The Immediate Income Increaser (Try It Out This Week)


Today I want to share with you the Immediate Income Increaser.

Try it out this next week.

1.  By using this, you'll see an immediate increase in income

2.  It'll keep you on track with your marketing

3.  It's a GAME you can have fun with

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Step One:  Realize that what you FOCUS on with vigorous ACTIVITY determines the RESULTS you get.

Why?  Because...

Input = Output

Input = Focus + Activity

Your input is your focus and your activity.  That is, you focus on your ACTIVITY because THAT is what you control.  With me so far?  Stick with me!

You get OUT what you put IN.  If your OUT isn't what you want, you change the input.  You change your focus level and your activity.  Meaning either you do MORE activity OR you change the WHAT of your activity, you change WHAT you're doing.

This means to manage your income, to INCREASE your income or START income if you have none right now, you MANAGE YOUR ACTIVITY.  I talked about this in my last newsletter. I talked about the quote from Ernest Holmes on the spirit of activity, the THOUGHT of activity.  Activity starts as a THOUGHT.  It's what you envision, see or feel.

If you're not ACTIVE, then you have INACTIVE thoughts and thinking.  It's really ironic that Napoleon Hill was right.  You actually DO Think and Grow Rich.  I don't mean airy fairy. I don't mean magic or hocus pocus.  I mean your THOUGHTS influence your FEELINGS which influence your ACTIVITY.  You change your ACTIVITY by changing your THOUGHTS to ones of ACTIVITY.

If that isn't clear to you, you can read Ernest Holmes, Catherine Ponder, Wake Up and Live by Dorothy Brande, the Magic of Thinking Big, the Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, or whatever else does it for  you. If you have an EXISTING business, then Ernest Holmes in Creative Mind and Success teaches you to keep EXPANDING your THOUGHT of activity you see in your business.

If your THOUGHT of ACTIVITY is jacked up, you won't get results.  Why?  Because you'll be INACTIVE vs. PROACTIVE.  The cash is in being PROACTIVE.  The money is in being proACTIVE.  NOT proPASSIVE.

proPASSIVE = no money

proACTIVE = money magnet

Unlike some authors who imply ALL you need to do is Think and Grow Rich, what I appreciate about Ernest Holmes is he says that is the STARTING POINT, not the end point.  In other words, your THOUGHT of activity takes you INTO activity.    But you may prefer Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power or goodness knows who.  I don't really care.  There are a billion authors out there.  Find ONE who does it for you and gets you to raise your activity level and your FOCUS.

Maybe your business is ALREADY SUCCESSFUL and you've lost your juice, vision or drive and become satisfied with you're results.  You REALLY need to read what Ernest Holmes wrote about EXPANDING your thought.

I realize you may have a job and come home tired or dog tired.  But marketing isn't magic.  You don't get OUTPUTS without INPUTS.  You just don't.  Now, some things are pretty clever.  I sent you an email last week about a product you only need 15 minutes a day for to do a little video review of a product and post  it on Facebook. I'm not saying you'll get rich that way. But 15 minutes of focused activity on a decent method is 100X better than dreaming about what you COULD do some day.

For example, Matthew Rhodes has a lot of fans of his Pathetic Money Maker.

Now, one more SHIFT is needed and this is the BIG KEY.  Whatever method you use, I recommend you ONLY choose something that has a BASE in LIST BUILDING and sending EMAILS.  The money is in the list.  Now, in the Fast Start System I teach a wider concept called DATABASE MARKETING.  Most people talk about list building which implies only your email list.

In contrast, what I teach is DATABASE MARKETING which means you put people's info into a DATABASE where you can send them postcards, make phone calls or send texts.  This is the FUTURE because the response to email has gone down.  This has partially been offset with retargeting.  Still, whatever method you use should allow you to build at minimum an email list and preferably a DATABASE.

I know when you read stuff like this, the tendency is to go, yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the good stuff.  Get to the HARD CORE stuff.  Tell me HOW to do it.   The thing is, you probably already know a lot more HOW to do it then you ARE doing it.

It STARTS with your thought of activity. The money STARTS with your THOUGHT of activity.  NOT thought.  Not just dreaming with no thought of action. That is MAGICAL THINKING.  Thinking  that somehow thoughts with no activity will make money show up at your door.

But there IS MAGIC in focus + activity.

Are you right?

Are your thoughts RIGHT?

Is your head RIGHT?

Is your activity level RIGHT?

Is your thought of activity right?

Is YOUR activity and the activity in your BUSINESS increasing?

Is the money in y our life INCREASING?

Is the VALUE you provide to others INCREASING?

Is the number of people you REACH increasing?

Money comes from VALUE transmuted into a PHYSICAL equivalent called currency or money.  Napoleon Hill talked Sex Transmutation. He has a whole chapter on it.  I never understood the chapter.

