Are You 7 Days Away From Making Sales?


Marlon here with another issue of Marlon's Marketing Minute.

You probably can think of a super rich author or athlete.  While it isn't obvious on the surface, there are methods and ideas THEY use that you can too.  That's what we'll expore today.

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Yesterday I was thinking about Internet marketing.

I get hundreds of emails in my inboxes daily because I have special Gmail accounts set up just to capture emails and offers, so I can study them.

What occurred to me is people lose sight of what a SIMPLE BUSINESS this is.

It's not complex.

It's really not complicated.

It's not hard to understand.

Here's the whole entire wonderful business in a nutshell:

1.  You offer something at a low price to get a customer on board

2.  You keep selling them things they love, value and benefit from -- and you do that over and over.

This means there are ONLY several important skills:

Skill #1:  Finding new potential customers who are likely to become repeat buyers over and over

Skill #2:  Getting them on board with a low-priced offer

Skill #3:  Getting them to REMEMBER you and why they'll want to buy from you over and over

Skill #4:  Coming up with new things to offer them over and over

Skill #5:  Giving them reasons to CONTINUE paying attention to you and buying from you

Skill #6:  Finding your best buyers and customers and making sure you offer them the things they want

Just follow me a second here.

You, LIKE ME, are hit with 4 billion offers in your email.  Which ONLY shows this formula really works.  Right?  I mean, would you be getting 4 billion offers if someone wasn't making money somewhere?  Of course, your fear-based reptilian brain whispers doubts to you like, "How will you ever stand out?  What right do you have?  These other people are better than you.  You're a fake.  You're a fraud.  Shut up, keep your job, and die some day."

There is no magic wand of credibility and permission. Robert Ringer wrote about this many years ago in a book few people understood called Winning By Intimidation.  The book was largely about his concept of leapfrogging the need for others to give you approval and permission.

All business is, is getting a customer and selling them stuff that gives them value for their money commensurate with what they're spending with you, and in some fashion, way, shape or form that they felt better about giving YOU their money instead of someone else.

Which is where your Reptilian brain barks at you again, "What reason do I give them for buying from me?"

And RIGHT THERE is the CRUX of what has been holding you back from your money all your life.

It's ironic to me that a guy pointed out the problem and the solution who the U.S. Gov't here considered a fraud, or they tried to.  Now I know I'm going a bit off the deep end here for some of you.  But stick with me and you might just learn a little something about yourself you didn't know.

In 1975 Frank R. Wallace published Neo-Tech II, alternatively titled (and I kid you not) "psychuous sex."  What his ideas had to do with sex are freaking beyond me!  However, I'll boil down the 400 pages for you.   Frank's ideas were based on the work of Julian James ...

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind And What The Hay It Has To Do With You Making Money In The Next 7 Days -- Or Whenever It Is You Decide To Get It Going

You don't need to read the book.  The book claimed that in the old days going way, way back, man's mind was somehow hooked up to EXTERNAL GUIDANCE.  They literally heard the voice of "gods" telling them what to do.  And then at some point in evolution, it SWITCHED to a separate, individual consciousness.  Frank Wallace then writes 400 pages about the ramifications of this if it's true.  And how he believes the effects on modern day man are pervasive and massive.

Personally, I doubt the theory is true.  If you're Christian or some other belief and find that to be a load of poppycock, believe me, I understand.  But it makes for interesting writing and great reading.  And it DOES nail down a point that IS VALID...

For whatever reason, people are HARD WIRED to seek EXTERNAL GUIDANCE vs. the voice of their OWN AUTHORITY and own guidance.  Frank Wallace enumerates a billion ways this "following mind" that depends on external guidance screws us up in every area of life.  And I suppose somehow that's the reason your sex life is jacked up too.  I'm not making this up.  That is in the book.

Anyway, if the theory IS true, it sure explains why the guru business exists.  People have a hard wired evolutionary NEED to have someone else tell them what to do or provide guidance for the same.

I happen to like the later Neo-Tech books by Mark Hamilton far better.  Mark as I get it was Frank's son-in-law.  Anyway, the government said Neo-Tech was a fraud and tried to put them out of business.  In his 70's Frank was out jogging and got hit and killed by a car.  Mark Hamilton still publishes some very interesting and eclectic Neo-Tech books, which I wrote about somewhere in past issues.  Don't ask me where or when.

I said all of that to make one simple point:  There IS no "valid" or "official" or "approved" reason for people to buy from you vs. someone else.

You follow your OWN GUIDANCE.  You  MAKE UP the reason.  It's whatever you can figure out that WORKS.

Now, of course, I can give you ideas that have worked for me as can others.

But your personal situation is always that -- personal.  At the end of the day,  YOU create your OWN business!  You create your own VALUE you offer to customers in exchange for their money.  Don't ask ME what value that is. I'm NOT your customer.  Mr. or Mrs. Guru will be most HAPPY to sell you their EXTERNAL GUIDANCE for as much as you're willing to pay for it monthly.  But they don't have the answers.

Your CUSTOMER is the only one with the answer about what they value.

Before you go off the deep end and swear off buying any info products, coaching or books from anyone ever again, let me point out a few counter-balancing facts.

1.  A person who sells in the same market will have a lot better feel for those customers than you will when you're starting out. As an example, TJ Rohleder had Russ Von Hoelscher guide him in what to sell when he was STARTING OUT.

2.  There IS a difference between NEEDING approval and EXTERNAL GUIDANCE and taking it as INPUT to your own decisions and thought.s  One is a dependency.  The other is feedback.

