Once a Month, We'll Meet Together and Plan Out Your 10 "Profit Injections" For The Month.  Then Insert Them Into Your Weekly Plans

Once a Month, We'll Meet Together and Plan Out Your 10 "Profit Injections" For The Month.  Then Insert Them Into Your Weekly Plans

New Monthly Income Control Program Gives You The POWER To Control Your Income and Actually CAUSE It To Increase Each Month


Marlon here.

Either you control your income.

Or your income controls you.

What normally happens is we go into a month with no real income goal.  Or if we do have a goal, we have no real plan.

And we actually haven't isolated the LEVER or LEVERS that actually CAUSE income to increase or decrease.

Which is why I created the new Income Control Planning Program. To give you the POWER to CONTROL your income and CAUSE it to increase each month.

It's completely different from any other coaching, mentoring or training program I've ever heard of.  And it's 10X more powerful.

Here's why:

Other programs shove you into THEIR little vehicle or thing.  And FORCE you to follow THEIR plan, NOT the one that's meant FOR YOU.

So, for example, let's say their model is doing phone calls to sell big tickets.  You're going to be shoved into that model, whether that's what you really want to do or not.

Which is why people drop out. It's just not their thing. Or what they feel they're called to do or good at.

In contrast, the Income Control Planning Program is method, business or vehicle agnostic. In other words, it doesn't CARE what you're doing to make money.

It only cares that you:1.  Know your GAP (Explained in a moment)

2.  Know what the LEVER is to close the gap

3.  Have a set of activities injected into your weekly schedule in order to MOVE the LEVER, and CAUSE income to go up, so that the GAP can close.

If this sounds all new to you, it's OK.  I'm going to break it all down and explain it in A, B, C language in this letter.

The focus is on finding and double and tripling down on the things that CAUSE your income to RISE. And to be ruthlessly systematic and focused on the CAUSE, the LEVER and the ACTIVITIES.


End of story.

More about this in a second.

This is called a CONTROL MODEL. And it comes from manufacturing. But applies to ANY PROCESSS that needs to be CONTROLLED.

In our case, the controlled thing is MONEY.

While other programs give you a list of THEIR activities for you to do that may or may not match what YOU want to do, the CONTROL MODEL is entirely different.

It's about running experiments each month to find the LEVER that moves your income needle.

And then once you find that, you plan very specific, targeted activities to move the lever.

The monthly profit planning sessions
have amazing benefits.

Result One: You feel in control of your income, perhaps for the first time

Result Two:  You go into each week knowing EXACTLY what needs to be done and why. No guesswork.

Result Three:  Using the built-in PDCA process, you actually improve each month

Benefit One:

We meet monthly which means there's consistency of you're able to push plans through to profit.

Benefit Two:

It uses the PDCA method which means that you continually improve your results.  You drop what doesn't work and build on what does.

Benefit Three:

With my guidance you actually plan out your profit injections.  So instead of going through months with NO plan, you actually are laser focused on what you're doing and why.  You know EXACTLY the profit injections you're making that month.

Benefit Four:

You actually TIMEBOX your month.  Which means once your profit injections are planned, you don't allow other things to sneak onto your plate.  This STOPS you from chasing rabbits and dead ends, which are huge time wasters and usually don't result in PROFITS.


Here's how it works:

Using the Income Control Planning Box, you first enter the current level of income and then the desired income, which gives you the DIFFERENCE or what we call the GAP.

The next thing we do together is look at the list of LEVERS that you can pull to fill the GAP.

Now, based on the lever or levers chosen, we assemble a list of EIGHT injections for the month, two per week. These injections are designed to MOVE THE LEVER and CAUSE income to INCREASE.

If the LEVER doesn't move income, then we choose another LEVER.

We repeat this until we identify for YOU and YOUR desired business what the LEVER is that moves the needle. And you plan out activities each month move the leverl.

These activities are BATCHED so you can do them much FASTER than you may anticipate.

And you timebox your BATCHES on days of the week at specific times.

I know this is a lot to take in. And it may not all make sense yet.  But at your first 1-on-1 Income Control Planning Program meeting, you'll be shown the specifics of how it works.  And you'll actually choose your lever and activities for the next 4 weeks.

And I'll guide you in timeboxing your week.