Sex = CREATION = ENERGY focused and directed

It takes TEN THOUSAND sperm to create a ZYGOTE.  But most marketers are PUTTING OUT ONE parcel of marketing activity (the metaphorical equivalent of one little spermy) and EXPECTING a ZYGOTE when what they get is a NOGOT.  They GOT NO RESULTS or money.

Why?  They created so little VALUE for so few PEOPLE.

As you expand your THOUGHT of activity, see your ACTIVITY increasing the VALUE you provide to more and more people in an ever increasing self reinforcing loop.

This is one of the ideas that made my friend Dr. Joe Vitale popular in the movie The Secret. He emphasized activity thought.  If your energy or money flow is stuck, Joe says you have to remove barriers in thought or activity.


This one is tricky, and you need to read my FULL explanation here, or you'll muck it up.

Here is the BALANCE:  You focus on current cash flow but let that drive medium and longer term activities.  By  focusing on CURRENT CASH, you drive ACTIVITY.  If you're ONLY focused on the FUTURE, you keep reading, studying, preparing, thinking, plotting and making plans but you have no COMPULSION to act in the now.

The money is in the now.

The money is the activity TODAY.

The cash is right here, right now.

Unfortunately, some people, in fact many or most people, take this to the extreme and SACRIFICE tomorrow for today.  BAD IDEA!

You want to focus on things you can do NOW to INCREASE THE VALUE you create and the NUMBERS of people you share that value with AND get money back IN RETURN.

It's a two-way flow.  If you give and give and give and create value, value, value and never GET back, your FLOW is wrong.  You aren't getting people to APPRECIATE and value your value.

You aren't creating PERCEIVED value for the ACTUAL value you provided.

In other words,  you didn't CAUSE people to PERCEIVE the value you provided.  The money is in getting money back for the PERCEIVED VALUE you provide.  If  no one PERCEIVES the value, then you don't get paid.

There is a real ART to getting people to PERCEIVE the value you provide.  This is actually what SALES IS.

Sales is providing VALUE to others (that is, a product or service if that isn't evident) AND then getting them to PERCEIVE and ACKNOWLEDGE that value.  I think in today's commoditized world, this is more important than ever.  In the Fast Start System, I present the BASICS on how to do this. And in Fail Safe System, I cover it more in depth.

The challenge on this is we KNOW the value we provide.  We unfortunately ASSUME people will know, get and understand that VALUE.  But they don't.  VALUE is what you GET PAID FOR.

If you don't get PAID, in my book there usually was NO VALUE created BECAUSE there was no PERCEPTION OF VALUE.  By implication free has little or no value.  It's a FLOW OUT but no FLOW of money or value back.

In TRUE VALUE there is value GIVEN and value RECEIVED back.  It's a TWO WAY FLOW of energy.  Everything is energy.  Money is energy. Money is about flows.  It all happens at a conceptual level.

What you'll find is that the people who get paid most OFTEN excel not so much as creating more value than others (although sometimes they do) but that they excel at getting others to PERCEIVE that value.

OK, so to come back, you focus on CURRENT INCOME.

Step Three:  Track your income daily on a chart or graph

Take a piece of paper or big piece of paper and stick it up on the door or wall.  Write the days of the money at the bottom.  At the TOP right put your goal.  Let's say your money goal for the month is $1,000 because you've never MADE $1,000 purely with online marketing.

Then on the left you put numbers starting at 0 at the bottom then going up 10, 25,  50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900.

Each day you ADD that day's income to the prior days and mark it on the chart.  That way every day you SEE your progress towards your goal.  For example, let's say your on the 11th day of the month and the income looks like THIS:

1 >  0 >0
2 > 10 > 10
3 > 15 >  25
4 > 10 > 35
5 > 50 > 85
6 > 60 > 145
7 > 100 > 245
8 > 10 > 255
9 > 45 > 300
10 > 200 > 500
11 >  35 >  535


We can see our daily income.  Day one we had 0. Day two we had 10 bucks with a total for the month of 10 bucks.  Day three we have 15 bucks, added to 10 bucks equals a grand running total of 25 bucks.

Then day four we had another 10 bucks giving a total of 35 on the month.  Day five we had 50 bucks, giving us 85 on the month.

Day six we had $60, giving us 145.

By day eleven, we're at 535 on the month with only 465 to go on the month.

I don't care how you keep the chart or graph. It doesn't matter.  Our formula is FOCUS + ACTIVITY.  By FOCUSING, you create ACTIVITY and track the RESULTS of your activity.

Let's say you're starting with GOOSE EGGS, zeroes for income!

OK, then what you can do TODAY to put SOME NUMBER, any  NUMBER on the day?

Maybe your plan starts like this:

a.   Create a squeeze page that goes into an autoresponder.

