t have her own books first. She does a couple products. But MOSTLY she just markets Clickfunnels as an affiliate and some other affiliate products.

BUT here’s what she does do:

  1. She has a Facebook group and posts to it daily. It’s growing actively.
  2. She does daily YouTube videos. They aren’t super fancy or “perfect” like pro YouTubers. But they’re good. YOU could do what she does.
  3. She has a MINI COURSE and one or two other FREEBIES that get people to join her list.
  4. She has one main product she sells which is her monthly coaching program.

So for her STEP ONE, she has daily Facebook group posts and dailyYoutube videos. She also interviews people weekly and puts the videos herFacebook group. The people she interviews often spread the word and that gets her more group members.

Do you see how that works?

Her step two is her mini course and one or two other freebie offers. Like she just put up a squeeze page several weeks ago where you could access a video on how she won her car using the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

BOOM! That’s her step 2. And I bet a TON of people who are curious opted in for that video. It’s nothing fancy. She just did an iPhone video whilst sitting in the car.

You need ATTRACTIVE THINGS people pay you little amounts of money for or opt in to get free.

I think Rachel has a cheat sheet on something if I recall.

This is here FB

group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/msiwithrachelslee/

And here is Kim Klaver:


Kim is awesome. You’ll love her also. She has a more complex funnel thanRachel.

And like I say if you get all down in the mouth and depressed because you aren’t young and “beautiful” like Rachel, study Kim. She’s not 20 anymore but CRUSHES it. She’s awesome.

There is no excuse.

There is no “I have a wooden leg so it won’t work for me.”

The method works if YOU work it!

To do a good step 1, you need to learn to build excellent lead capture or“squeeze pages” using any of the modern day tools.

You need to learn to write GREAT HEADLINES and BULLET POINTS.

Most people write ones that are dog’s breath and then can’t figure out why the response sucks.

I’m just telling you the truth. If that’s you, be encouraged. You CAN do it.It’s a SKILL. That’s all.

You LEARN it by doing it. And then making corrections.

ANYONE can learn to write headlines and bullet points.

But you need Specialized Knowledge, practice and possibly coaching.That’s why I do coaching.

If you are a member of my Facebook group AND you check out my DAILYPOSTS, I post GREAT examples ALL the time. Examples you can model and learn from.

One of the BIG ways you learn to do this well is by studying people who doit well.

The point of step 2 is you gotta offer something ENTICING to get them ON your email list, IN your chatbot, IN your Facebook group.

You have to give them a great reason.

If they don’t join your list, your REASON or your COPY just wasn’t compelling enough. Or your step 1 was off and you didn’t REACH the right people with your step 2.

You can have a KILLER step 2, a KILLER squeeze page or freebie offer or cheat sheet offer or free report.

But if you “Cast your PEARLS before SWINE,” all you get are OINKS.

If you’re getting all OINKS and no opt ins or no SALES, the reason might just be you are casting your pearls before swine.

Some of you got lists made up of swine and you can’t figure how come they don’t want your pearls of wisdom.

The way you get the RIGHT people onto your LIST is with a proper step 1and step 2 that ATTRACTS the right people and INCENTIVIZES them toGET onto your list.

You need the right ATTRACTOR in front of the right eyeballs.


You’ve put out a FLOOD of things that PULL PEOPLE into your FUNNELand get them ON your lists, IN your Facebook group, LIKING yourFacebook page, IN your chatbot.

Now it’s time you PUSH OUT PROMOTIONS!

Rachel pushes Clickfunnels by offering her unique bonus package for it.

Kim Klaver has a number of her own products she promotes and “pushes.”

Email. Chatbots. Facebook posts. Group posts. Live streams. Videos.

Once people are in your funnel, MAKE OFFERS.

But learn to do it with SKILL.

Remember Specialized Knowledge.

You can’t be a “hack” at this. You have to GET GOOD at making offers.

Maybe you do free webinars using Zoom. (You can also use Zoom for livestreams).

Now, I KNOW as soon as I publish that, a ton of people are saying, “Marlon,what’s the url.”

And here’s the thing: One of the BIG KEYS is you gotta learn to be a great researcher!

In this case, just type Zoom into Google and viola. Zoom.us. That’s your link.

Same thing with Kim Klaver and Rachel S. Lee. People would be freakingout over how to find them.

That’s like skill 1 or 2 you have to learn. How to search for stuff by typing the name of it or words related to it into Facebook search and Google.

Learning to search is a Specialized Knowledge.

Now, when people show up, SELL ‘EM something. Make an enticing offer.

If you promote affiliate products, you need to give ‘em some BONUSES.

Rachel S. Lee does this. ANY good affiliate promoter learns to do it.If you have affiliates, you gotta give ‘em some emails to send and tools soTHEY can promote FOR you.

If you have Facebook ads, you have to figure out at what point you sell something. Do you get them on a webinar? Do you have a video sales letter or sales page?

And boys and girls, here’s the BIG KEY on this: Specialized Knowledge

I see so many people put out offers, presentations, pages, videos that honest to goodness….bless their hearts…they are like DOG’s BREATH.

And then they wonder how come they didn’t get sales.

Sometimes they SKIPPED step 1.

Instead of ATTRACTING real prospects onto their list they bought really low quality “crap traffic” that is probably mostly bot generated to appear to be real.

If you use ClickMagick, you’ll KNOW if you’re getting real clicks or not. Or a tool like Livezilla lets you visually SEE people on your site. You can tell by whether they click or not if they are real people.

It’s EASY today to produce really nice pages using all the page builder tools available.

But you STILL have to learn to explain features and benefits and give a great call to action.

This is part of the tools of the trade.

You need to be a MASTER of FEATURES and BENEFITS and calls to actions!

You’ve got to learn to be a MASTER at doing a sales page or video sales letter or webinar.

And it IS a learning curve.

You learn by doing ones that do NOT work.

So then you change it up and try again.

And that doesn’t work so you “fix it” and try again.

That works a little.

So you change it up. And it works a little more.

By trial and error you WILL learn.

And if you buy or find Specialized Knowledge on the skills, it goes FASTER.

Money buys you SPEED.

People pay for my coaching because it buys them SPEED. And saves them from spinning their wheels.

If you have MONEY for coaching and aren’t BROKE, then check this out.

And especially if you’re part time and want to go FULL TIME, go there now.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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