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Marlon here.

The Internet lifestyle is about you having a quality of life and not just money, although money is certainly part of the package.

I wake up when I want.  I go to bed when I want.  I work out in the morning AFTER most people have already cleared out from the morning rush.  I avoid traffic and long lines by eating lunch later than others. 

I’m going to reveal the secrets that allow me to enjoy the Internet Lifestyle.  And I’m going to help you get on the same path.

Initially I was just going to call this the Marlon Sanders Inner Circle.

But to be honest, that name just didn’t do the concept justice.  So I’ve decided on a more descriptive name:  The Marlon’s Internet Lifestyle Club or MILC for short. It is pronounced like MILK.  If you get on THE PLAN for living the Internet lifestyle are called MILCERS (pronounced as MILKERS) because they are on track to create and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

As a MILCER you do NOT have to be self employed or full time.  But you do have to ASPIRE to be so and be on our TRACK to accomplish that objective.

Would you like me to walk you step-by-step through finding your niche, researching products (even if you aren't an expert at all), and create the products fast?

Milcers is all about creating income streams, putting them on semi or even full auto-pilot and living the fabled Internet lifestyle.

The fastest, simplest and easiest income streams to create and using the exact methods  I'm going to give you for FREE when you take the new Milcers for a test drive of only $47/month.

You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to this whole entire video course as soon as you enroll as a Milcers trial member below for only $1 for 14 days, then $47/month.  When you continue your membership, you get a monthly PDF that is 30+ pages that goes deep into the lifestyle and methods of creating and auto-piloting income streams.

Plus, you get a super powerful monthly call to keep you focused and on  task.  Plus, you'll get all the secrets, tips and tricks for creating income streams of all sorts.

What's More, You'll Receive The Following Milcer's Newsletters That Are
25 to 45 Pages Each of No-Holds-Barred, Invaluable Info, Secrets and Tricks of the Trade -- And Get Instant Access to These:

Part One:  Income Streams Seminar Each Month

Once a month, you get a LIVE, no-holds-barred seminar where I show you all the ins and outs of creating income streams and putting them on full or semi autopilot.  

Each month we cover a new income stream.  By themselves, these trainings sell for $47 to $97 on my catalog and in email promotions.

The 3 Objectives of
Marlon's Internet Lifestyle Club

The M.I.L.C. of which you are now invited to become an official member has 3 objectives.

Objective one:  To provide you as a MILCER member with the tools, secrets and specialized knowledge that allows you to potentially create ongoing income streams on demand.

The J.O.B. world is stuck in the paradigm of another day, another dollar.  That’s a surefire way to stay broke.

In contrast, as a MILCER, you’re going to learn how to create a virtually endless number and variety of income streams that bring money into your life and bank account from many diversified directions.

This helps insulate you against competitors and turndowns in the economy.  The reason is that your competitors are shortsighted and to some extent dumb.  They can only see and focus on the one or two BIG things you do.

So that’s what they knock off.

But as a MILCER, you will know how to build 20 and 30 different income streams and competitive advantages into your lifestyle in such a way that almost no competitor will be able to figure it out.

Why?  Because they’re looking for that ONE THING you’re doing. And there isn’t one thing.  There ARE 20 or 30 different income streams, competitive advantages and tools you use.

Of course, you BUILD ONE INCOME STREAM AT A TIME.  As a new MILCER you will discover THE PLAN for building your first income stream.

Part Two:  In-Depth Monthly Milcer's Newsletter

Once a month, you get a digital Milcer's Newsletter where I share all my secrets of creating new income streams and putting them on full or semi autopilot using Automated Marketing.  

This is the ONLY publication I know of that goes in-depth into new income streams, automated marketing and living the Internet lifestyle.

I'm blessed to have amazing people like Marlon Sanders coaching and guiding me along the way at wee hours of the morning each day.  He's the reason I get to keep growing my knowledge and knowing what new stuff to implement.