If you don't have a squeeze page, see Fast Start System. It's in there.

b.  Post VALUE 3x per day in 5 forums in your niche

Notice I didn't say post spam or junk. I said post value. HELP people out.  Give value.  Then have a SIGNATURE line that links to the freebie on your squeeze page.  Then have one email a day that goes out with a product review.

OR maybe you decide to do one ten minute video a day that is a product review and post that to Facebook.  You start doing just THAT and you'll likely GET OFF YOUR ZEROES just with 10 minutes of focus and ACTIVITY a day.

The VALUE you're providing is in a product review. did this DAILY but using a little different approach. He posted his INCOME MONTHLY from every single product review posted on his BLOG (vs. Facebook).  He is up to over $1,000 a DAY but did it GRADUALLY just like I'm teaching you here in the thought of activity expansion system.

So you START creating and putting OUT VALUE, which means that people PERCEIVE value in what you give out. When people PERCEIVE value you should get FLOW BACK or energy back.  Energy = money translated into the physical equivalent. So in other words, IF you are putting out something that people PERCEIVE as having value AND you ask for a flow back, energy back, money BACK, you will get it.

If you don't, either you didn't provide value or your value wasn't PERCEIVED.  You were working your tail end off but didn't CAUSE people to PERCEIVE your value.  You have to CAUSE them to PERCEIVE your value.

Is that clear.

Because if you can't proactively, deliberately, on purpose CAUSE people to PERCEIVE value, then you don't control your money  flow of getting money back.  You MUST have CONTROL over being able, skilled and proficient in getting people to PERCEIVE value.

I don't know if I'm being clear here but the steps are:

a.  Put out value
b.  Get people to PERCEIVE value
c.  Get value BACK
d.  Increase the reach of the value you provide

You just keep expanding what's in D. But first you have to GET to D.

The BIG HANG UP in Internet marketing is people want to do STEP D -- expanding the reach of value provided WITHOUT creating true value. So they want to SPEW robot built (= no or little real value) pages, posts, things all over the Internet and get VALUE BACK.

So it's psychic thievery.

They want to SPEW OUT NO VALUE and get VALUE BACK.

This is what crimes are.

Crimes are getting VALUE without GIVING value.

It's a fundamental MISunderstanding of how the universe works, of how life works.  Here's a book I like that talks more about that in conceptual understanding. The basics or underpinnings of it.  That book talks a lot about energy flows and the flow of communication.  The insights are the deepest I've read on the topic.

This is why I ask for COMMENTS, likes or SHARES on my newsletter. I truly believe if there is not a 2-way flow of ENERGY or VALUE, it creates STAGNATION at a deep energy or psychic or whatever you wanna call it level.

If you want to GET value and receive value you put VALUE OUT.  Again output = input. There's ALWAYS something you can do to START putting numbers where you got goose eggs right now. Or to INCREASE, expand and IMPROVE on the numbers you want.

Let's say you ALREADY GOT numbers but you want BIGGER NUMBERS on your daily graph.

I will promise you that if you do the chart, you do it daily and you put your FOCUS on ACTIVITY daily that can expand the NUMBER of people  you REACH with your VALUE and you get them to PERCEIVE your value and you KEEP FOCUSING on that daily, your MONEY will increase.

Money is NOT a cause. Money is an EFFECT of a cause.

What is the CAUSE of money?

That is what we're dealing with here.  We are dealing in CAUSES.

The CAUSES of money are the number of people you REACH and get to PERCEIVE value you offer and get a FLOW of money BACK for the value you provide.  The key that unlocks the door is getting people to PERCEIVE the value.

People THINK it's reaching more people.  But you can reach everyone in the world but if not one of them perceives the offering of value you reached them with, you'll get now flow back, no money back, no energy back.

The thought of increase must be backed up by ACTIVITY that creates perceived value then delivers the value offered.

That is how you create money.

If you focus on this DAILY your money will increase. IT IS LAW. It is a LAW baked into the universe, hard coded into the genetic dna programming of the universe just as much as electricity and gravity are programmed or hard coded into the universe.

a.  How can you REACH more numbers?

First you start with the THOUGHT of increase.  Then you get IDEAS on how you can reach MORE PEOPLE with more PERCEIVED value or create more perceived value to people you're already reaching.

By increasing your PERCEIVED value you can get more ENERGY, flow or MONEY BACK.  Money comes to you or is ATTRACTED to you based on the PERCEIVED VALUE, the perception of value.

b.  Is there a channel you can put your value on so people can tune into it?

How about launching 1 warrior special offer a week?

How about doing a daily video on Youtube that has an overlay with a call to action that goes to your BLOG which has multiple opt-in opportunities on it (opportunities for people to subscribe or "opt in" to your email list.

c.  Can you remove barriers and distractions to expanding your Value Reach and your perception of value?