3.  Some of my biggest breakthroughs came from info products I bought where someone had a lot more EXPERIENCE than I did in an area.  But I didn't seek PERMISSION from them. I didn't need their APPROVAL.  I didn't need them to tell me WHAT TO DO.

They gave me info based on experience.  I took that and did with it what my own internal guidance, experience and thoughts led me to do.

For the most part, we were raised with the belief consciously or unconsciously that we aren't good enough. That we don't have the "right" to do whatever it is we're contemplating.  It's as though we believe there is a giant credibility monster in the sky who swoops down and destroys those who aren't worthy of creating an info product.

The truth is quite the opposite.

The people who sell a lot are those with the guts to make it happen regardless of their personal feelings.   I'm guessing the real root of this is fear of criticism.  NO ONE likes to feel criticized.  It's one of those things you just have to learn to push beyond.

Let me ask you a question:   When you learned to drive a car, did it feel natural and normal the first time out the gate?  How about when you learned to play Chess, roller blade (or skate) or acquire about any other skill in the world you may have.

Truth is, no matter what it doesn't feel comfortable.  Accept it.  You won't feel comfortable.  You'll feel distinctly uncomfortable.  Even the world's most famous actors and actresses report that they often feel uneasy going into a new part or role. This actually spurs them to prepare more.  They use it as a positive.

What In The Sam Hill Does This Have To Do
With ME Making Sales In The Next 7 Days?

It may not have anything to do with it.  You're the one who decides if it does or doesn't.

What I can tell you is this:  If you're waiting around for someone to give you PERMISSION to're waiting around for someone to tell you how to create VALUE for your potential buyers ... you're waiting around for someone to give you approval and anoint you with CREDIBILITY, then it's high time you dump your addiction to external guidance and realize YOU are the only one who can give yourself those things.

Your CUSTOMERS are the ultimate ones who will tell you what they want to buy from you over and over.  And thus, what you should sell to them over and over.

If they are NOT buying from you, they're the only ones ultimately who can tell you why.

It's STILL TRUE that I can often look at a sales letter or message and see the blatantly obvious missing things.  For example, if your sales message has high complexity or no observability, I'll spot this right off.  Given that, YOU are still the one who finds where your potential customers hang out.  YOU are the one who observes what they ALREADY spend money on.  YOU are the one who then figures out how you can give them a better reason to buy from you.

Some EXTERNAL SOURCE or guidance isn't the one who figures this out for you.

YOU figure it out.

Which is EXACTLY the point Frank R. Wallace was making.  Whatever the explanation, we are hard wired to NOT do that.  We are hard wired exactly the opposite. THUS, it will always feel UNCOMFORTABLE and UNNATURAL when we bypass this bicammeral mind programming and snap out of it.  Frank Wallace called it INTEGRATION with your own guidance system vs. external voices.

We also have  this hard-wired fear of making mistakes and being criticized.  Again, the theory would be that somehow this was harkens back to programming from the old days when people were in tribes.  And criticism or mistakes could cause them to be expelled from the tribe and lose the ability to survive.

Either that, or it's one of a billion other explanations psychologists have come up with.  Who really knows?

What it matters TO YOU is this:

Can you overcome things that don't feel uncomfortable and do it anyway?  Can you give yourself permission to create and sell info products?  Can you  stop over analyzing business to death and realize the profits are from selling stuff then selling more stuff then selling more stuff?

Your job is to keep coming up with new IDEAS, TOOLS and THINGS that make life faster, simpler, easier, more convenient and more desirable for your customers.  Your job is to continually create, reinvent and re-innovate VALUE for your customers.  Your job is to KEEP coming up with EXCITING ideas and promotions.  Otherwise, they'll stop giving YOU money and START giving it to someone else who DOES come up with exciting new products and ideas.

Customers are loyal to a point.  Beyond that, it's SHOW ME THE MONEY time!  lol

Finally, Master Just These 6 Things
And Watch Your Income SOAR Month After Month!

Skill #1:  Finding new potential customers who are likely to become repeat buyers over and over

Do you have a plan for this?  Did you do anything this past week to find new customers or learn HOW to do it better, faster, simpler and easier?  Do you have anything you are implementing with intention?  I don't mean pretending. I mean really doing it?  If not, when WILL you do this?

Skill #2:  Getting them on board with a low-priced offer

Do you have a low-priced offer?  Are you creating one?  If not, my Product Dashboard can help.

Skill #3:  Getting them to REMEMBER you and why they'll want to buy from you over and over

In today's market you have to get people to REMEMBER you!  It's one reason I send out VIDEOS!  I want people to remember me.  You can also do this by running what are called "retargeting ads."

Skill #4:  Coming up with new things to offer them over and over

You have the right to offer them things over and over because there is ONLY ONE PERSON who determines if you're offering value:  Your customers.  Are you selling the same old, same old without any new ideas, twists or innovations?  If you are, then get with the program.  Even Tide detergent comes out with a new version YEARLY!  And that's detergent.  People even want to buy a NEW and IMPROVED detergent.  Why I have no idea.  It's freaking soap.  But if it's true of soap and it is, then it's incumbent on YOU to go and do thou likewise.

Skill #5:  Giving them reasons to CONTINUE paying attention to you and buying from you

You can't assume your customers will KEEP paying attention to you just because they loved you in the PAST.  Today is a new day. Find new, compelling reasons.

Skill #6:  Finding your best buyers and customers and making sure you offer them the things they want

It's easy to get sidetracked with the squeaky wheels and avoid paying attention to your best customers.  And THEY are the ones you should be PAMPERING!  

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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