Don't Let The Slicksters Lead You
Down The Primrose Path

Here's The Only 2 Things You Need
To Make Sales Today


Marlon here.

It's crazy times.  Unprecendented.

And with this,  sales aren't as easy as they are in good times.  Therefore, Slicksters are gonna throw at you every crazy, novel, new, wild claim and marketing or sales system imaginable.

If you aren't careful, you'll follow the Pied Piper on the path to Hades.

That's because in challenging times, it CAN be confusing what to do to increase sales.  I see even smart, talented, veteran marketers losing their way.

It's time for a dose of Marketing SANITY.

There are ONLY 2 things you gotta do.  TWO.

But how you do these 2 absolutely critical things changes a bit.

If you're reading this, unlness my automation screwed up, it must mean you're not a subsriber to my new, potent MMM newsletter.  But today's issue is so important, I wanted to extend to you the opportunity to get it at a low price anyone can afford.

Basically the cost of a medium pizza.  Or a small one at some joints!

Here are a few of the things I've put into this packed issue:

*  The 4 rules of Truth that will set you free

*  A rare dose of sanity back into this conversation

*  Why chasing novel, unusual solutions is likely the exact opposite of what you need to do

*  My most considered advice for beginners, veterans and everyone in between

*  The REAL difference between a marketing system I tried that flopped and one that worked incredibly well.  This will be a real eye-opener.

*  The newbie mistake beginners make in this 2-step process

*  A practical example using postcard marketing

*  An easy hack to make this fast

*  What 1 factor in follow is escalated in importance in challenging times?

*  What 1adjustment do you nneed to make to get sales?

*  The 1 thing you must change as little of as possible (most people will screw this up)

*  How this works if you're brand new to the info business or selling online

*  Boiling down "complex" sales process

The report is only 10 bucks.

If you're on my list, know how long I've been this, then you know this is worth that and much more. Sometimes just a little CLARITY makes a world of difference, and keeps you from going down the wrong path and wasting a lot of time or money.

What's needed today is a bit of Marketing Sanity.  So I wrote an MMM about it.

The report is only 10 bucks.  But really, you might consider just becoming a subscriber here and save money.  

Best wishes,


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