==>> Write out your GOAL

==>>  Make a list of distractions and barriers preventing you from reaching the goal, either in terms of thought or activity

==>> Work one by one to remove the distractions and barriers

Step Three:  ALIGN your CURRENT activity focus and cash flow focus WITH your future goal, your vision, your MISSION (Please read what I have to say on this...I know it's a CLICHE )

I normally hate reading platitudes about this.  People just spout off junk.

Some people focus ONLY on the short term.  They get PAID for the perception of value but the REAL VALUE DELIVERED doesn't match up to the value perception they created and received money for or got paid for.

This creates a reverse money value vacuum.  And it will cause money to be sucked away from  you by a reverse flow of universal energy.

I don't care if you believe it or not.

At a psychic, energy, spiritual or some other level none of us understand, it happens.

If you CHEAT people you will get cheated either in money, health or relationships or enjoyment of life or anything.

It's the result of not understanding or getting the fundamental CAUSES of money.  It's just ignorance. That's all it is. Or perhaps bad organization.  No one is perfect. I'm not talking about being perfect.

I'm talking about a fundamental crime of creating  a perception of value and then NOT delivering value that anywhere near matches the perception.  And true abundance comes in exceeding the expectation, although in a world of rapidly escalating value delivery that's honestly easier said than done.  You only exceed expectations a short time before competitors match you and RAISE the value you provided.

However, competitors often can't BOTH create the perception of value and deliver it.

But beyond that, the universe is expanding.  And if we expand our thoughts and our activity, our money will increase.

It is law.

But your ACTIVITY and FOCUS must be in alignment with the goal.

I don't believe in something for nothing. That isn't my understanding of how the universe works. The universe isn't run by a magician teaching you to make things appear by waving a wand and providing NO VALUE in return for it.

The universe works on 2-way flows of value.

You give me 100 ears of corn and I'll give you this mule -- that's how it all started way back in time.

So increase your THOUGHT of activity to match your vision, your goal.  You can't do it all yourself. So this is where organization and PEOPLE come into the picture. To INCREASE the value you can deliver to others, at some point you have to clone things, clone actions, clone marketing processes, clone deliver.

The money is in the cloning.

You can't create, create, create all day long.

You create, test, then CLONE.

Create, test, clone.

Create, test, clone.

Back to your daily cash.

Did you earn $10?

Can you now CLONE the thing that created the $10 ten times? And do it in a way that doesn't spew out junk without creating value? I'm basing it on creating VALUE to START with.

Money starts with true value, not spewing the lack of value in an ill-conceived attempt to create value.  Some people try to CREATE without starting from value and they end up with Frankenstein money making and they can't understand why.

Align your goal, your vision, your mission with your thought of activity, the numbers you reach, the perception of value you CREATE and CAUSE.

Get paid for it. Get VALUE BACK.

A lot of people barely provide any value at the most anemic level.

They reach hardly anyone. They have no PLAN or THOUGHT OF INCREASE to reach more or to increase their perceived and delivered value.

They just limp along.

No thought of increase.

No increasing of activity at any level.

Not reaching more.

Not increasing perceived value.

Not increasing delivery of value.

And then they moan about their poor results.

They aren't bad people. They just have no understanding of how the universe works.

But  this is all easy to say.

Easy to talk about.

I find that increasing the thought of activity is easy to talk about but there are barriers and distractions to doing it.

There are barriers and distractions to increasing our activity.

At the end of the day, you FACE your barriers and distractions.

And it's up to you to CREATE solutions and put in the ACTIVITIES that CAUSE those solutions to work.

That's all life is.

That's all making money is.

We have goals.

We understand the ACTIVITIES that cause the goals to happen.

We remove the barriers and distractions to reaching those goals.

That basic formula is in this book.

Or I also like how Joe Verde explains it in his goal setting book for car sales people. It's probably the best goal setting book ever written.

Joe Verde talks IN DETAIL about how to manage your activities That is where I got my idea for the Profit Planner.

In the Profit Planner I have you create a monthly top 10 list of activities you'll inject into your daily schedule then track each week what you do with that top  10 list of activities. This keeps your FOCUS.

Joe Verde has a similar although more detailed system he teaches car sales people.

Share this with others if you found value in it.

And let me hear in comments.  More than that, if I have flowed value to YOU, flow value BACK to me by promoting my products, or flowing money back by buying something you don't have, or in some other way.


1.  Create your chart

2.  Graph your cash daily

3.  Come up with ways to get numbers ONTO your chart (explained in this newsletter)

4.  Increase the numbers you reach

5.  Increase your perception of value and value delivered

6.  Increase your thought of activity

7.  Always be increasing and expanding your thought of activity, value and reach

8.  Promote this newsletter or my products and provide VALUE BACK.

Finally, if you need support on anything, contact me HERE please.

Best wishes,

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