-- Imran Md. Ali

When I talk about income streams,
let me give you some examples:

  • One of my income streams is a check I get each month for $4,000 to $5,000 that is passive income.  I do NOT have to perform customer service of any significance to get that money.  It just comes to me.  It is NOT multi-level income.  It is from a SERVICE I promote that is provided by OTHERS.
  • Another income stream I get is now at the $250.00 per month level. That’s not a big income stream, but it can make a payment on a decent car if I wanted it to.  Or it could go towards paying off debt or bills, or whatever you would want to use it for.
  • Another income stream I have brings in checks for $10 a month.  And I have about 75 people on that income stream.  I’m not into luxury cars. But if I was, I could use that income stream to make payments on a Lexus, Porsche or something else.
  • The MILC is my newest income stream.  I expect it’s going to be a big one for me.

Part Three:  Access To The MIlcer's Private Vault

As long as you're a member, you'll have exclusive access to our priveate, members-only vault where you can  access replays of our seminars and download copies of our newsletter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you're unable to attend the live trainings, it's no problem.  

You just visit the vault.  This gives you access to all seminars and newsletters during your membership period.

Objective Two:  To support you in creating a relatively STRESS FREE income creation environment.

Part two of creating income streams is knowing how to create money with the less stress and less work.

When I wake up in the morning, I do NOT have to do any work most days of the month. I do what J.O.B.E.R.S. (People with jobs) consider work.  But it isn’t work to me because I love it. I love reading and researching.  I love talking to my closest marketing friends.  I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas.  I love coming up with creative promotional ideas.

This is all FUN to me.

The SECRET of Stress Free Income is knowing how to automate the right things. And then, of course, finding and hiring independent contractors and support help.  This is another thing that totally and completely SEPARATES MILCER’s from NON-MILKER Internet Marketers.

You see, a LOT of Internet marketers are NOT MILCER’s.  They do NOT live the Internet lifestyle even though they have a successful online business. But they are chained to their own business.  It ties them down. It locks them into a daily grind.

The other day I saw an interview with a successful Internet marketer.   But he’s spending 10-12 hours a day grinding away on his business.  He might as well have a J.O.B.  He would be working less hours.

But our MILCER’s are different because they understand HOW to get independent contractors and support help to do the things they don’t like or don’t have time for. Unlike NON-MILCER marketers, they are NOT afraid of this.

Because they have specialized knowledge and information on what to do and how to do it, they are free from the fears others have.

As a MILCER, you will gain the skills, knowledge and tools you need to create relatively low stress income streams on a repetitive basis.  And have others perform the support and customer service, so you are free to create additional income streams.

Part Four:  Get Access to the Exclusive, Member's Only Facebook Group

You'll get access to our group of Milcer's members and Fast Trackers.

What's more, I often post highly valuable secret resources and updates.  These alone are often worth much more than your monthly investment.

Part Five:  Get the MMM Weekly Every Saturday

Each Saturday you'll get a new Marlon's Marketing Method update that keeps you updated, motivated and "on track" in my marketing system.

Instead of losing focus and straying off track, you'll have a fresh dose of training, motivation and excitement you'll look forward to every week.

Objective Three:  To support you in enjoying a healthy lifestyle and a financially sound one.

A lot of NON-MILCER Internet and non-Internet marketers get in trouble because they sacrifice their bodies for their work and ruin their health.  They don’t get their cholesterol checked.  They don’t eat healthy. They don’t work out.

As a MILCER, you’re going to be supported and encouraged to be in control of your health.  Sitting at the computer without exercise is a death trap.  You need someone to remind you to work out and get away from the computer

MILCERS take advantage of the Internet lifestyle and the ability to set their own schedules. And they use this to stay healthy, eat healhy, exercise and maintain contact with friends and family.

Go ahead and grab your free trial today.  You have virtually nothing to lose and new income streams and lifestyle to gain.

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