How To Distribute "Customer Magnets"

On Facebook, Amazon & Twitter


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You link to it using the affiliate link on that page and you GET PAID just for giving away some cool content.

Main Article: How to Distribute "Customer Magnets On Facebook,  Amazon,  Twitter -- and Your Blog

You want CUSTOMERS, clients or people who will RESPOND to what it is you have to offer.

How do you get'em into your marketing funnel without spending money?

The answer is to distribute "Customer Magnets." What's a customer magnet, you ask?

It's free content you give away to attract your intended customers -- things like PDF's, videos,
audios, power point slide downloads -- or even little software programs you have whipped up for
ya on or

Here's a fancy example of a customer magnet.

Example One

Who does that attract? Newbies right? That's the idea of a customer magnet. It attracts the people
you want as customers by giving them free information on a topic they are interested in. Thus, it's
a magnet.

Here's an example of a report with a promo tool we give to our affiliates to put on their thank you pages to give it away:

Example Two

You wonder HOW will you get your customer magnets distributed, right? Well, one way is to make it easy for everyone who downloads your customer magnet to spread the word about it to others.

That is really key. You want people who download your customer magnet to spread the word. Here is an example of how we do that using a viral brander:

Example Three

We used viral PDF Brander for that. But there are many branding tools out there. Pick one you like.

The 5 Basic Principles Of
Using Customer Magnets

1. Write titles that attract your ideal customers

Be careful what you call your customer magnet. Ask yourself who you're going to attract.

I have one lead magnet I called:

"How to Go From Broke To Prosperity"

Not the best lead magnet. Can you guess why?

That's right. It attracted broke people who didn't have the money to buy what I was selling. Not realy smart.

2. People will judge you by the quality of your customer magnets

Don't put low quality info in them. Put some of your best info in there.

3. Use the lead magnet to tell your story

Your lead magnet is an ideal place to bond with your potential customer by sharing your story.

4. Attract, don't pitch

The lead magnet is NOT the place you pitch hard. It's very soft
sell and mostly rapport building.

The REST of your sales process is where you do the real selling.

5. Use quality graphics

Don't skimp on graphics. There are plenty of designers now who do graphics at very affordable prices. Your graphics create perceived value.

Here are the steps you need to follow
to distribute your lead magnets:

Step One: Decide who you want to attract as customers

Before you can attract 'em you gotta know who they are.

Step Two: Create your customer magnet

If you like talking, record video using Camtasia or do podcats or webinars.

If you like writing, write PDF reports using Word or Open Office and save as PDF.

Step Three: Set up your viral download page

You want to make it easy for people to spread the word out your viral magnet.

You can use a tell-a-friend script or a viral brander. or even a simple affiliate script like Rapid Action Profits.

Here's one of my pages you can STEAL:

You can copy the source code for that page and use it to give away your own customer magnets.

Your email capture page, if you want to use one, doesn't need to be complicated.

Here's one I use:

As you can see, it doesn't get much more basic.

You don't need all the links at the bottom. I use this for pay-per-click and so the links at the bottom are for Google.

You can put these Lead Magnets on your sidebars, email capture pages, popups, Facebook Fan Pages and Wall and more.

Step Four: Spread the word on Facebook

If you spread your lead magnet on Facebook, you can send them to a squeeze. But you might find it more successful to give them the direct download link and then link to your SQUEEZE pages/email capture pages in the freebie you give away.

That same strategy applies to any social media.

a. Announce your lead magnet in your status update

Just put out a little status update saying you've just posted xzy hot topic and here's the link to it.

b. Add it to your fan page as a straight download or as an opt in.

You'll need to use FBML -- Facebook Markup Language plugin -- in order to add your opt in code from your autoresponder.

c. Put 'em on your wall.

If you want to put an optin on the sidebar of your wall, you'll need to download a special app for that.

d. Spread 'em by participating in Facebook Groups

There's a Facebook Group on any and every topic imaginable.

Participate, make friends and spread your lead magnets. Hey, it's free valuable content. The customers you WANT to attract will eat it up.

Step Five: Spread 'em using AMAZON

This is exciting -- You can upload your customer magnets to Amazon to be downloaded for FREE using Amazon Kindle!


Step Six: Spread 'em using Create Space

You can create little lead generation books using Create Space and they put 'em on Amazon for you.

I sponsored a whole webinar by some guys who actually create books for Create Space in 12 minutes. Amazing.

Step Seven: Spread 'em using Twitter

Send the occasional Tweet for your lead magnet but do NOT send them to a squeeze page. Send them to your BLOG where they can download it.

In the download (regardless of the format) refer people to your squeeze pages. I've found this works better on Twitter.

Step Seven: Spread 'em using your blog

Blogs are idea for spreading your lead magnets.

Also, using the Tweetmeme script people can easily Tweet about your lead magnet and spread the word for you.

You'll see it on:

Action Steps

1. Get your lead magnet created if you don't already have one.

Just whip one up in Word or Open Office and save as a PDF. Or fire up Camtasia and Power Point of FreeMind and have at it.

If you bought my Produce Promote OTO with OptIn Secrets, then you know how to do this. If not, man, it's EASY. Just view the tutorials at or search youtube for Camtasia or Camstudio.

I also like Hypercam for on the cheap production.

2. Get your blog set up if you don't have one.

I highly recommend wordpress. It's free and everyone uses it. If you don't know how to install a blog just go on and hire someone to do it for you. They won't charge much.

If you need web hosting, grab my free ecourse:

"7 steps to choosing a great hosting service that meets your needs, doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, grows with you as you grow, and makes your life simple."

THAT is how quick and dirty your email capture page can be for a customer magnet. KISS. I show you that just to show you that even if you do the most down and dirty page people will STILL request your customer magnet if it hits on a hot topic for them.

If you want to do something a little fancier, my optin secrets video course I sold last week has really AWESOME instructions on how to set up
your squeeze pages.

3. Set up your autoresponder service

You gotta have an autoresponder.

That's a free 30-day trial and you get your affiliate software, ad trackers and shopping cart. Perfect for beginners. That is my private label so I
do make a commission if you buy.

4. Set up your viral download page for your lead magnet or at LEAST clone my download page below:

Here's one of my pages you can STEAL:

You can copy the source code for that page and use it to give away your own customer magnets.

5.  Ramp Up Your Traffic

Here's an excellent customer magnet from another

marketer I don't know but who did such a good job of showing you HOW to get traffic to YOUR customer magnet, I thought I'd share it. See, Customer Magnets ARE viral:

That's a VERY effective customer magnet email capture page.

6. Get your Lead Magnet onto Amazon.

My Kindle Report shows you how to do this. I'm uploading it today to Ateam if you're a Member.

If not, just go to Youtube and I'm sure you'll find some help there.

7. Send out your Facebook Status update about your Lead Magnet.

8. Send out a notice once a day on Twitter about your lead magnet.

If you got my Facebook Extreme, you have the Twitter course with it.

9.  Here's an excellent WSO on lead magnets

I don't even make a a dime on that.  Just a link to a guy who has good scoop.

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on the Internet.


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