The Art and Science of Money Getting

Kern used a term in one of his videos, "money getting system."

I thought the use of the term sizzled because it got to the heart of the matter.

Why do people play the Internet marketing Game?

To get money right?

So let's talk about the art and science of money getting.

First of all, the art of money getting.

If you've been following my Marlon's Marketing Minute issues, you have your bills broken down into daily amounts. (If not, subscriber here).

You've set out a month-by-month plan for the year.

You are now focusing on what you can SELL to generate the dollars to liquidate your bills.

I want to add a new concept to your arsenal.

The concept of simplicity:

What is the SIMPLEST thing that will work to get you the money you need?

1. It has to be simple.

2. It has to work.

Anyone can create complexity.

But simplicity is beautiful.

Here was my ORIGINAL formula:

I sold Amazing Formula for $67.00.

I had one back end product for $500.

Traffic came from affiliates.

That was the system.

It worked incredibly well. I taught that system in "Gimme My Money Now."

Here's another simple system that my friends Kirt Christensen, Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss all used in times past:

1. Get traffic from Google Adwords

2. Sell a product that eliminates the cost of running the ads

3. Make your dough from "forced continuity."

When people buy the product, they get a 30 day trial of your newsletter, cd-of-the-month or membership site.

If they don't cancel, after 30 days, they are billed monthly.

The initial product sale erases the cost of the ads. The recurring billing is the profit.

You break even upfront and grab a profit in 30 days.

If you add in one click upsells, you get a profit front end.

That's the art of money getting.

My friend Jim Edwards had a good one.

1. Create a $1,000 or $2,000 product.

2. Create a power point presentation to sell it

3. Test it out and get your conversion up to 10%.

4. Contact list owners and offer 50% and tell them you should close 10%.

My friend Kirt Christensen also does this (he's a sharp cookie).

Here's one more for ya that is vintage Amazing Formula:

1. Offer a freebie report to get people on your list

2. Upsell immediately

3. Send frequent content mixed in with pitches

See, simplicity. The art of money getting.

Try the SIMPLEST thing that will work to get money first. Don't START with complex systems.

Start with the simplest thing you feel will work.

Then, if it doesn't work, add to it or alter it.

I told a friend yesterday that this concept of SIMPLICITY was what Ockham's Razor was about. He was like, THAT is what it's about?

People don't get it.

Ockham said the simplest solution is the best all things being equal.

Now, let's move on to the art of money getting.

Law 101 of direct mail marketing is to test.

If you've been online any time at all you've heard about AB split testing. You test version A against version B to see which one works.

Genichi Taguchi wrote a book called Robust Engineering. He teaches his Taguchi mehtod of advanced testing that companies like Ford, ITT, 3M, Monolta, NASA, Nissan, Xerox and many others use.

The Taguchi method is a way to test hundreds or thousands of combinations with the absolute minimum amount of information.

This means you can find out what works 100X FASTER.


Taguchi testing = speed

Google Optimize can do sophisticated split tests like this.

But THIS software does Taguchi testing even FASTER.

‚ÄčSo there you have it.

The ART of money getting is about doing the SIMPLEST thing that will work to get you the money you need.

I imagine you have a pretty good idea right now of something you could do to knock off a few of those bills.

Then the SCIENCE of money getting is about testing.

Finally, there is the REALITY of money getting.

The REALITY of money getting is that you must get things

And the reason people don't get things done is very simple:

They are violating the art of money getting: Simplicity

You do NOT have a time management problem.

You have too much on your plate.

You have too many things on your to do list.

Because you aren't doing the simplest things FIRST.

Clear out a bunch of that crap. You probably need to get rid of 75% of the junk on your to do list. Get rid of everything you don't understand and that is too complex for you to get a handle on at this moment in time.

Pick the simplest thing that could work.

Put everything else on a list in order of priority according to simplicy.

Now do the FIRST simple thing that could work. It must be workable.

Go through your prioritized list one thing at a time.

NOT 2 or 3 things at a time.

ONE thing at a time.

I'd rather do ONE and get 'er done than have 10 half done, almost done or gonna be done.

So the REALITY of money getting is you must get things done.

The REALITY of money getting is you got too many things on
your to do list.

The REALITY of money getting is you can't manage time because you can't create it. Frankly, time doesn't exist anyway.

It's just a way to measure something that doesn't exist.

So you can't manage time.

You can only manage your to do list.

And the reason you feel overwhelmed is you got too many
things on your list.

And the reason you got too many things is you violated the
art of money getting.

And if you know someone, maybe a friend or associate, who NEEDS to read this, pass it along.

Post it on your blog.

Put it in your ebook. Just include my little resource box.

Spread the word.

Simple works.

Do the simplest thing that will work.

Get a load off your plate.

And your mind.

Return to the art.

Return to the science.

Go forth.



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