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Marlon here.

Would you like videos that walk you step-by-step through setting up your own Exit Bux system that allows you to give copy and paste code to your friends, customers, affiliates and supporters that displays exit intent popups on their pages?

The PDF you just purchased is fantastic.  It gives you mind-blowing secrets about popups and how to use them. And fully explains the method.  You made a great purchase.

But do you find it easier to follow "over-the-shoulder" videos?  If so, you'll definitely want to snag this video course for free.

Originally, I created this for my own affiliates, as  normally you'd need to pay up to $250 a month for an ad network server to do it.

I then planned to sell it as an OTO on this offer. And indeed it's listed at $97 in my catalog.  Normally, I'd offer it for $37 to $67 on an upsell or OTO offer like this.

But you know what?  How about if I just GIVE it to you?  Just for becoming an Marlon's Marketing Method trial member.

This method uses the power of Ambassador and Affiliate Marketing, which have allowaed me to travel the world and sell 70,000+ products.  And while there's no guarantees what you will sell, I CAN guarantee to equip you with a super powerful method explained in step-by-step videos.

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Intro - What Is Exit Intent?

Duration: 8 m 42s

What is exit intent and why is it such a big deal?  

Uses For Exits

Duration: 6m 32s

How can you use exit pops to make more sales and get traffic to your pages?

Walk Through A to Z

Duration: 3h 55m

Here's a walk through of the different services that can serve up exit intent popups.

How to Get Your 5,000 Free Popups Monthly?

Duration: 8m 26s

The service we use is explained.  Here is why.  It's free up to 25,000 impressions a month.

Which Affiliate Software?

Duration: 3h 55m

In order to get affiliates to send you traffic, they need to add the exit code to their pages.  And that code needs to have YOUR affiliate ID in it.  Which means you need affiliate software. Here's the scoop.

How to Promote Exits

Duration: 3h 55m

How do you get affiliates and customers to copy and paste the exit code onto their sites?  Here's how to make it happen, mostly automatically.

The "Tech"

Duration: 3h 55m

Setting up exit pops is simple when you follow these steps.

Questions and Answers

Duration: 3h 55m

You probably have some questions. Here I answer what you're probably asking.

How to design popups

Duration: 3h 55m

It's easy once you know these few tricks.  Otherwise, you'll pull your hair out!

Installation Details

Duration: 3h 55m

Look over my shoulder as I show you how to install thte system easy peasy.

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