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Would you like me to walk you step-by-step through finding your niche, researching products (even if you aren't an expert at all), and create the products fast?

Milcers is all about creating income streams, putting them on semi or even full auto-pilot and living the fabled Internet lifestyle.

The fastest, simplest and easiest income streams to create and using the exact methods  I'm going to give you for FREE when you take the new Milcers for a test drive of only $47/month.

You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to this whole entire video course as soon as you enroll as a Milcers trial member below for only $47/month.  When you continue your membership, you get a monthly PDF that is 30+ pages that goes deep into the lifestyle and methods of creating and auto-piloting income streams.

Plus, you get a super powerful monthly call to keep you focused and on  task.  Plus, you'll get all the secrets, tips and tricks for creating income streams of all sorts.

Here's what you're about to access as a FREE bonus:

Deep Dive Into Automating Income Streams

Duration: 48m

This is a major theme of Milcers. How do you put your income streams on semi or full auto-pilot. I've done it many times and I'll show you how.

The Sullivan Circles Method For Finding Your Niche or Target Market

Duration: 21m

This is the fastest, simplest and easiest way I've found to nail your target market or niche.  If you don't know it, you must see this seminar.

Walk Through A to Z Of A 7-Day Income Stream

Duration: 3h 55m

How to get your income stream up and running in 7 days. Complete walk through.  

This is how I've done it.

The Storyselling Secret Exposed and Made Simple

Duration: 58m

Stories are how you sell without anyone realizing you're selling.  It's super subtle and works gangbusters.  I boil it down and make is simple and actionable for you.

My "Go To" $97 Income Stream Sales Template

Duration: 59m

Creating a $97 product is easy. I show you shortcuts for that. But the main thing is how in the heck do you sell it?  I give you my "go to" template that has worked for me for years.

What you can and can't automate

Duration: 17m

This is an important training for all Milcers as it clarifies what you can and can't automate or put on autopilot.  You'll discover the real secrets of automation that free you up to live the Internet lifestyle.

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Part One:  Income Streams Seminar Each Month

Once a month, you get a LIVE, no-holds-barred seminar where I show you all the ins and outs of creating income streams and putting them on full or semi autopilot.  

Each month we cover a new income stream.  By themselves, these trainings sell for $47 to $97 on my catalog and in email promotions.

Part Two:  In-Depth Monthly Milcer's Newsletter

Once a month, you get a digital Milcer's Newsletter where I share all my secrets of creating new income streams and putting them on full or semi autopilot using Automated Marketing.  

This is the ONLY publication I know of that goes in-depth into new income streams, automated marketing and living the Internet lifestyle.

I'm blessed to have amazing people like Marlon Sanders coaching and guiding me along the way at wee hours of the morning each day.  He's the reason I get to keep growing my knowledge and knowing what new stuff to implement.

-- Imran Md. Ali

Part Three:  Access To The MIlcer's Private Vault

As long as you're a member, you'll have exclusive access to our priveate, members-only vault where you can  access replays of our seminars and download copies of our newsletter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you're unable to attend the live trainings, it's no problem.  

You just visit the vault.  This gives you access to all seminars and newsletters during your membership period.

Part Four:  Get Access to the Exclusive, Member's Only LIVE Chat Group

This is like nothing I'd ever seen before.  My eyes popped when I first saw how this worked.  It blows Facebook groups or forums AWAY!  This will be launched as soon as we get enough members to make it fly.

This is an actual live chat group where you can chat with other members and get real time notifications of messages rightt on your desktop or laptop.  Very cool.  And it works whether yyou're a Mac, PC, ipad, tablet or mobile phone user.

What's more, I can stream live video right into the group!  This ALONE is worth your smsall monthly investment.

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Each Saturday you'll get a new Marlon's Marketing Method update that keeps you updated, motivated and "on track" in my marketing system.

Instead of losing focus and straying off track, you'll have a fresh dose of training, motivation and excitement you'll look forward to every week.

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